The Most Expensive Cat Breeds To Love

Cats are a very good choice for domesticated animals because of their personality, charm, and intelligence. The cost of owning an expensive cat breeds depends on the breed and where it came from. Availing a cat will be worth it because you can enjoy their company for a couple of years. Here is a list of the most expensive cat breeds with their unique personalities.

1. Norwegian Cat

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This is an astonishing expensive cat breed with its long wool undercoat fur with a glossy overcoat. It used to live in Northern Europe, where it originated, making it suitable to live in a cold environment. The Norwegian Forest Cat is larger and is strongly built than any other average-sized cat.

Its long legs and bushy tails are what you will remember with this cat breed. Take a look at its face, you will notice that it has a squared or rounded-shaped face that matches its large ears.

They tend to produce a very loud noise when threatened but they are naturally quiet. They are intelligent but clingy. When they already formed a special bond with their owners, they’ll demand more of your attention.

The Norwegian Forest Cat lives primarily outdoors but they are very good at adapting life indoors. They can live up to 16 years in captivity as long as they received the right care and nutrition. Its charming personality contributed to the factors why it is considered an

They have a voracious appetite that will eat any food item you’ll give them. Be sure that before taking good care of them, you have the means of providing them their needs. This cat breed nearly faced extinction after World War II. The different sectors further increased their population that is why the total extinction of their species didn’t happen.

2. Egyptian Mau 

With only 200 Egyptian Mau being born each year, making it a rare breed. Because of its rarity, it is priced higher compared to other breeds. In contrary to its name, it originated in Europe and in North America. 

The Egyptian Mau is a good runner due to its slender medium body length. It can run with a speed up to 30 miles per hour making it the fastest runner among domesticated cats. The distinctive features of this cat are its dark dorsal stripes that dominate its head, spine up to its tail. The Egyptian Mau comes in six colors which are silver, bronze, blue, black, smoky white, and caramel. 

When they are happy, threatened and being playful, they do vocalizations. Their vocalizations are like chortle, chirp, and other unusual vocalizations that other cats do not usually do. If you love the looks of Burmese and Siamese cat breeds this is the perfect cat breed for you. Both male and female of this species are both territorial and shows the same behavior.

3. Siamese Cat

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This cat breed is one of the most recognized cat breeds of Asia. There are two types of Siamese Cat which are traditional and modern. The traditional Siamese Cat and the modern Siamese Cat differ in their physical appearance.

The traditional Siamese Cat has a slightly chubby body physique with an apple-shaped head. The modern Siamese Cat has a wedge-shaped head with a very skinny bodily look. 

The Siamese Cats have a distinct low to loud pitch voice that can be compared to the cry of a baby. They usually do these vocalizations when they are threatened or they demand the attention of their owners. There are four color patterns of Siamese Cat such as the blue point, seal point, chocolate point, and lilac point.

It takes a part of the Bali culture making it an official Balinese Cat that is why it is expensive. This cat species is a breeding stock to create some other cat breeds such as Bengal, Himalayan, and Burmese. This is a perfect cat breed that is suitable for children that will get along with your other pets.

4. American Shorthair

This good-natured and adaptable cat breed is a well-known family companion. It is characterized by its powerfully-built body that is an athletic type. Its stocky and muscular physique enables it to jump and climb to run after prey or food.

It actually originated in Europe that is why don’t get deceived by its name. It was later on taken in the United States to protect passengers cargo from rats or mice. This cat breed is one of the cats that have a lot of varied list of colors. It can reach up to 80 known colors and pattern variations. No doubt, it is on the list of most popular and most expensive cat breeds because of its striking colors.

You will surely get the impression that this cat is a sweet type because of its full-cheeked face with its playful personality. This cat is an ideal cat companion because it is highly adaptable and loves to get attention but it is independent. It has hunting skills that will take over other animals. You don’t have to worry if you have a dog and other domesticated animals because this cat goes along well. 

5. Russian Blue Cat 

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As the name implies, this is a blue cat that comes in a different range of blue-gray colors from slate gray to shimmering silver. It has a thick coating that doesn’t shed, unlike other cat species. You can even draw patterns into their velvety fur and it would only disappear if you would smooth it over. 

Russian Blue Cat is suitable for those who are highly allergic because research shows that this is a hypoallergenic breed because the allergens it produces is not enough to activate the allergies of humans. It has a life expectancy of about 25 years and is a medium-sized cat that has a weight that can reach up to 15 pounds. 

