Why Do Cats Put Food In Their Water Bowl?

by Jayley
Why Do Cats Put Food In Their Water Bowl
Do cats like their food next to their water

If you wonder why do cats put food in their water bowl, then read through this article and find out why!

Due to their territorial nature, cats often drop food and other items in their water bowls. This is also why they often use the dish as a substitute. This behavior is a natural instinct for cats to hide their food in a safe place. They can also be used to have fun. Also, it can be dangerous since it can affect their drinking habits and food storage habits.

The cat is naturally hungry if it can see the bottom portion of the bowl. It is so scared that it will run out of food that it leaves a few pieces in its bowl. Instead of hunting for food, indoor cats tend to keep what they have. This is because they do not want to waste food. Also, they do not want to eat anything that is on the floor.

5 Reasons Why Cats Put Food in Their Water Bowl

So, why do cats put food in their water bowl? Like wild cats, this animal tends to reserve food for later consumption. Also, it likes to graze instead of consuming everything in one sitting. Furthermore, cats commonly drop food in their water because they have a piece of food stuck in their mouth. The goal is not to remove the dry food. Instead, it is to make sure that the food is as fresh as possible. Some cats do this by regularly changing the water crock.

Although, most cats love to interact with their food and water bowls. For them, these are their happy places. Some of them may have their own motivations for wanting to interact with these objects, such as dropping food.

1. Hiding the scent of the food

The idea that cats are natural scavengers has a lot to do with their natural survival instinct. It is believed that when a cat senses the scent of its prey, it will automatically remove it, which can put the animal in danger.

This behavior is pervasive in wild cats, as they need to protect themselves from the scent of their uneaten food. Since they evolved this behavior, they might still need to cover their tracks to prevent the smell from coming out.

2. The cat is safekeeping its food

In the wild, cats tend to save some of their food for later consumption. They usually eat smaller portions due to their tiny stomachs. This behavior is similar to the way they live. Since indoor cats do not hunt for food, they tend to conserve their food. This behavior helps indoor cats conserve their food reserves. Sometimes, they are driven to hide their food in order to keep it safe.

Wild cats usually have caches or special places to store their food. However, most indoor cats do not have these and tend to keep their food in other areas that they can safely use.

3. Cats want you to hunt.

Have you ever seen cats bring you gifts such as dead mice or bugs? These animals are also known to give their owners advice on hunting, just like what they do to their kittens. Your cats are very good at teaching you how to hunt properly by dropping food in their water bowls. They know that by dropping food in their water bowl, they can show off their hunting skills and get their attention.

4. They want attention

When your cat drops food into the water bowl, it is natural for owners to interact with the bowl to remove it. This interaction can trigger patience from the cat, which can then lead to a behavioral response from you. Cats do not care if they are being criticized or praised. They just want to get attention from their owners.

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5. They do it just for fun.

When cats are bored, they play with anything and everything that they can find. Some cats are just fascinated by the water, while others are just happy to play with it. It is also possible that their desire to play with the water is related to their need for more stimulation.

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Should I worry if my cat always behaves this way?

Sometimes, dropping things in the water bowl is just a part of the cat’s personality. It is also hard to stop them from doing it. However, worrying is the least you want to do because it is only natural for cats to play with their food and put it in their water bowl.

Limiting the water supply to prevent your cat from playing in the water bowl is not worth it. Because it could just cause your cat to use another water bowl filled with water. Also, since cats are very active and love to play in the water bowl, it would be very difficult to limit their water supply.

How Can I Stop My Cat from Putting Food in Their Water Bowl?

There is a way to regulate a cat’s behavior, which is why it is important to start doing it now. You may improve your cat’s way of handling items such as toys and food. This guide below will help you answer the question of how to stop your cats from putting food in their bowl.

1. When you feed your cat, you can block the water bowls.

You can prevent a cat from accessing the water bowl by either moving the food bowl or setting up a pet gate. Nevertheless, this step will help prevent the cat from getting to it. This will make it hard for the cat to access the water bowl and will make the cat think twice about what it is doing.

The average cat will choose the water bowl because it is always accessible. However, if it is restricted, it will lose its ability to store food and other valuables. However, you need to focus on your cat’s next move. It can also hide food in other parts of the house to prevent it from getting out.

2. You can try setting up a water fountain for your cat.

If you think about it, cats tend to put food in their water bowls as a natural instinct. This behavior is also why many people ask why cats put food in their water bowls. Aside from having a running water feature, a well-designed water fountain can also help solve this issue because water is often considered unsafe to store in the wild.

When a cat is in the wild, it often does not store its important items near a river. This is because wildlife can often be spotted in the area, and the cat may lose its items as it moves water.

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3. You can feed them more often.

It might be that your cat is not getting enough food, or it is exhibiting poor behavior by storing food in its bowl. This might be a sign that it needs more food or it has started to hoard it.

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Should a cat’s water bowl be away from food?

It is important that you keep your cat’s food and water bowls separate. Having these areas will allow them to drink and eat properly. Your cat’s water bowl should be at least 3 feet away from its food bowl to avoid storing the food in the water bowl.

Also, keeping the water bowl away from the food bowl will prevent the bacteria from growing. It will also help the cats avoid getting sick by hiding in different places.

Do cats like their food next to their water?

It is believed that cats do not like having water near their food. This is because their ancestors did not allow anything to become contaminated with their water. If your cat is not drinking the right amount of water, try putting the bowl away from the food dish and away from the litter box.

Bottom Line

Like other mammals, cats have developed rituals when it comes to consuming food. Probably, your cat is just following a particular ritual to drink and eat inside its water bowl.

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