Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats? [Learn More]

by Jayley

Bengal cats are beautiful creatures. People who discovered the unique attributes of these cats can never get enough of them. If you own one Bengal cat, you probably want another or more. You may want to own the Bengal for breeding purposes or to provide company for your lonely Bengal cat or to simply satisfy your urge to collect these cats. But the crucial question to ask is, do Bengal cats get along with other cats? Of course, you can keep more than one Bengal cat in your home; however, there will be a few limitations. For one thing, you need to divide your attention between your Bengals equally. It would help if you established boundaries between them, so none of them gets too territorial. Take precautionary measures. If you want to keep several Bengals or integrate them into your pet family, there are several things you should know.

Are Bengal Wild Animal or Domestic Cat?– do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Although there are plenty of Bengal cat lover websites and reputable breeders and organizations, there are very few who describe what living with a Bengal is truly like. It is crucial to be educated on the breed’s personality, instincts, reproduction and breeding cycle as well as their ability to socialize with children and dogs. Whether you’ve just recently purchased a kitten or you’re simply a fancier of the breed find out how charming and sprightly these furry balls can be.

Do Bengals Make Good House Pets? — do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats

The breed has the following unique characteristics:

  • Bengals are trainable
  • their intelligence
  • these are water-loving cats
  • Bengals have an exotic appearance
  • they are verbal and communicative
  • Bengals are highly athletic and entertaining
  • they can be social if paired or bonded early in life
  • a cat that is friendly with dogs
  • kid friendly if socialized well
  • loyal

What Is the Origin of the Bengal Breed? — do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Bengals are resulted from crossbreeding or mixing domestic cats with the wild Asian leopard cat. The purpose of this breeding was to get a cat with a temperament of a domesticated cat but with the wild and exotic marks of an Asian leopard cat. 

Calling them a Bengali cat is a misnomer. Bengals are a cross of wild and domestic species, and the hybrid is a result of numerous breeding across generations. It resulted in a stunning and beautiful intelligent cat that is even made special by its quirks. They can be kept in the house as a pet. Bengals are recognized all over and can be shown at cat shows and purchased legally in all 50 US states.

Typical traits of the breed such as their personality and coat pattern may be a carryover of the half Bengal tabby cat or kitten mix, the Bengal Siamese mix and the Bengal British shorthair mix. There are numerous other domestic blends.

Bengal Cat Temperament, Personality, and Behavior Traits– do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Bengals are highly intelligent cats. They can even occasionally outwit the stealthy Siamese. Since they are fiercely intelligent and come from wild ancestry, they do have some pretty odd behavioral patterns.

They Have an Affinity for Water

Similar to their ancestors, they love water. Every Bengal will have some overwhelming attraction to water. They often drink by dipping their paws into the water and licking it rather than just simply drinking from the dish like a typical cat. Bengals also love to play in water whenever they get the chance and splash water out of their bowls. They are also known to snoop around when their humans are showering or bathing. 

They exhibit extreme delight when running around fountains and faucets. People who have pet fish should beware of the Bengals since these cats enjoy fishing inside the tank for the chance to catch a goldfish.

They Are Highly Intelligent

Bengals are an extremely active breed of cat. Their high intelligence can be a recipe for mischief. No number of toys will ever keep them satisfied. They might get bored one day and venture off to find something new to get into. They can steal random items and run off with them. Bengals might destroy the delicate items around your house, such as glass or ceramic since they love leaping around to satisfy their need for action.

They Are Excellent Hunters

Do Bengal cats get along with other cats? Since they have wild ancestry, they are phenomenal fishers and strategic hunters. The only way to satisfy them is to give them small animals constantly while they are young. This being said, it is still advisable to give them training under strictest precautions as accidents can always happen. 

Owners should watch over Bengals who are around small animals such as birds, rodents, and other small mammals.

They Are Territorial

Do Bengal cats get along with other cats? This breed fiercely protects their territory and can get nasty, which means that if you want to have more than one Bengal, you should get a pair from the very beginning. Otherwise, introductions can be a tough task. They dislike big changes in their familiar surroundings, and they should always have a box cat tree or crate that they can settle in to hide and relax when they feel stressed. It is also recommended that they be kept inside because of the dangers outdoors as well as the danger they pose to other wildlife.

They Are Affectionate

Bengals are a gentle and loving breed if raised in proper circumstances. They adore their humans and can act rather like dogs and play games like fetch and follow their human. They are extremely trainable and can follow basic commands like sit and stay. Exercise caution though because they can learn bad habits simply by watching their human owners. They may learn how to turn doorknobs are how to turn on faucets and repeatedly flush the toilet.

