Are Siamese Cats Mean?

by Jayley
Are Siamese Cats Mean

A Siamese cat can be very talkative and aggressive. They are also known to walk to the beat of their drum. Their can-do attitude can be hard to keep in check. However, It is not clear if they are predisposed to being mean. Mean behavior is defined as aggressive behavior without any visible or apparent cause.

Some of the causes of these conditions include changes in the environment, hormonal changes, and triggers. To identify the cause, you would have to go deeper than the surface. You can help Siamese cats become less aggressive by gently guiding them toward better behavior. This can be done through positive reinforcement. But are Siamese cats really mean? Let’s find out!

What If The Siamese Is Only Mean to its Owner

Does Being Mean Normal For a Cat?

Some people might also refer to mean behavior as not respecting others’ wishes. For instance, if a cat is not interested in cuddling or lying on your lap, that cat is not mean. Also, a dominant or assertive cat is not necessarily mean. These things are part of their personality and should be accepted.

When it comes to cats, a Siamese is known for being very assertive and capable of causing mischief. However, this trait is also balanced with their endearing nature and their fun-loving nature. The term dog of the cat breed refers to a cat that has a certain behavior. If this animal engages in mean behavior, it is considered to be abnormal.

These actions are referred to as mean behaviors and are usually accompanied by warning signs that something is off. For instance, if a cat is biting or scratching, this could be because of hormonal or health issues.

Learn About the Past Of Your Siamese Cat Before Taking Them Home

If you have a Siamese cat, you should know it has a hard past. It may have had a rebellious streak or exhibited mean behavior. Some feral cats are known to show aggressive behavior. Others are just good to humans and can be mean to other cats.

Your cat’s behavior can provide you with some clues about its past. It is also a good opportunity to identify their triggers.

Are you worried that your cat might become more aggressive after being exposed to a stranger? There might be something haunting about your pet that makes them feel like they are being attacked.

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The Effect Of Cat Violence

A cat with a violent past might be prone to being mean to certain people. However, if you are determined to be loving and affectionate, this can help heal their wounds, and a slow-growing miracle can be witnessed.

They are afraid of being hurt, touched, and tortured. You can help them turn their fears around by letting them know you are there for them.

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It is Better to Learn If Your Siamese Cat Had Health Issues

If your cat has not had a violent past, it could be because of their health issues. This can be a red flag when hormonal changes cause a cat to exhibit mean behavior. This can be sudden and uncalled for.

The other destructive behaviors that this condition can trigger include over-grooming, loss of appetite, and distant and pessimistic mood. In these cases, there will be an increase in the number of behavior changes.

What Should You Do?

When you notice these changes, you must inform your veterinarian about their health. They can then diagnose the issue and treat it better.

If your Siamese pet is suffering from a disease or health condition, it is necessary that you consult a veterinarian. They can help you manage your cat’s diet and mood.

What If The Siamese Is Only Mean to its Owner?

If your Siamese cat is friendly to people and only means to you, then they might be acting inappropriately toward you. This could be because Siamese cats are reacting to your scent or behavior.

If you have done something to them that might trigger their behavior, they will never forget what you have done to them in the past. They know the difference between being mean and doing something for their well-being.

In most cases, they will get annoyed for a couple of days, returning to their usual self. On the other hand, they will try to avoid you.

If they think you threaten their sense of security, they will likely engage in mean behavior. It can be hard to undo this impression, especially since you should never harm any animal.

Can You Train a Siamese To Relieve Them From Being Mean to You?

Having the necessary patience and love to make a change can help you see results. It can also help you make them less aggressive and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here are some ways to do it:

First, you need to learn what causes them to be mean.

Are your Siamese cat’s negative behaviors due to its past, or is it because of a medical condition? Having a clear understanding of the cause will allow you to make an informed decision regarding their behavior.

Second, you should give them their own free space that makes them feel safe.

Unlike dogs, cats prefer to be alone. They also need to be protected from people in case they get worse. This is why they need high-profile areas and quiet hiding places.

Third, you should understand what triggers their mean behavior.

Your cat’s triggers might change throughout the day due to its illness. However, they can still be triggered by a past experience. To keep them under control, you should be aware of their triggers and keep them away from your cat.

Fourth, you should give them a separate room in case they worsen.

If your cat gets aggressive without a cause, you should confine them inside a separate room or space. This will make them feel secure and prevent them from hurting you or others. You can also break the ice by letting them interact with one another once their symptoms have subsided.

Fifth, you should let them sometimes.

One of the things you should do is let your cat be. Although they may not want to be controlled, they will still come to you if they feel threatened. This will allow your Siamese cat to feel that they can trust you.

Do not be over-enthusiastic when approaching people, as this could cause them to take your enthusiasm as mania. Instead, be calm and allow them to come to you. Having a good rapport can help build a stronger relationship.

Treats are also a great way to motivate and guide your pets to behave properly. They will not be disappointed if they are treated well.

Sixth, do not ever punish them for being mean.

Never punish them in any way. Cats will see you as their equal, and under no circumstances will they ever be your master. This applies to cats, such as a Siamese cat.

They want to feel included and equal. If you raise their hand, they will learn how to defend themselves using this behavior.


The Siamese is a standard breed of cat that people around the world have loved since the ancient kingdom of Thailand. In fact, the Siamese breed is considered to be one of the oldest known breeds.

The Siamese has been cross-breed [2] with various breeds to produce the Oriental, Tonkinese, Himalayan, and Oriental shorthairs, as well as the Javanese and the longhairs. It was also created with the help of a serval.

There are three different types of Siamese: the old-style, the classic, and the apple head. The former is regarded as a derogatory term by some breeders who didn’t like the variation in head shape.

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