Can Cats Eat Spinach?

by Hayley
Can Cats Eat Spinach
Is Spinach Safe for My Cat

Are you the type of person who loves eating greens and different kinds of healthy and fresh vegetables? Well, have you seen your cat lurking behind you being nosy about the food you’re preparing for your lunch? Cats can eat almost all kinds of vegetables and one of them is spinach. So, can cats eat spinach?

The short answer is YES! Spinach is one of the best vegetables out there that contains a lot of dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. By feeding this once in a while to your cat, you can expect them to be healthier than usual.

Is Spinach Safe for My Cat?

Spinach is safe for your cat. Your furry friend at home might be curious as to what the green leafy vegetable tastes like. However, you need to be wary about this because overfeeding them with too many vegetables can harm them in the long run.

The famous quote about eating in moderation not just applies to humans but also animals like cats. This being said, what you can do is add spinach to their meals once or twice a week. They are carnivores, hence, the food that they need is meat. Chicken, meaty cat food should be the first thing on their plate every meal.

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What Are the Health Benefits Of Spinach?

Below are the major health benefits of spinach for your furry friends at home:

Tons of Nutrients

Spinach is a perfect vegetable to throw into your cat’s meals (but not too often) to give them all the nutrients they need. Luckily, this kind of vegetable is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your furry friend. In addition, giving them daily supplements will boost their health even more.

Strengthens Bones

Calcium strengthens bones and spinach has it. Cats are well-known to be domesticated animals that jump and chase animate objects a lot. They will play whatever and whenever they want. This being said, when they eat food that is rich in calcium, they will not have weak bones, only strong ones.

Increases Protection From Sickness

Green vegetables like spinach also contain vitamins like Vitamin C. This means that your cat will have added protection from common colds and cough. They will have their immune system boosted up when they eat spinach. To maximize this, you can give them other vitamin-rich food as well.

Aids Indigestion

Cats will eat all kinds of food and sometimes, by doing this, you will see them bearing indigestion. This is caused by the fast intake of food and a slow-digesting process of your furry friend’s body. When cats eat food with dietary fiber, they will be preventing themselves from future indigestion. This is because of the consistent flow of food inside their bodies.

Little to No Calories

Does your cat seem a little bit overweight this past few months? Well, feeding them food with little calories will help them get back to their ideal weight. Even if they will look cute and even more adorable when they are chubby, it is not healthy for their well-being. So, feeding them small portions will help them in the long run.

Cures Iron Deficiency

Just like humans, pets like cats also experience iron deficiency. This being said, you will be able able to prevent or give aid to your feline’s iron deficiency by feeding them spinach. On top of this, you need to incorporate iron supplements or capsules to prevent this disease from worsening.

Prevents Cancer

There is a famous saying that goes “Prevention is better than cure.” And it is right. Cancer is a very critical and heartbreaking disease that humans and animals can experience. Hence, by feeding the right food to your cat at home, you will be reducing the chance of them getting cancer.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Regulated blood pressure is very important for cats. This will make sure that their blood is pumping just fine. In addition to this, your furry friend will also avoid having heart attacks when they are well-regulated. But, to make sure that your cat is receiving the right treatment at home, you need to bring them to the veterinary clinic regularly.

Improves Eyesight

Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals and one of its effects is improved eyesight. Cats are famous for their vicious eyesight, They can track all kinds of movements even at night. To maintain this amazing feature, you need to make sure that they are getting enough nutrients from their food.

Better Bowel Movements

Last but not least, spinach can help your cat to regulate or to better their bowel movements. When they eat food high in dietary fiber, you can get assured that you will not see cat poops scattered in your living room.

Can My Cat Eat Raw Spinach?

Your cat at home can eat raw spinach. You read it right. Have you ever seen your cat eat grass in your front yard or backyard? That same thing happens when they eat raw spinach. It’s like they are just eating grass but that certain grass is more nutritious and is served with other nutritious food.

What you can do when you want to feed your furry friend raw spinach is to add the same (chopped thinly) to moist cat food. The moistness of the latter will help your cat eat the meal easier.

How Much Spinach Should I Feed My Cat?

The most number of spinach you can feed your cat is around two (2) to three (3) big leaves. One of the most apparent reasons for this is that they are known as carnivorous animals. Hence, what they need to ingest are not vegetables but meat, a lot of them.

Aside from this, cats are famous for being picky when it comes to food that they eat so before trying to sneak in spinach in their bowls, let them try the same first. You can incorporate green leafy vegetables twice a week. But remember that they should just be in small portions.

Can Kittens Eat Spinach?

No. You should not let your kittens at home eat spinach. However, when they sneaked a leaf and ate the same, you should not be too worried. You can just flush it down by giving them water to drink. Kittens have very delicate internal organs and having this said, they need to only drink milk or eat soft food to compensate.

Make sure to watch your cute little kittens whenever they are eating because they might sneak into their mother’s food bowl and eat some greens too. Designate a location for them to eat their soft yet nutritious food.

When Is Spinach Bad for Cats?

Even though spinach is safe for cats to eat, there are also instances where you must prevent them from eating it. One of which is when they are experiencing urinary tract infections. Second, when you overfeed spinach to them. Lastly, when they have medical conditions, especially in their digestive system.

When They Have Urinary Tract Infection

The first instance is when they have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. This means that they are bleeding or feeling excruciating pain when they pee. Spinach has certain nutrients that will worsen this kind of disease. It’s called calcium olaxate. When they eat green leafy vegetables, it will worsen their situation.

When You Overfeed Them

Second, when you feed them not in small portions. Cats are carnivores and they should eat a lot of meat, not vegetables. This needs to be reiterated because some owners who are vegan wants their cats to be the same. Unlike humans, the bodies of your furry friends can’t adjust to this kind of diet.

When They Have Other Medical Conditions

Last but not least, they have other medical conditions that are connected to their digestive system. Sometimes, having too much dietary fiber can make conditions worse. You don’t want your cat to get harmed, right? Always consult a vet before feeding any kind of food to your cat when they have a preceding disease.

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Can cats eat spinach? Absolutely! However, you need to bear in mind that cats need to eat meat to sustain what their bodies need. Even if a vegetable like spinach is super healthy and filled with tons of nutrients, it will not be an alternative to meat. There is affordable and healthy meaty cat food in the supermarkets and pet stores. Always remember to only feed your felines other kinds of food once in a while.

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