The Best Cat Food For Dental Problems

by Top Cat Breeds

Bones and grass are a usual grooming tool for cats in the wild to clean their teeth. In captivity, not all owners are aware that they also need to consider the dental health of their cats. Aside from manually brushing their teeth, the use of cat food is also helpful to clean their teeth.

There are different types of cat food in the market that is suitable for the cat’s dental problem. The best cat food for dental problems will be discussed to know more about what’s suitable for your cat.

Things That You Can Do To Maintain Your Cats Dental Health

  • Having good nutrition is the main key to ensure that your cat’s dental health is maintained. Just like all the parts of their body, good nutrition is vital to help them avoid diseases.
  • When it comes to the cat’s grooming, their teeth are not always monitored. The number 1 cause of gum disease and tooth decay is due to improper hygiene. You need to do regular monitoring about their mouth’s condition.
  • The bacteria on their mouth multiplies within 36 hours so if their teeth are not cleaned, it will just add to the dirt that is trapped on their teeth. Make it a habit to brush your cat’s teeth at least twice a week. 
  • Always check the condition of their mouth and teeth so you can prevent the progress of teeth damage. 
  • Choosing the right kind of food contributes to cleaning their teeth as they eat. Dry foods are more suitable if you do not always have time to clean their teeth because it maintains clean teeth.
  • Give them chewable toys. When a cat chews or bites their toys, their plaque and tartar are scraped. 
  • Schedule a veterinarian check-up quarterly to have physical checkups where their teeth are checked as well.

Watch Out For These Signs of Cat’s Dental Problem:

  1. Drooling while eating. When they drool as they eat, it could be a sign of pain due to gingivitis or cervical line lesions. 
  2. Bad Breath. When your cat’s breath smells bad, it could mean different things especially mouth and teeth disease. If your cat does not show signs of pain but there is a bad smell coming out from their mouth, it is a sign of damaged teeth.
  3. It does less grooming. Cats have a way to groom themselves through the use of their mouth and tongue. If you notice that your cat is no longer doing this routine, there is a high possibility that there is something that is bothering them in their mouths.
  4. Loss of appetite. When your cat’s teeth are aching, they will have difficulty chewing their food or even opening their mouth that is why they do not have the appetite to eat.

Dental Friendly Foods

1. Virbac CET Oral Hygiene Chews 

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This best cat food for dental problems is filled with ingredients that are effective in eliminating plaque-forming bacteria. It is enriched with a dual-enzyme to provide essential nutrients and at the same time, it provides tartar and plaque.

This food product is made from fresh dried fish. As your cat chew this food, its cleaning enzyme properties freshens the breath.  You can give this to your cat at least once a day. The usual food choice for cats contains high amounts of carbohydrates but this type of food is carbohydrate-free.

If their food choice is carbohydrate-free, you can be sure that there is less residue that can be abrasive into their teeth. Each size is big enough for them to chew and rub against their teeth so the plague will be removed.

2. VetriScience Laboratories – Perio Plus Feline Bites, Dental Crunchy Bites for Cats, Chicken Flavor, 60 Bites

Image result for 2. VetriScience Laboratories – Perio Plus Feline Bites, Dental Crunchy Bites for Cats, Chicken Flavor, 60 Bites

This clinically approved cat food is not just used to prevent dental problems but it serves as a delicious treat with an irresistible flavor with a crunchy texture.

You can be sure that even the pickiest cat will surely enjoy every bite of it. Per bite consist of about 7 calories that is why your cat’s weight is also maintained. It consists of real ingredients such as corn gluten meal, wheat, brown rice, chicken and meat bits, and poultry fat.

Its intense flavor will surely attract your cat’s attention. The Veterinary Oral Health Council included this crunchy bites diet on the list of the best cat food for dental problems.

3. Meow Mix Brushing Bites – Chicken

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This cat food is enriched with vitamin D and Calcium which are known as the base nutrients for the development of the muscles, bones, and teeth. It is made from the animal digest, chicken by-product meal, cornflour, ground wheat, and corn-gluten meal.

If you will observe your cat’s teeth just after they have eaten this treat, you will notice that it looks cleaner. Compared to other dental-friendly foods for cats, this kind is more affordable.

It doesn’t contain artificial flavorings and preservatives that is why it completely healthy. This is highly digestible to ensure that it will not interrupt the cat’s digestive system processing.

4. Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor Dental Cat Treats

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This is veterinarian-recommended cat food for dental problems because it is made from natural ingredients. It has a great flavoring and aroma which is in roasted chicken, tuna or salmon flavor.

As soon as you open the tub, expect that your cat will run to you. Each bite of this treat will only produce about less than 2 calories. This is applicable for owners that are a bit health-conscious about the food intake of their felines.

Aside from the low-calorie and low-fat content, it is also filled with vitamins and minerals essential for tooth health. It has a unique texture and shape to ensure that it will have a positive effect when the cat, scratches it against their teeth. 

