Effective Ways on How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Cat

by Jayley
How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Cat

Do you imagine having a cute fluffy little kitty as your buddy? If you have a cat, you would not feel alone. But, if your parents are not so fond of pets like a cat, you may wonder how to convince your parents to get a cat? Right?

A cat is an excellent company if you are very busy studying or working in your house. We all know so well that cats are fantastic in their own way. They can even be independent, which is perfect if you are out of the house when you are in your office or school all day long.

You can do a variety of things when you have a cat. It provides you company, benefits you with entertainment, helps you relieve your stress after work or after school, and they can even be your best friend. So, for today’s article, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to persuade your parents to get a kitten for you!

What Are Good Reasons To Convince Your Parent To Have A Cat?

There are several reasons why you should have a cat and convince your parents to get one.

For today’s post, we will share some tips about how to convince your parents to get a cat.

Here are some ways that could help you convince your parents:

Make them see how you really love cats.

Sometimes you have to at least occasionally tell them why it is so good to have a cat. Tell them many different breeds of cats, and make sure that you narrow it down to the cutest and lovable cat you are interested in.

Make sure to tell them the best things about having a cat, such as their fluffy soft fur, their cute mesmerizing eyes, the very smooth tummy, and especially their behavior of being quiet and independent. Do not forget to mention that it is not that hard to take care of cats. It is very easy because they have their own ability to take care of themselves.

Show interest by having pictures and videos.

After taking your parents’ attention, you should show them some of the best and funny pictures and videos of a cat on your social media such as Facebook or YouTube.

Of course, there are many pictures and videos that you can choose from. You just need to make sure that you take the best and funny photos or videos that your parents will absolutely love. Also, you can ask your friends if they have a cat and ask them to give you a good shot of a picture that your parents will be able to say, “oww, how cute they are.”

If your parent said ”No” ask why

There are times that some parents are making their decision and yet too busy to explain why.

Just like this example, If you are asking to have a cat on your own and they already said no, you could ask them politely why? Because sometimes, they are deciding what is best and have a valid reason to say no, such as having someone with an allergy in the house or concerning the damage they can inflict on the furniture or anything fragile in the house.

And if they explain to you why you have to make sure that you remain calm and politely hear your parents’ stories.

Do some research about cat breeds.

First of all, if you want to have a cat and get your parents’ approval, the very first thing you may need to do is research about cats online and be sure that everything about cats that you have to know will be in your knowledge. It will include their needs and lifestyle.

As you may know, every breed of cat has its own ability and personality traits, so you have to make sure that the cat you are taking home is good and can fit into your family nicely. That way, your parents might be able to say yes and approve you to have a cat in your house. Make sure that you are able to take responsibility for the cats as your own.

If your parents ask you, answer their questions.

If you ask your parents to have your own cat in the house, there is a chance that they might ask you and have valid concerns about getting a cat. Maybe they never had a cat and never experienced having a cat in their childhood, and they do not even know how to handle and care for a cat properly.

In that way, you just have to answer your parents’ questions about cats, and you may use your knowledge on your research that you did to present positively owning your cat.

Create a slideshow and make a presentation.

There are a lot of ways to make them see why you want and love cats. You can create a short video slideshow and make it fun with music. It is easy to make a slideshow if you have a computer and know how to use it. You just need to create a fun music video slideshow for them to see how good and entertaining it is to have a cat. Yet, you have to make sure that the video you are creating must contain the specific breed of cat that you honestly would like to own and speak about their best trait ability.

Some parents might be worried about the cost of getting and have a cat. In that case, you will have to research the cost of monthly expenses such as their food, their grooming, and their toys. It is essential to have these things to maintain their behavior, such as nail clipping, and you need to check monthly installment payments of health insurance.

Some of your family may have allergies; then you need to offer solutions.

We all know that cat allergy is a very serious threat, especially to those who have asthma. There is a chance that maybe one of your family members has an allergy and sensitivity to cats. Well, in that case, you have to search for some of the hypo-allergenic breeds that will help them feel good and at ease about having a cat around your house.

Be responsible for owning a cat.

Well, everybody knows that every parent is insanely busy with their work for us. Aside from a job outside, they also need to do laundry, cooking, cleaning, doing household responsibilities and especially taking care of the family.

Just doing all those responsibilities may have already overwhelmed them, and if you add another burden, having a cat might be too much for them to handle anymore. This is why if you really want to own a cat, make sure you make them see that you are taking full responsibility for caring for your cat. For example, you just have to do your own chores, laundry your underwear even without them asking you.

Owning a cat is expensive. You have to earn money.

Earning money is not about always having a job or doing business. You may be too young to earn money and have a job, but if you really want to have a cat, you can start making some money by saving your allowance. If you save some of your allowance, you can get a cat with the breed you like. But, having a cat, you may be having some expenses too. You just need to start saving and use it towards buying cat food and their necessities instead of spending it all on yourself.

And maybe you can also do some jobs for your neighbors, such as cleaning the yards, watering their plants, walking their dogs, or babysitting their children. That way you can earn money for your cat, without asking your parents.

Practice on how to pet-sit

If you have a friend or a close neighbor with a cat, maybe you can ask them if you can pet-sit their cat just for a couple of days or three. But, first, you may need to ask your parents about bringing a cat into your home. You need to ensure that you are caring and very careful of the cats and let your parents see how the cat is making you feel happy and entertained.

You may visit an animal shelter for cat adoption.

Some pet supply or animal shelters offer a low price for adopting a cat. Just visit an animal shelter with your parents and see if they become interested in adopting or rescuing a cat or even a kitten.

Wrapping Up

Having a cat and becoming a pet parent have a lot of responsibilities. Yet, there will be amazing rewards. If you happen to ask your parents for permission about having a cat and they refuse to say yes, you must remain calm and polite even if the answer is not to your liking.

You can ask them politely and convince them using the steps on how to persuade your parents to get a kitten we mentioned above. Whatever the result may be, respect your parents’ decision, or you can try another time if the timing is right. Good luck!

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