Best Food For Bengal Kittens

The Bengal cat is exotic, wild and feral looking. Their genes are inherited from crossbreeding so they will require a special diet. What is the best food for Bengal kittens? Like all others are cats, although these kittens look fierce-looking, they do love milk. It is when they reach adulthood that you will need to worry about giving them a highly specialized diet. They will like eating raw meat and proteins of various kinds, but it is suggested that you opt for well-balanced nutrition. As the owner of a Bengal kitten, you might be wondering what your kitten likes to eat and furthermore what will be safe and healthy for them. Read on to find out.

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Bengal facts– best food for Bengal kittens

Bengal cats are well known across North America Australia and the United Kingdom. They have junglelike physicality and combined with their high levels of energy can create a very special cat that is demanding with nutrition. They require mostly protein sources.

Raising a Bengal kitten can be tough. Thus, it is crucial to understand Bengal breeding history to know the correct Bengal cat diet and lifestyle that your cat needs. Provide your kitty juicy pieces of meat and stimulate its mind and body.

Bengal Cat Food Allergies– best food for Bengal kittens

Best Food For Bengal Kittens

Knowing a Bengal cat’s food allergies beforehand is important, especially considering that nearly 10% of every cat will have food allergies.

When it comes to symptoms, food allergies will have clear signs similar to those of human. But, symptoms such as itchy skin can be challenging to pinpoint as being directly caused by allergies since a whole host of other problems can trigger these issues.

Thus, if you suspect that your cat might be having allergies, it is suggested that you get a series of food tests to examine if there are any harmful agents in your Bengal’s diet.

Once you’ve discovered the food that is giving your cat allergies, the treatments are as simple as getting rid of the food item from your household and keeping them from ever eating it again.

This may mean you have to choose a different brand or switch from dried food to wet food to keep your Bengal cat safe.

Daily Calorie Intake for Bengal Cats– best food for Bengal kittens

Dry food such as those found in typical groceries can be cheap means of feeding your cats. But they will also have unnecessary grains to bulk up the package stuffed in them.

Meaning your Bengal cats diets will be less nutritious than one which incorporates wet food. Of course, even if you have a well-balanced meal, overfeeding can cause negative effects on your Bengal cat’s health.

For Bengal kittens, it is crucial to serve them more calories. To find optimal food for your kitten, you will want to weigh them to get specific measurements and then compare the calorie content of the food to fit your cat’s diet plan. 

Typically, kittens will need roughly 100 cal per pound daily up to a minimum of 40 cal per pound when they reach 40 weeks old.

For Bengal cats that are older, a diet of around 25 to 30 cal per pound is enough. If your cat has a well-balanced meal plan but tends to get sick, bloated or dehydrated, then you might want to examine whether or not you are overfeeding them.

Don’t hesitate to include consumer-based options into your Bengal’s nutrition. It should be noted that balance and capitalizing on ingredients that this breed requires is important.

Steer clear from foods that have filler foods. Your Bengal’s diet should be simple and nutritious to give them healthy development and long joyful life.

Raw Food Diet for Bengal Cats– best food for Bengal kittens

Best Food For Bengal Kittens
  • Fresh Turkey is an optimum source of protein and omega-3 fats.
  • Fresh meat lean cuts have plenty of protein and fiber
  • Protein sources such as chicken and turkey are good sources of protein. Overall cats love turkey over chicken. Feed them both and see which works best.

It should be noted that protein should never be the sole component in Bengal nutrition. Factor in minerals and vitamins as well.

Raw meat may result in food poisoning if not properly prepared. Meat must be fresh and should only be served once per day. The raw food should not be left at room temperature for more than half an hour.

What You Should Never Feed Your Bengal– best food for Bengal kittens

Bengal cat should only eat cat foods that are consistent with Bengal nutrition needs. The following foods are dangerous to Bengal cats and may cause them diarrhea and other health issues.


Chocolates will contain a chemical called theobromine which is a type of alkaloid that results in poisoning. This chemical can lead to death.

Raw eggs

Salmonella is a type of bacteria found in eggs which can cause poisoning. Additionally, the protein in raw egg whites known as avidin can block the absorption of B vitamins, which will lead to skin and coat diseases.


A toxic substance found in avocado is persin which is dangerous to Bengal cats.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol can result in fatal brain and liver damage in cats overall since it is extremely intoxicating. Regardless if it is wine, liquor, beer, or any food containing alcohol, it is dangerous for your cats.

Yeast dough

The ferment of yeast produces alcohol that when ingested by a Bengal can lead to alcohol poisoning.


