Toys For Cats That Like To Chew

by Jayley

It is typical for cats to chew things, even those that are not meant to be chewed. This behavior can get out of hand, and it is potentially dangerous for your cats as well as cause damage to your stuff. Cats love exploring with their mouth, so they are going to chew on things. There are several medical explanations why cats excessively chew with the top cause of chewing being boredom. A good thing is this behavior can be easily remedied with toys for cats that like to chew.

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Top reasons why cats chew- toys for cats that like to chew

Toys For Cats That Like To Chew

To stop your cat from chewing, you have to understand why they do it in the first place. The most common reason why they chew is to fight boredom. For most cats, it gives them the stimulation they crave. For a minority of cats chewing is a compulsion. Chewing gives them comfort and might even be an expression of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is crucial to note that chewing is an instinct. It is imprinted in their DNA. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live with the consequences of their excessive chewing and nibbling.

HOW TO STOP CHEWING– toys for cats that like to chew

There are several things you can do to stop feline chewing:

Eliminate Temptations

The first thing you should do is to put away the goods. Cats are extremely attracted to stuff like cords, shoelaces, and lace curtains that may have sentimental value for you since your grandma made them. Stop them from chewing by protecting or hiding these things in the first place.

Increase playtime

Playing with your cat gives them the exercise, stimulation and engagement they need. In short, it motivates them to be active and mitigates their desire to chew on stuff.

Increase stimulation

Cats love to chew. Not only does your cat require physical stimulation, they also require plenty of cognitive engagement to reduce anxiety and depression, both of which can be a result of boredom.

Change their toys

If your cat is still on a chewing spree try training them to chew only those toys that you give them. Remember to change toys or introduce new toys ever so often so your cat will never grow bored.

Have them examined

There are several medical explanations for why cats chew. It can be a sign of periodontal and digestive disease. Cats may be chewing to replace vital nutrients in their body that is deficient. If you’ve done everything and this behavior is not curbed, it is time to take them to the vet for some diagnostic tests.

Discuss OCD with Your Vet

Cats may have compulsive behavior. In serious cases, they may require daily anxiety medication to soothe their anxiety and relieve the symptoms of OCD, which manifests as chewing.


Before concluding that boredom is the reason for your cats, chewing habit take them to the vet to rule out all medical issues.

Cats suffering from gum disease may need to soothe their mouth while a cat with a digestive issue may chew and drool on things to help ease nausea.

OCD, nutritional deficiencies and early weaning are all potential medical causes for chewing.

Periodontal disease is a condition where the gums are inflamed, including the tissues surrounding the teeth. It is a very common condition in cats and is usually treated via full teeth cleaning under anesthesia to get rid of the plaque and tartar that is harboring material which may be leading to periodontal disease. In advanced stages, the affected teeth may need to be removed. 

When it comes to gastrointestinal ailment, the treatment of your vet will depend on the seriousness of the illness. Cats with digestive problems will usually exhibit more severe signs than just chewing.

If no medical cause is identified, chances are you just have a bored cat on your hands. Although chewing may seem innocent, there are serious risks around your house that you may be overlooking that can eventually harm your cat who loves to chew.

How to stop your cat’s bad chewing habit– toys for cats that like to chew

Toys For Cats That Like To Chew

The typical objects that cats love chewing are wires and cords houseplants. Fabric, leather, and your beloved furniture. Each of these items will require a slightly different strategy to stop your cat from chewing. 

Wires and Cords

Cats will usually turn to cords and wires to chew, especially if they are left alone. In this case, try to give them toys which can stimulate them during their alone time. 

These toys include wall or door mounted toys that they can swat or bat or even towers to explore. Attached toys to these structures for added interest. You may also utilize cardboard boxes arranged on the floor to form an obstacle course with holes cut through the sides. Treat dispensing toys are also a great way for them to satisfy their predator instincts.

To protect cords and wires, you need to find a way to cover the cords and stop access to them. You might also make these items inedible for chewing.

Cover the cords

Many electronic shops will carry pre-split hollow tubing to cover cords and electric wires. They also sell kits for organizing computer cords. If you know how to DIY with a utility knife, you can purchase flexible poly tubing in several sizes in building and hardware shops. Cut one side of the tubing to the desired length. You may also utilize corrugated tubing to run several wires if you think that is best.

Stop access to the cords

Try applying rows of double-sided sticky tape to the floor around the area of cord tangles. Cats will think twice about walking across the tape.

Make the Cords Taste Bad

A good way to train your cat from destructive chewing is to apply bitter apple spray on the cords. This will guarantee a bad taste which your cat will never forget. It is recommended that you apply this to the area you want your cats to steer clear from especially if your cat is a little OCD and persistent.


