The Best Cat Breeds That Combats Depression

by Jayley

Do you believe that cats are the unsung heroes of mental health? There are different studies conducted that owning a cat plays an important role in helping people that are facing emotional problems. Here is a list of best cat breeds for depression.

There are ways to combat a depressive mood but the most effective way is to divert your attention. Take good care of these felines and they will also take good care of you.

1. Ragdolls Cat

Ragdolls are described to have a ball of pink wool because of its fluffy long hair. This cat species is not only on the list of the largest cat species but they are considered as one of the most affectionate. If you have mood swings, get yourself a ragdoll so that you will always be on the brighter side.

These cats are very clingy that is why you can’t help it but to play and cuddle with them that is why your depressive thoughts will be diverted easily. They are an excellent companion that you can also easily teach different tricks. No doubt why they are always on the list of the best cat breeds for depression.

2. Siamese cat

These cats may be on the smallest types of cats, but they are considered to have a huge heart to show great affection to anyone who gets close to them. They are named as the dogs of the feline world because of their loving and loyal personality that is common to pet dogs.

The Siamese cat will not hesitate to play and cuddle with you if you need them. Their playful and whimsical personality will affect your perception of life positively, perfect for those who are experiencing depression. They are a great source of comfort and support especially if you are feeling down. No wonder, this cat is one of the best cat breeds for depression.

3. Sphynx

They may not have an appealing look but this hairless species has the ability to bring joy and comfort through their curious and loving personality. If they feel that there is something wrong with their owner, their curiosity will let them stay on your side until you play with them.

You will surely laugh at their silliness that is why to expect that you will somehow get rid of your hard feelings when you are with them. This cat breed also demands much attention. If they start to seek attention, they’ll make sure that yo attention is with them so you will not have time to focus on your depressive side.

4. Persian Cat

This best cat breeds for depression has a natural charm that has the ability to melt your heart when they start to stare at you. Their fluffy coats and good-looking face will let give you an exciting feeling to mingle with them. They are quiet but very impressive. If they see that their owner is sad, they have body language that may seem to give comfort.

They would usually stay in your lie in your cap and would ask you to rub their smooth fur. This cat breed is described to have a calm personality with a high affection level especially when they get to know their owners already.

5. Maine Coon Cat

According to cat experts, these best cat breeds for depression has the ability to develop a good emotional understanding with their owners where they can easily sense if you are happy or not. If they see that you are in a good mood, they will happily play around and encourage you to play with them.

If they feel that you are not feeling well and sad, they will go near you and let you hug them until you feel better or they will let you be alone if you want to have alone time. Just by hugging and cuddling with them, you can expect that all the negative feelings that you feel will vanish.

6. Birman Cat

These best cat breeds for depression are known to have a high loyalty personality wherein they will only acknowledge one owner. If you feel depressed, you will not regret getting this cat breed because they have a natural charm that you can’t resist. They will constantly seek your attention. If they do not feel any attention they get jealous easily.

So you will not have a choice but to cuddle and play with them. You will just notice that you have already spent most of your time with them and not meddling with your problems. Play with them if you want to totally divert your negative thoughts because they will never get tired in entertaining you.

7. Himalayan Cat

These cat breeds for depression is a great home companion because of their intelligence and sweet-tempered. Their playfulness and silliness personality is the one that will help those people who are experiencing emotional hardships. It is favorable for them to perform in front of you just to make your hard feelings lighter.

The Himalayan cat is dependent and devoted to their owners that is why you will not have an empty space if you have them in the house because they will not leave you. They will insist to stay with you so you will not have any choice but to have full energy to play with them. This cat will influence you not to dwell with your problems and to just enjoy every minute of your life.

8. Russian Blue Cat

If you prefer an independent cat that will show you attention and affection without asking anything in return, this cat breed is a perfect choice for you. You will be fascinated with its majestic beauty that will perfectly influence all positive vibes. It will make you happy as you wake up in the morning and they will give you a warm welcome as you go home after a stressful and tiring day.

Its aura will remove all the grudges, pain and neglect in your heart. If you don’t feel to play them, you don’t have to worry because they will not be demanding to get you attention, they will patiently wait until you return with a good mood.