This cat is characterized by its wedge-shaped head with prominent tactile hairs. You will be amazed by its almond-shaped green eyes that are set wide apart. They seem in tiptoe while they walk or run that makes them unique. They are affectionate but not overly clingy making it a good choice for owners who are always on the go and don’t have time to always play with them.

6. The Peterbald 

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This unusual looking cat is famous for its appearance that is characterized by its narrow and long head that matches its pointed ears like bat-like looks.  They also have webbed feet that add up texture into their overall looks. You will surely save a lot of money because it doesn’t require grooming because it has no hair, you’ll just need to bath it regularly. Be sure to always clean their litter box because they have an innate behavior that they will not pee in a place where there are traces of their pee still.

This cat breed has two kinds of hair-loss because they can either be born bald or with a coat. Those Peterbald that was born with fur has a short-haired variety that comes in different colorings and markings, this fur will lose eventually. If you know nothing about Peterbald breed, you may think that they are suffering from a disease but their overall appearance is actually their asset. 

This cat breed originated in Petersburg, Russia where its name was derived. There are over 5 Peterbald breeds: the Bald, which is completely hairless and sticky to touch, the Flock or Chamois, at least 90% bald and feels like leathery to touch, The Velour, 70% hairless with up to 1mm coatings, the Brush which is the unique breed of Peterbald because it has at least 5 mm long wiry hair and the Straight with a short coat. All the Peterbald species are known to be an expensive cat breeds.

7. The Bengal 

Loved by its beautiful coat that comes in background colors such as brown, orange, rust, ivory and gold and with spot colors of cocoa, chocolate brown, and charcoal black. The Bengal cat is known for its striking skin pattern that is usually made of two or more colors. Its hair consists of an iridescent sheen that gives the illusion that it has a sprinkled glitter. 

It is described as a domestic cat that resembles a wild jungle cat which is the leopard based on its overall appearance. This cat breed is suitable for owners who have lots of time to play with them because it can show its wild nature if it seeks attention. Be wary about your fish in your pond or in your aquarium since this cat is fond of playing in the water, you may just see your fish out of the water dead. 

It is fairly low maintenance because it doesn’t shed much and that it is an efficient self-groomer making it perfect for those who have kids that play with them. It is a highly active cat that loves to climb in high places and enjoys walking outdoors even with the use of a leash. Its personality and overall physical appearance make it on the list of the most expensive cat breeds.

8. The Savannah

The most exotic cat of them all, that is how this cat breed is described. This is a cross between a domestic cat with African Serval making it one of the most desirable and rarest breeds of cat that is why it is considered as the most expensive cat. The Savannah is described to have a silver-spotted tabby or brown-spotted tabby with other elegant features.

 Its eye-catchy ears have a deep base that perfectly fits in its broad, and rounded countered head. It also has a long neck with long legs, longer than the average cat legs. Their sexual maturity depends on the type of food that they eat but usually, they sexually matured by seven to nine months. They are categorized among the cats that are excellent jumpers that can jump up to 7 to 8 feet in a horizontal pattern. 

The savannah is a shy type and independent but when they form a bond with their owners, they’ll become more attention-seeker than other cat breeds. You can safely leave them together with your dog because they are also friendly and affectionate to other furry animals. This cat breed is heralded as the tallest cats domesticated cats by the Guinness World Record. 

9. Persian Cat

As the name implies, this cat is originally from Iran or also known as Persia. Known to have couple of names depending on where in the middle east it came from such as the Shirazi cat, Iranian Cat, and the Doll-face Persian.

Being described to have a bodily physique that is short with short and thick legs with a thick neck. It has a large head with round eyes that complements its short ears. Its most distinctive feature is its thick coat that is glossy and lustrous. They are not considered as a great jumper because of their stocky bodies. This cat breed is on the list of the most expensive cat breeds because of its great personality.

 Persian cats are extremely clingy where they love to sit in your lap, sleep in your bed, or stretch out next to you especially when they are in the mood. You would often see them in commercials because they command an air of royalty. They will give you the impression that they are high maintenance but owners of Persian cats attested that they are one of the cat breeds that are low in maintenance because they know how to groom themselves.

Tips In Availing The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

  • Commit yourself to long-term investment

Almost all cat breeds have a lifespan of about 20 years and above that is why it is important to commit yourself to take good care of them. You must not only give them their basic needs but you may let them feel that they are loved and cared for by giving having time to play with them. They do not require much attention as dogs and birds do but it is still important to make sure that they see and feel your presence.

