Why Do Cats Lick Concrete?

by Hayley
Why Do Cats Lick Concrete
is It Safe for Cat to Licks Concrete

Cats are one of the nosiest and weirdest domesticated animals out there. Mainly because of their strange habit of scratching, thumping, and even licking anything they find interesting. They will do their very best to satisfy their cravings for developing a new activity that they think will be so entertaining.

So why do cats lick concrete as one of these weird habits? And are there any ways on what you can do to stop them from doing the same over and over again? Well, there are a lot of reasons for this that are obvious. This being said, there are also quick fixes that you can do.

Why Does My Cat Likes To Licks Concrete?

Below are the main reasons why do cats lick concrete:

They Have Feline Pica

A sickness called Feline Pica is one of the many reasons why cats lick the floor. This is when your cat eats things that they are prohibited to eat or things that they should not put in their mouth. It affects how they see things because of nutrition deficiency.

They Like the Concrete’s Texture

When you have concrete at your house, especially when the same is unfinished or not painted fully, cats love the texture of the same. They like the rough yet smooth feeling they experience when licking the walls of your house. Sometimes, the painted ones can also attract them.

They Love the Cold Concrete

Another reason for this cat behavior is the coldness or temperature of the concrete. In the summer, when the temperature rises like crazy, cats make ways to compensate. When drinking lots of water does not cut it anymore, they resort to feeling the cold concrete using their tongue.

The Concrete Has a Distinct Taste

Sometimes, even the taste of the concrete walls or floors in your house has a distinct taste from the construction or paint. This is the reason why your furry friends at home like licking the same all the time. Sometimes, the paint smell fresh and tasty that’s why they behave like this.

They Want Your Attention

Felines love getting attention when they want to showcase themselves to their owners and by doing the bare minimum. This is one of the reasons why your cat may be licking the concrete walls in your apartment or house. They want you to cuddle with them or even give them food.

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They May Be Thirsty

Another reason to look into why does your cat lick the concrete walls is that they may be thirsty. Check the food bowl of your feline at home and make sure that it has enough water for them to drink the whole day. You don’t want them to get dehydrated, don’t you?

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They May Have a Behavioral Disorder

Humans are not the only ones that can develop or have behavioral disorders. Cats can also acquire or develop this kind of disorder when they do not get enough socialization and attention. You might want to bring them to the park from time to time.

There Might Be Underlying Medical Conditions

Last but not least, your cat might be licking the concrete because of an underlying medical condition. This is one of the worst-case scenarios that experts can think of. Licking walls or floors might be their way to inform you that they feel something out of the ordinary.

Is It Safe for Cat to Licks Concrete?

Generally, licking concrete is safe for cats. But, this depends on what kind of concrete are they licking and how often do they practice the same. If they just lick the concrete inside your house like the walls or the floors, then it’s considered safe.

However, when your furry friend licks the concrete outside of your house like the driveway or the cement in your backyard’s garden, then there might be diseases that may arise. For example, cars leave antifreeze in the driveway. This being said, when your cat licks even a tiny bit of this chemical, it might kill them.

What Can I Do to Stop My Cat Licking Concrete?

If you’re genuinely worried about why does your cat loves licking concrete inside and outside your house, you might start doing one of these things. But, remember to not experiment on your cat and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Give Them the Right Food

Your cat might just be hungry. This being said, you need to give them the right food and the healthiest diest you could think of. As the owner, you need to make sure that your cats are well-fed and there are enough nutrients in their meals and treat. Finding the right cat food is your very first step in resolving this issue.

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Bring Them to the Vet

If you are just curious and concerned about what’s happening with your cat, you need to seek medical advice and bring them to the nearest and trusted veterinary clinic. There are a lot more reasons than what is being shown physically why does your cat exhibit such behavior.

Feed Them Enough Water

You also need to ensure that your cat is getting enough water every day. Cats might be licking concrete because they are looking for water or moisture to soften or damp their tongue and throat. Make sure to only give them the cleanest water that you could offer.

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Keep Them Indoors

This kind of behavior is oftentimes learned by domesticated cats from the outdoors. This being said, you need to keep them indoors instead to see whether they will dispose of the concrete-licking behavior right away. There are a lot more ways for them to entertain themselves that their owners could provide for them.

Buy Chewing Toys

One of these entertaining things that you, as the owner, could provide is chewing toys or other mechanical or stationary toys. Instead of licking concretes, they will instead focus their energy on playing with the toys you give them. There are a lot of affordable ones you can find on the internet.

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Invest in a Scratching Post

Another redirecting strategy that you can do is to buy a scratching post for your cat at home. Cats love scratching things and when they do this, it seems like they are forgetting about all other things that they can do. You can think of this as an advantage to grab.

Cat Therapy

Lastly, aside from bringing them to the veterinary clinic for a check-up of possible underlying medical conditions like Feline Pica, you need to bring your cat to cat therapy. This is a way to correct this behavior that might be harmful to them in the long run.

Should I Worry if My Cat Keeps Licking the Concrete?

The answer to this is YES and NO. You need to get worried if your cat is not just licking the concrete inside your house but also outside, especially the driveway. The latter has antifreeze or chemicals that will be very harmful to your cats when they lick even just a tad bit of the same. Cement dust may also not be safe for your cat that is enough to worry you.

However, you don’t need to get worried if your feline at home only licks the concrete from time to time, not all the time. Bringing them to the nearest vet will also remove underlying medical conditions that cause them to act like that.

Bottom Line

Why do cats lick concrete and is it safe for them to do the same? There are a variety of reasons that might address this concern of yours. One thing is for sure, preventing them from exercising such addicting habits will do good for both of you.

When you noticed that your cat does this out of the blue, then be observant in the next few weeks to ensure that it’s only a one-time thing and not a behavior that needs to be corrected.

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