Cats are attracted to greenery for chewing, and your living houseplants might be their next target. Some of these plants have toxic components harmful for cats and for your cat’s safety, you need to recognize and eliminate this plant.

You can check a list of toxic plants to see if any of your houseplants are on it. You have the choice of either discarding it or making those plants unreachable or unavailable to your cat. 

Fabric and Leather Items

Chewing wool can be an indication of OCD in your cat. In this kind of chewing behavior, the best way to stop your cat is to offer them chewing sources such as a treat dispensing toys, and soft toys.

If you cannot store away all the fabric and leather items that your cat loves chewing, try spraying some bitter apple spray on the surrounding area where they usually chew. But test this spray on a small area first to ensure that it doesn’t stain your items.


One item that works wonders to curb cats chewing are plastic drinking straws, especially the large ones for milkshakes. They have a crunchy texture and are interactive. Two things your cats will enjoy.

You can have lots of interactive play by using the straw to tease your cat and let them capture it. Watch him proudly as they carry around their supposed prey. 

Clicker Training

Toys For Cats That Like To Chew

This type of training is often applied to dogs, but clicker training can also be used in cats. Usually, clicker training devices are small and handheld. To use this, the trainer or cat owner will make clicking noises when the animal exhibits the desired behavior. For the clicker training to work, the clicker must be immediately followed by a reward for the cat, so it learns to connect the action and the click with good experiences. Eventually, you may not even have to use the clicker.

Don’t Hit or Yell

Punishing is not effective in most cases, particularly with cats. They will not associate bad behavior with negative reinforcement. 

Top 3 toys for cats that like to chew



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The tickle kick stick is now wider than the original version which was thinner. The new iteration is a 20-inch-long catnip toys for cats that like to chew that can provide hours of fun and exercise for your cat. Cats especially love to kick and bite and roll around with this extra-long stick, and it even doubles as an interactive toy and is long enough so that even while you’re sitting enjoying breakfast or you’re on the couch and your cat approaches you, and your cat rolls over, you can play along without having to stop what you’re doing. You can even use these toys for cats that like to chew to rub and tickle their belly.


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Runners Up

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chews

Toys For Cats That Like To Chew

If you’re looking for toys for cats that like to chew, that is both great for playing and beneficial for your cat’s oral hygiene than the Petstages dental health toy is your top choice. One of the best things about these toys for cats that like to chew is that eases teething pain in kittens. It comes with a special netting that stops the toy from unraveling and risking choking in your cats. This toy has catnip insides so that your furry friend stays interested and entertained for the long-term. 

Catnip dental chews toys for cats that like to chew can clean your cat’s teeth and massage their gums to improve their oral health. It has durable netting that doesn’t unravel no matter how hard your kitty plays with it. The catnip in these toys for cats that like to chew serves as an enticement while the fibrous catnip stalks will fulfill their urge to crunch and chew. The knotted streamers can be flipped and flopped, which can make your cat go crazy for this engaging toy.

Petstages dental health toys for cats that like to chew can clean and massages the gums of your cat. It is guaranteed that the netting won’t unravel. It is filled with catnip including fibrous catnip stalks so your cat can chew for hours.

  • Cleans teeth
  • Netting won’t unravel
  • Filled with catnip
  • No negative reviews so far

Petstages Catnip Rolls Cat Toy


If you’re looking for a toy that is interesting for your cat but doesn’t make a lot of noise, the catnip rolls toys for cats that like to chew from Petstages is your best option. It is the perfect nighttime playmate for your cat. This toys for cats that like to chew is durable so you will have no worries about buying new toys ever so often. Similar to other toys on the market, Petstages catnip rolls toys for cats that like to chew are amazing at easing discomfort due to teething. But this toy is made of nylon rope which is tough and sharp. Try removing this part before giving it to your cat.

If your cat is keeping you up at night with their noisy toys, these toys for cats that like to chew is the perfect solution. Catnip Rolls by pet stages is a quiet toy that will hold your cat’s attention. It is filled with catnip that will encourage your cat to chase, chew, bite and bat and toss this fun toys for cats that like to chew. You get three pieces with one pack, so there is enough to go around if you have a multi-cat household.

  • Quiet toys to keep kitty’s interest
  • Filled with catnip
  • Stick shape great for biting
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Cats need play which will exercise their bodies and stimulate them mentally. If they don’t get enough activity, they may resort to chewing random stuff. Cats have sharp teeth that can destroy your precious items. To mitigate your cat’s bad habits give them toys for cats that like to chew. Some of these toys will contain catnip so your cats will go crazy over them instead of hunting and chewing things around your house.

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