Do not get a cat in captivity if you don’t have time to check up on them on a regular basis. Research shows that when a cat happily bonded with their owners, they tend to be healthy and easy to tame.

  • Make sure that domesticated animals are allowed in your house

Their fur triggers allergies that is why it is important to take into consideration if someone in your household has sensitivities. If you are renting a house, it is important to let the homeowner that you are having a cat so as to avoid conflict. There should also be a designated place inside your house where they can sleep, rest and play. It is ideal to let them stay indoors to avoid different kinds of sicknesses to make their lifespan longer.

  • Daily grooming

The way how you groom your cat depends on the cat breed that you will be getting. Cats that are long-hair breed needs to be groomed every day to make them comfortable and free from parasite infestation. If your cat stays indoors, it is important to maintain the cleanliness in their body to keep the surroundings clean as well. It is better to play with your cats if you know that they are clean and odor-free.

For long-hair breeds, you may need to trim their hair at least once per two weeks, if you do not know how to do it, take it to a pet groomer to avoid hurting the cat. It is also advisable to train them using a litter box so as to save time in cleaning their mess and to avoid unwanted dirt around your house.

  • Research about cat breeds

If you are fully pledged to take good care of a cat, you may need to research a suitable cat for you. Cats have different temperaments, make sure to consider the kind of cat breed to take into captivity, especially if you have kids that could play with them. Some cat breeds would want to stay in your lap and would want to interact with you while some cats just want to be independent.

Knowing the personality of the cat that you prefer would help you decide the kind of cat breed to invest in. Check if the cat is suitable to the climate and temperature where you are in because if the cat is not suitable where it lives in, there is a possibility that it could cause negative effects on its healthy condition. Purchasing an expensive cat breeds versus purchasing a cheap breed type all depends on your budget.

  • Know your budget

There are cat breeds that cost much depending if you would take them as a baby or as an adult. The budget allotted to have a cat must be inclined to that suits your family. The place where the cat originated where the price is based.

Aside from the actual price of the cat breed, you may need to consider the expenses that you will be needing in taking good care of it such as vaccinations, food and grooming expenses. Kittens usually require more budget because they require vaccinations that are a bit expensive. There are cat breeds that require little to no grooming so it can be considered if you are on a tight budget.

How to Take Good Care of Expensive Cat Breeds

a. Groom your cat regularly

Whether your cat has a long or short fur, you may need to regularly groom it. You can maintain its good looks by combing or brushing its hair every day to avoid any tangles. A neatly groomed cat’s hair is not only good-looking but ingesting it can be avoided.

Regularly grooming your cat will let you inspect its body parts. While cutting its hair, find time to check lumps, sore spots, and bumps if there is. If you take your cat into a veterinarian, they will inspect your cat’s overall health. 

b. Choice of food

There are a lot of food choices that you can give your cat but not all food choices are suitable for their breed. If it is your first time to introduce food mixes to them, make sure to do it gradually so you can check if there are negative effects.

The food choice that you can give them should be enriched with nutrients and minerals to keep your cat healthy. Aside from a good choice of food, you must also give them clean water. Their water supply should be accessible for them whenever they get thirsty to keep them hydrated.

c. Make sure to give them litter boxes

The use of litter boxes will help you keep the surroundings clean. You need to train your cat to use a litter box, put in a place where it is accessible. There are cat breeds that will not urinate in a litter box if it is dirty, so wash it regularly.

d. Train your cat to use a scratching post

Expect that your cat will love to scratch anything especially if they get bored. To avoid damaging your furniture, make sure to provide your cat with a scratch post. The use of a scratch post will help them divert their boredom. It will also help them exercise their muscles and jaws.

e. Clean your cat’s teeth

Aside from your cat’s physical appearance, you may need to check and clean the teeth of your cat. Your cat’s teeth are important for them to be a voracious eater that is why it should be checked regularly. Toothache is a great irritant that is why you need to make sure that they are cavities and tooth decay-free.

f. Make sure to visit the veterinarian regularly

Even though your cat seems healthy, it is still advisable to take your cat to a veterinarian for physical checkups. There are cat diseases symptoms that will not show up if you will just observe the cat physically. You need to be responsible for letting your cat have an annual physical checkup for its good health.

Final Thoughts

The different cat breeds are priced for their physical appearance and genetics. No matter how expensive the breed of your cat is, if you don’t know how to care for it then it’s useless. Make them happy to increase their lifespan. These expensive cat breeds will make surely make a good cat sitter.