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by Jayley
best cat breed for busy family

Are you looking for the best cat breed for busy family? If the whole household tends to be out for work and school most of the day, you need an independent cat on your home. These breeds can entertain themselves and remain calm even without a company. So if you’re thinking of bringing home a feline, make sure that the breed suits your family’s lifestyle.

Why choose an independent cat?

Independent cat breeds can entertain themselves and be on their own for extended hours. Unlike Velcro cats who love following their owners, independent cat breeds aren’t susceptible to anxiety. Most of them are contented playing around the house or getting some sleep.

Aside from that, you should also look for a breed that can do well with kids. A cat for families should be tolerant of kids and can adapt well to changes, much so for families welcoming a baby.

Moreover, avoid breeds that are demanding of attention and very clingy. They tend to be whiny if you left them for too long. Also, some clingy cats may cause a ruckus at home when left unaccompanied.

Generally, families who are busy would do well on adult or older cats. Cats that have outgrown their kitten phase are more laidback and need less playtime. Also, you should consider shelter cats as these kitties are used to being alone, though this doesn’t always apply 100%.

Lastly, if you have a resident cat, you have to consider the personality of the new cat you’re getting. That way, you can guarantee that the two felines will get along. Avoid breeds with the same dominant personalities as they tend to clash.

10 Options for the Best Cat Breed for Busy Family

Looking for the best cat for your busy household? Here are 10 breeds to consider:

1.     British Shorthair

best cat breed for busy family

The British Shorthair is the most popular cat breed in the United States. They came from the streets and farms of Britain and were first bred by Harrison Weir, also dubbed as the ‘Father of the Cat Fancy’.

This adorable breed is lauded for its pleasant and loyal attitude. They don’t pick favorites and treat each family member as equals for affection.

Also, the good thing about the British Shorthair is it’s not demanding of attention. While it enjoys regular playtime, it can get by without hourly monitoring. This breed can play by itself when no is around or if everybody is busy doing their thing.

Just take note that this cat can be pretty strong due to its muscular build. So if you have an infant around, make sure that you supervise the kitty when it’s around. Anyway, the good thing about the British Shorthair is it’s very tolerant of kids’ habits.

Also, this breed can get along with other pets, which suits multi-cat households. They also love strangers and may tend to vocalize a lot.

2.     Norwegian Forest Cat

Based on its name, anyone can guess the origin of this kitty: Norway. However, their exact origin in Norway is quite vague, but they can be the best cat breed for busy family.

Like the British Shorthair, the Norwegian Forest Cat is muscular and strong. And with their flowy coat, these kitties look even bigger. They are also great companions and love praises and petting from their owners.

When it comes to their personality, the Norwegian Forest Cat really shines. They love being with people and forms a strong bond with their families.

However, you should know that this cat is a hunter at heart and will chase moving items. They also tend to chase toys as if those are real targets.

Moreover, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a territorial bunch. They love patrolling their perimeter to ensure that everything is fine. If they sense that someone has breached their territory, they will be in hunting mode.

Take note that this breed has to be brushed daily due to its thick and long coat. This is to prevent tangles and hairballs from forming.

3.     Maine Coon

best cat breed for busy family

The Maine Coon came from, guess where: Maine. It’s a native of the state and was widely used as a mouser until it was shipped in the early years of the 19th century.

The main feature of this breed is its large and stocky body. Also, many of these cats are tailless and even if they have a tail, it would be short. If you’re planning to get this breed, be prepared as this can get large. The world’s largest house cat is actually a Maine Coon which grew for more than four feet.

Moreover, Maine Coons are a bit reserved, but they have a special way of showing their affection. They are impressively tolerant and great with kids and they can live together with other pets.

Anyway, Maine Coons aren’t very fond of strangers. They will hide or give curious looks, unlike other breeds that will welcome them at the door.

Take note that this breed remains to be a skillful mouser. Don’t be surprised if you see ripped mice on your home. And if you own a pet mouse, you have to keep it away from this cat.

Also, Maine Coons aren’t vocal and they only make soft meows when they want something.

4.     Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a popular house breed due to its coat colors that aren’t typical to other felines. This cat is also unique with the tuft of fur found on its ears. They were first shown on the public in 1871 during the Crystal Palace Cat Show. At that time, the Abyssinian was then regarded as a rare breed.

As for their origin, Abyssinian cats are believed to be from the Indian Ocean regions. Also, there’s a chance that the Dutch and British people have brought them into the United States.

Moreover, Abyssinians are lively and always full of energy. They love filling their days with jumping, climbing, and playing. They are intelligent cats with a strong sense of curiosity. They love heights and jumping from elevated surfaces.

For busy households, an Abyssinian has a lot to explore on its own. However, if you’re leaving this kitty at home, it’s best to accompany it with another Abyssinian. If not, they will busy themselves topping every possible thing in your home. Also, you must give them enough playtime to keep them as the best cat breed for busy family.