5. Hartz Dentist’S Best Chicken Flavored Dental Cat Treats

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This flavored dental treat claims that their formulation is effective in clearing up tartar buildup. It has the ability to atleast reduce tartar dents into the cat’s teeth by 85%.

When the tartar buildup is reduced, your cat will have fresh breath because it also contains parsley. There is a study conducted that tested out the efficiency of this product. It was found out that it doesn’t contain any chemical that may damage the teeth as well as other bodily organs of the cat.

It is not only an effective tool to reduce tartar buildup but it has the ability to massage the gums especially when your cat plays with it on its mouth.

6. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free With Real Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food

Image result for Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free With Real Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food

This dry cat food is enriched with about 25 essential nutrients that support not only the cat’s dental health but their overall wellness. It doesn’t contain any grains that is why it doesn’t contain carbohydrates that may leave abrasive components into the cat’s teeth.

It is made from 100% chicken to supply the needed protein that aids in the absorption of needed nutrients such as calcium to protect and strengthen the teeth.

Each serving of this cat food contains complete and balanced nutrition. Aside from the real chicken contents, it also has beef fat as a natural source of amino acids. 

7. Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

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As the name implies, it is made from a real-meat based ingredient together with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It has both carbohydrates and calorie content but it made sure that its percentage is just balanced to be a source of beneficial agents.

To make this food product a whole package, it also has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids enhance the overall physical aspects of the cat such as their coat and skin.

It is considered as the best cat food for dental problems because of its texture and calcium content. Its calcium content strengthens the walls of the teeth. The texture of the food product aims to massage their gums and reduce tartar buildup to avoid tooth decay.

8. Sheba Perfect Portions Seafood Pate Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food Trays, 2.6-oz, case of 24 twin-packs

Your cat’s mealtime will surely be enjoyable through this seafood flavor pack. It has the real essence of whitefish, tuna, salmon, and chicken that your cat will love.

Its appealing aroma is due to its chicken liver ingredient that is filled with protein. It can be served alone or you can top it off with your cat’s usual diet mix. It is grain-free making it perfect for those cats that are weight-conscious like the senior because it will not add up extra fats negatively.

The ingredients used do not contain artificial flavorings, its juices are from the natural extracts of the top ingredients. Its vitamins and minerals included are certified as beneficial as cat food for those who have dental problems.

9. Kit & Kaboodle Dry Cat Food

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This is one of the best cat food for dental problems that will also satisfy the cat’s longing for food. It has the mouthwatering flavors of liver, chicken, turkey, and vegetable pieces available in bite sizes in fun shapes.

This cat food benefits the teeth because its texture is firm enough that when your cat nibbles it, its teeth will be cleaned instantly. You know that this is healthy because it is enriched with complete nutrition that is needed especially by adult cats for their immunity. 

It is equipped with Taurine to improve the cat’s bodily functioning. This is not a type of food that can be swallowed in just one take. Your cat will surely play with this food in its mouth to avoid boredom. Its fiber content will surely be absorbed in just one serving to fill in the fiber daily needs of their body.

10. 9 Lives Daily Essentials with Chicken, Beef & Salmon Flavor Dry Cat Food

Image result for 9 Lives Daily Essentials with Chicken, Beef & Salmon Flavor Dry Cat Food

If you are in search of cat food that will enhance the metabolism of your cat, this cat food is the best option. It makes use of Advanced Nutrient System wherein each piece is packed with essential nutrients and minerals such as protein, omega 3 fatty acids, taurine, and B-vitamins.

Your cat will not get tired of eating this food product because of its flavors such as beef, chicken, and salmon that are the foods considered as their favorite. 

The food pieces are chewable so chewing this food will be their past time. Your cat will be amazed by the mouthwatering taste and at the same, they are entertained just by chewing it while it runs through their teeth and refreshing it.

Steps In Checking Your Cat’s Dental Health

Step 1: The first step in checking your cat’s teeth is to make sure that they are in a good mood. Most cats do not want to open their mouths and be checked. You may let them cooperate through the use of a reward such as giving them treats.

It is not advisable to check your cat’s mouth when it is already in pain because they can easily associate pain with anything related to dental matters. 

Step 2: Make use of a toothbrush suitable for cats. Make sure to be gentle in brushing their teeth to avoid hurting them. They can be aggressive when they feel pain. While brushing their teeth, check each teeth to know if there are tooth decay or any dental problems.

Step 3: As soon as you have a veterinarian check-up, inform them right away that your cat needs medical attention with their teeth so it could be attended to immediately. There are signs and symptoms if your cat has a dental problem so be sure to know if their actions pertain to dental problems.

Step 4: Make sure to regularly check your cat’s dental area so as to avoid severe dental problems that may affect the overall functioning of your cat.

Final Thoughts

Not all cat foods are suitable to take good care of the cat’s dental health. Dried type foods that have a firm texture are the most suitable cat foods if you need assistance in grooming their teeth. Be knowledgeable enough to know how to take good care of your cat’s health to monitor their overall wellness. 

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