They Are Vocal

One of the breed’s outstanding characteristic is their soft meow. They are a vocal breed who love to make small sounds to get their humans attention. They can be vocally expressive.

How Much Do Bengal Cats Cost? — do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Bengals can be expensive and might be one of the priciest Breeds in the world. Their value will depend on their generation rating. Female kittens with a direct Asian leopard cat parents are the most expensive fetching a price from $2000-$10000. 

The coat colors and patterns of a Bengal are also factors that can affect their value. The snow colored Bengal is considered to have the rarest coat type, and spotted types are also extremely popular.

Adopt or Rescue?

Besides being given a chance to save a life adopted and rescued, Bengals can be acquired for a lower price at $150 $200.

Bengal Cat Appearance and Characteristics– do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

The breed will have a varying appearance in terms of coat, color, and pattern. Their weight can vary immensely from cat to cat. But Bengals still maintain a certain distinction in the world of cats for being the heftiest of the breed when talking about pure muscle mass. Bengal males, in particular, will have thick and huge muscles that ripple just below their glistening coats.

Are Bengal cats aggressive with each other?

It is not a secret that Bengal cats come from wild ancestry. Because of this, it should be noted they can be a little bit aggressive in their attitude. However, these tendencies can be controlled. These cats are smart and can be trained to live with other Bengal cats. Overall, they get along with each other happily. Bengal cats can be very social, and they do love spending time socializing with their own kind. Things can be peaceful, considering that two cats of the same nature will be able to empathize with each other on the same level. Do Bengal cats get along with other cats?


Their personality traits will be so alike that neither of them will not have difficulty adjusting in the same home. However, you do need to take some precautionary measures from day one. If these cats fight with each other, their enmity may continue for the long term. To reduce this problem, be cautious from the start. Before you bring your new Bengal cat home, start putting limits to the older one’s boundaries. You need to have two separate private spaces for every cat. Get them similar items such as beds, litter boxes, food bowls, but put them in different areas inside your home. Do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

In this case, these cats won’t feel like they have to compromise their territory and personal space. Aggression will be minimized as long as neither of them feels threatened. However, the challenge will be how to divide your attention equally. Suppose you are playing with both cats at the same time never ignore either even for a second. Similarly, if you are playing with them separately, do not let the other cat find out. Having to share attention is a sensitive issue for Bengal cats. 

Getting along with other animals– do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

A Bengal cat can live with its own kind but what about other breeds and other kinds of animals? For example, you may own a dog or other small mammal such as a rabbit. In this case, things can get a little complicated. Do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Ask yourself is the Bengal cat arriving at your home after the other animals or are the other animals already settled in your home before the Bengal cat?

If the Bengal cats have lived alone in your home without ever having to share their space and stuff, it will be rather complicated.

You will need to train your Bengal to be limited in space as well as limit the playtime. Socialize your Bengal by taking them to the park to interact with other animals. If you are not socializing your Bengal cat, try getting help from your friends who own other animals or pets. Once your Bengal has interacted and gotten familiar with the new animals and has become settled in the limited space, you can introduce the new animals. Do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

However, the training goes both ways. Each animal must be taught to respect the other’s personal space. To tame every animal in your home, social training is crucial to reduce aggression towards each other. Bengal cats are easily taught, and they are friendly by nature and have high intelligence making them quick learners. If you take things slow, they will be flexible in the new situation.

Smaller animals

If you own other animals, and the Bengal cat is the new pet, you won’t have a difficult time. The only problem is if you have smaller animals like fish and smaller mammals that are likely to be attacked by the Bengal. Fish are especially vulnerable because Bengal cats adore playing with water and everything that moves in it. If you have a fish, the Bengals might attack it. Thus, it is crucial to keep fish bowls and aquariums out of the cat’s reach and keep it tightly closed.

Are Bengals escape artists? — do Bengal cats get along with other cats?

Bengal cats love to snoop around, and they love investigating interesting areas such as gardens. They’re always on the lookout for new paths, holes and everything else. They may just jump over a fence or enter a hole and go out for an adventure. It is recommended to watch over the Bengal while they are out. One option is to make sure all gaps are locked and closed. If you have a balcony, protect it with a net and enclose these big areas. It may hinder the view, but your beloved Bengals will be protected. 

Final thoughts

Bengals are wild and exotic looking. Compared to other domesticated cats, they have a unique look and personality. Their unpredictable nature can be a source of excitement. But, taming them to a manageable degree is crucial. Do Bengal cats get along with other cats? Socializing every pet is crucial, including the Bengal and since this breed is highly intelligent, they are adaptable and can learn the joy of having a friend in another cat. 

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