5.     American Wirehair

best cat breed for busy family

The American Wirehair is a strong and medium-sized cat. They tend to have a round appearance due to their heavy bones and thick muscles.

American Wirehairs are native in the U.S. and was a product of mutation. This specific breed was first seen in 1966 after a litter of shorthairs in New York had wiry coats. From there, they were reproduced as American Wirehairs.

Overall, this breed is great to have at home. They have a placid disposition and very affectionate to their owners. They are also great with kids, though they tend to be shy to strangers and cautious of other pets.

This breed is sociable and highly adaptable to various household settings. They love being with people, but they don’t go neurotic if you leave them alone.

If an American Wirehair is in the mood for some playtime, the feline will bring a toy to its owner to initiate play. If the family isn’t around, they can play on their own.  

6.     Somali Cat

A sibling of the Abyssinian breed, Somali cats are active and always in the move. They love cat trees and other elevated surfaces. They are always inquisitive and have a laser-focused stare.

The Somali Cats are actually the long-haired versions of Abyssinians. They came from Great Britain and were named Somali.

Usually, both the Somali and Abyssinians have the same coat color and patterns, but in different lengths.

When it comes to their sociability, Somali cats are very affectionate to their owners, kids, and even strangers. They also get along with other pets and love playing all the time. Nevertheless, they can play on their own for hours as the best cat breed for busy family.

But if you are to leave a Somali cat for long hours, it’s best to have them accompanied by another Somali. This way, they won’t busy themselves with your possessions.

Also, since this is a long-haired breed, Somalis need more grooming than others. The good thing here, though, is that this breed is less allergenic than most.

7.     Russian Blue

A feline with an elegant coat – the Russian Blue is a loving addition to every family. There’s not much information known about this breed’s origin, though they are believed to come from Russia; thus its name. Also, it has a unique coat that has a tinge of blue, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Another great characteristic of this breed is its long legs. This is why Russian Blue cats are fast runners, and they have strong hunting instincts. You can give them a fishing pole toy to keep them busy while the family is out.

Russian Blue cats are total sweethearts who love following their owners around. However, they shy away from strangers and prefer hiding. Despite that, they still get along with other pets if introduced early in life.

As much as this cat is very affectionate, they’re not bothered if the family is away most of the day. Just give them lots of toys and they can entertain themselves.

Russian Blue cats are intelligent and will require mental and physical stimulation to stay well-rounded pets.

8.     Persian Cat

Persian cats are energetic kitties, but they also have their laidback nature. These fluffy felines also have big bones and stocky build, which is heightened by the thick fur. Also, Persian cats are loved due to their shiny and lustrous coat.

The Persian cat has an ancient origin. It was believed to be descendants of long-haired cats in Italy during the 1500s era. Take note that those cats originated in Persia, which is now Iran.

In addition, Persian cats are affectionate, only if you win them over. They aren’t the biggest fans of cuddles, but they reward those who treat them right.

If you have small kids and other pets, Persian cats may not be the best suit for you. These kitties are dignified, though they don’t mind being left alone at home. Also, Persian cats are demure ones. They are better off sitting on the couch than climbing cat trees or pulling curtains.

The good thing about this breed is it loves affection, but only if it’s given and not demanded.

9.     Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan Cat is probably the best cat breed for busy family looking for a goofy pet. As adults, the Himalayan feline still has kitten-like habits, which will be a joy to have at home.

Also, this breed loves sleeping beside their owners and sitting on their human’s lap. They are generally affectionate but don’t do well with infants and other pets. Also, they reserve their love for their families and snobs strangers.

Moreover, the Himalayan Cat isn’t very playful, though they appreciate short playtimes with their masters.

Also, they hate loud noises and consider the couch as the highest surface to climb.

If the family isn’t around, they prefer relaxing on the floor or playing with toys.

10.  Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats came from Russia and a native of Siberia. They have flowy coats, which is in line with their origin in a subarctic area. Also, the Siberian Cat is an old breed and has been mentioned countless times in folktales of Russia.

The Siberian Cat has a colorful personality. It’s highly affectionate to everyone: their masters, kids, and strangers. Also, they don’t mind living with other pets and they have soft meows.

Moreover, this Siberian native is intelligent and will devote its brains on mentally stimulating playtime. This is a clever cat who can find the fun on almost any object. And true to its origin, Siberian Cats love playing with water since they used to hunt fish for dinner.

As an outdoor cat in Siberia, this breed isn’t bothered by noise and activities around. So during a busy day, it can wait patiently until someone is free to shower him some love.

Final words

The best cat breed for busy family should be independent, disciplined, and devoted. The cat breeds we listed above are just some of the breeds you can consider. What do you think of our picks? Let us know!

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