Although Bengal cats can eat certain types of liver, too much of it is harmful. It can cause a vitamin A toxicity which affects the bones of a cat.

Macadamia nuts

These nuts are rich in fat which can cause stomach issues leading to diarrhea and vomiting.

Foods that contain Xylitol

Foods such as baked goods contain natural sweetener that is produced from the fibers of the veggies and fruits known as xylitol. Once ingested, it results in rapid blood sugar drop.


Caffeine is extremely toxic, especially when ingested in huge quantities. These substances are found in colas chocolate and cocoa. 

Raw potatoes and tomatoes

These foods will contain glycolalkaloid solanine which can result in digestive issues in your Bengal cats.


Hard bones can result in choking entering or blocking the intestinal tract that will result in tears on the intestines. 

A bone can cause a cat to choke, splinter or block its intestinal tract leading to perforation of the intestines.

What to look for in treats for Bengal kittens- best food for Bengal kittens

Best Food For Bengal Kittens


When it comes to yummy treats, your Bengal kitten may develop a liking for them just as humans.

Thus, your Bengal kitten may want to decide to quit on real food and would prefer yummy treats all the time. Because of this, your Bengal kitten may stop eating regular meals.

Thus, you must give your kitten treats moderately and help them stick to a feeding schedule.

Ideally, you can offer your Bengal kittens treats three times a week.

Beware of Harmful Foods as Treats

You want to prevent your Bengal kitten from eating harmful foods and beverages such as grapes, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and many others.

Be sure to check a detailed list of harmful foods from your vet if you don’t have a heads up yet. 

Minimize giving them food for humans 

Feeding your Bengal cat food for humans may not be harmful if given occasionally. But, be mindful of giving them these kinds of treats and don’t make this a regular addition in their diet.

They require a healthy diet that is rich in nutrition like vitamins, amino acids, and minerals which may not be found in foods for humans.

Top 3 best food for Bengal kittens



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It is a complete food which doesn’t require you to give your cat additional supplements.

Since this best food for Bengal kittens has loads of nutrition, the typical cat will only need a three-eighths cup of dry food so one package will last a long time.


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Runners Up

Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free, Natural, High Protein Adult Cat Food

Best Food For Bengal Kittens

Every ingredient in this best food for Bengal kittens is a non-byproduct meal which includes turkeys raised in the USA farms.

This best food for Bengal kittens has an impressive 38% protein content which cats adore. The nutrient-dense food option provides a high level of calories even in small portions of kibble.

You will have no worries knowing that this best food for Bengal kittens has zero grains as well as zero artificial flavors colors or preservatives.

Since it contains such healthy additives as whole lentils, vegetable proteins, and cassava root flour, you will understand that this meal contains such high protein impact.

The kibble and meat combination are awesome. When you present this best food for Bengal kittens in a bowl, they will be drawn to the smell and taste as well as the striking appearance.

When going for this diet, you can minimize the shock to the digestive system by transitioning gradually.

A slow change will give your cats got a chance to get used to the new protein source and will prevent bloating and diarrhea.

If there is a stomach upset make the process of change slower.

  • Made with U.S. Farm-Raised Turkey
  • Help Maintain Lean Muscle
  • Nutrient-Dense Formula
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The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Cat Food


This best food for Bengal kittens is tasty, high in protein, and has zero grains.

Honest kitchen best food for Bengal kittens has created a diet that checks all the boxes and so much more. This food is the perfect choice for finicky cats who may snub regular kibble. Interestingly enough, this best food for Bengal kittens can be combined with warm water and stirred, giving the food the chance to rehydrate and take on a tempting texture. 

Combine this with warm water and its strong flavors and aromas will attract your kitten to come and eat right away.

If there are any leftovers, it can be stored on the fridge for a few days which will minimize any waste.

If you want to avoid canned food but you are not sold on dry kibble. This is a good alternative since it is convenient to prepare and moisture-rich.

Since it has ingredients which include cage-free chicken and sweet potatoes, pumpkins and cranberries, your kitty will be eating like a king.

The FDA has declared this cat food human grade, and it is made in a human-grade facility. The ingredients found in this best food for Bengal kittens have zero grains, GMO and is rich in proteins. 

  • Made with free-range chicken
  • Easily digestible and locked in nutrients
  • Packed with protein
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Final thoughts

you may have chosen a Bengal kitten because you want to have a creature that has a wild and free instinct. It is an amazing looking cat that definitely stands out from more domesticated breeds. Its graceful movements can be heart-stopping and mesmerizing to look at. To give your Bengal a well-balanced meal, give them the best food for Bengal kittens. These foods are packed with nutrition, vitamins and minerals that will keep your Bengal looking and feeling super.