9. American Bobtail Cat

This adorable cat breed is well-liked for its personality and temperament. It has a good disposition that can be a good friend to their owners as well as to other pets in the house. They are a very outgoing pet that will happily go out with you as a travel companion. This is the best cat breed for depression because of its personality that will stay with you until the end.

They are great for emotional support because they have natural sympathy to connect with their owners courageously.  This cat breed will never get bored even if you cuddle with them for hours just to feel better. They are truly an extrovert because they do not only make their owners happy but other strangers as well.

10. Abyssinian Cat

This cat breed is a socialite type that wants to be a celebrity at home because of its needs to be an attention-seeker. Since they have the urge to be noticed, they’ll do tricks just to make you laugh that is why you can say that their ways are very effective to be noticed. If you are feeling depressed, just seeing your cat tries to get your attention will surely entertain the inner you so your heavy load will slowly fade away.

11. Bengal Cat

Energetic, playful and smart, this is how a Bengal cat can be described. If you have depression, even if you don’t have the urge and energy to be active, you will not have any choice but to be one especially if this cat starts to show their affection with you. When they start to be silly when you are around, you may need to reciprocate the attention that they give you if you do not want them to have behavioral problems.

The feelings of sadness and loneliness will not be experienced if you have this cat breed because it is their natural behavior to make you happy and full of positivity. This is included on the list of the best cat breeds for depression because of its great emotional attachment to their owners.

12. Balinese Cats

This cat breed is the chatty-type among the cat breeds that has excellent communication skills. They can easily tell you what they feel by means of body language. What’s good about this cat is that they have the ability to tune-up with your mood.

If they see that you are not being playful with them, they can easily feel that you are sad so they have their ways to make you happy with their presence. They have sensitive feelings so if you are depressed, you will still be obliged to take good care of them making it a way to somehow divert your depressive thoughts.

How Cats Help You Deal With Depression?

  • Their purs have the healing properties

It is scientifically proven that a cat’s purr has therapeutic effects. Its purr creates vibrations about  20-140 Hz that stimulate man’s senses that may lead to a reduction of stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

Their purrs bring a sense of relaxation that is why if you are feeling depressed, just hug your feline and you will get instant relief from the hard feelings that you are experiencing. Studies show that if you have a furry animal, there is about 40% less risk that you will have a heart attack.

  • They will give you a purpose

If you have depression, there are high chances of suicidal thoughts. If you own pets at home, you will have a sense of responsibility to take good care of them. Your purpose as their owner is to feed them, give them shelter and love them.

This purpose that they give you will definitely save your life. Think outside the box every time you have suicidal thoughts, no one will take good care of them if you leave them. Your pets, specifically your cat, will direct you to have a purpose in life. 

  • They keep you distracted

Cats are playful creatures, some even demands your attention. They are good at getting your attention so instead of focusing on your problems, they will help you divert your attention to them so you can feel happy while spending your time with them.

The best cat breeds for depression are attention seeker so instead of just going to your room alone, you will be tempted to notice their charming personality and let them entertain you.

  • They have the ability to change your mood

If you are depressed, it can’t be avoided that you have a roller coaster of mood from being happy to the sudden change of mood into sadness. When you are with your cat, expect that the emotion that you will have is pure happiness especially if you are easily get caught in their silly ways. 

  • They’ll fulfill your need for companionship

If you have depression, it can’t be avoided to feel lonely. If you have a cat, even though do not communicate, you will still feel their presence that is effective in fulfilling your need for companionship.

You can voice them out about the things that you feel. Feel free to talk to them even though they do not understand the things that you say just to somehow talk about the things that are bothering you.

  • They will encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle

If you’re suffering from depression, there is a possibility that you will not have enough energy to be active. Cats are naturally active, depending on the cat breed that you have, they will even demand you to have a playtime so in that way it seems like you are also having an exercise.

  • They will let you feel loved and important

Cats depend on you for food, shelter, and attention. They are very good at doing body language to show that they love you as their owners. In their simple ways, it could mean a lot to someone who has depression. So if you feel neglected that is why you feel depressed, get yourself a cat so you could feel that your stay here on earth matters. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat is not only a display in your home but they also play an important role in keeping your emotional health healthy. Do you have an idea about the cat that will suit your lifestyle? You will not regret having one of the best cat breeds for depression at home because it might give you a different dimension of life. 

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