Top 5 Easy to Clean Cat Water Fountains [Buying Guide]

Do your cats drink like racehorses? While the traditional sink-drinking works, it can be messy and a waste of water. I’ve been living with two cats, a tabby and a Bombay, and I’ve never seen such a level of thirst on a cat before. Our faucets are repeatedly dripping, which is starting to take its toll on our water bill. To fix this problem, I looked for an easy to clean cat water fountain that will give my pets a continuous supply of fresh water with less wastage.

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Why use a cat water fountain?

Unlike dogs, cats don’t like drinking from narrow and deep bowls. Cats don’t like their whiskers getting rubbed against the sides of the bowl. Meanwhile, some cats don’t like drinking warm water, so a fountain will help a lot in keeping their water supply fresh.

The following are some of the reasons why a cat water fountain comes handy:

✔️Cats don’t like standing water

Some cats will not drink on water bowls because they deem standing water unsafe. True enough, bacteria can grow fast on standing water, and it will mess with your cat’s tummy. This is the reason why your cat may seek the faucet instead of its newly filled water bowl.

✔️It increases your cat’s water intake

Most cats aren’t really water drinks as they prefer to get their hydration from food. However, this is the same reason why cats don’t drink enough. With a bubbler or pump-style water fountain, you can entice your cat to take a sip.

✔️Your cat’s whiskers are sensitive

Cat’s whiskers are sensitive, and they don’t like it being rubbed or touched. This is why cats won’t drink on deep bowls.

✔️It prevents kidney and urinary tract problems

Like humans, cats may sustain kidney disease or UTI if they don’t drink enough water. You must make clean and fresh water available at all times, even if your cat isn’t eating. Proper hydration keeps your cat’s body healthy while preventing various medical problems.

✔️Your cat can’t see water on a bowl

Cats have a poor close-up vision, so they may find it hard to see the water on the bowl, especially if the container is dark-colored. This may lead to poor hydration that can result in serious medical problems.

Types of pet water fountain

Nowadays, you can find dozens of cat water fountains in the market. These three types are the most common:


Gravity-run water fountains are similar to a water dispenser we use in the office. It draws water out through the pull of gravity. The water bottle on the fountain release mores water as the amount on the bowl dips.

The good thing with this type of water fountain is it works without any power source. It’s purely mechanical, and you just have to fill the container with fresh water. However, the downside here is that this water fountain makes a “glug-glug” sound that may scare some cats away.

Bubbler style

If gravity-run water fountains aren’t your cat’s thing, you may have better chances with a bubbler style. It’s a true water fountain where the water ripples at the surface. It can also come with multiple water drips to entice your cat to drink.

Bubbler style fountains keep the water flowing and fresh. A lot of cats prefer this style since the water movement attracts their attention. It also has a water filter inside that draws out impurities.

However, you have to check the water level of this fountain multiple times a day, especially if you have multiple kitties at home.

Pump style

If you want a water fountain that’s similar to your faucet, you should get a pump style. This is suitable for cats who prefer drinking on the sink. Usually, a pump style water fountain is equipped with a sensor that activates the motor when it senses motion or an object. It mimics the function of the faucet and easier to get used to among cats.

Another great thing about pump style water fountains is it reduces wastage. Unlike faucets, this fountain has a slower water flow. It can be connected to your faucet using an adapter, so your cat never runs out of supply. Cleaning is also minimal, and contamination is almost impossible.

Buying Guide for Cat Water Fountains

If you’re looking for an easy to clean cat water fountain, you must take the following into account:

Cat water fountain material

Pet water fountains are usually made of plastic and ceramic. Plastic ones are cheaper and lighter so you can place it anywhere. On the other hand, ceramic water fountains are ideal if your cat topples a plastic fountain easily. However, ceramic units have a higher price.

Whatever your choice of material, you must ensure that it doesn’t contain any toxic substances. Usually, a strong smell is an indication that the water fountain isn’t safe for drinking.

Power source

Next, you should decide if you want a battery-operated or plugged water fountain for your cat. Battery-operated types are convenient, but you’ll have to check and recharge it regularly. The upside is that battery-powered fountains are ideal for cats who love chewing cables.

Plugged water fountains offer non-stop operation, especially if it’s a pump type. You can hide the cable to prevent your cat from chewing on it.

Noise level

Regardless of the water fountain type you’re getting, opt for one with low noise. As you know, cats have a strong sense of hearing. You wouldn’t want to scare them off the water fountain due to loud gurgling sounds. Aim for a gentle ripple that will let your cat know that there’s a water source around.

Fountain size

You should always size up the water fountain based on your cat’s drinking habits as well as the number of pets you have at home. If you have multi-cat households or your sole cat is a ‘heavy drinker’, you need a large fountain.

You should also consider the area of installation. A gravity-run or bubbler fountain is usually placed on the floor, so size wouldn’t be a problem. Meanwhile, pump water fountains are often placed on top of the sink or the ledge of the bathtub to be connected to the waterline.

Maintenance level

Lastly, an easy to clean cat water fountain shouldn’t be a chore to maintain. I recommend getting one with a removable or replaceable filter for easy cleaning. Remember that you have to clean the fountain once every two days if you’re using a bubbler or gravity-run unit. Those who are using pump style fountains can go on without cleaning it for two weeks.

Easy to Clean Cat Water Fountain – Top 5 Picks!


MY TOP PICK: AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain
easy to clean cat water fountain

Product Name: AquaPurr Cat Water Fountain

Product Description: If you're looking for a cat water fountain that's almost maintenance-free, you'll never go wrong with the AquaPurr. This is a patented water fountain for cats powered with a motion sensor. It could be connected to a water line using a T-connector or your faucet through a diverter valve. A thin hose runs from the water source and into the fountain. Once your cat climbs in front of the fountain, it will start releasing water. Take note that it's normal for the fountain to be airy the first time it pumps water out. What I like about this fountain is its super-quiet operation. I no longer have to refill or clean it repeatedly because everything is enclosed inside. It's also water-saving, thanks to its lighter flow that's just right for cats.

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  • Function
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Noise of Level


Also, the water doesn’t recirculate, which will prevent contamination. The sensor is also accurate and will shut down right away once your cat is no longer drinking.

It’s also easier to train a cat to drink from AquaPurr as compared to other fountains I’ve tried before. The bonus part is that AquaPurr is available in different decorative wraps like autumn leaves, pebbles, wood, and Christmas.


No more refilling

No recirculating water

Connects directly to a faucet or water line


None so far, my cats love it!


iPETTIE Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

easy to clean cat water fountain

If your cat prefers a bubbler, you should consider this one from iPETTIE. It’s made of ceramic so it will stand firmly on the floor or any flat surface. It’s made of natural ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety.

This bubbler has a free-falling fountain design that adds oxygen to the water to encourage your pet to drink more. To keep the water clean, this fountain has a dual filtration system inside consisting of a foam filter and a carbon/charcoal filter. The water outlet is lotus-shaped for a quiet and calming flowing sound.

Despite being a bubbler, I’m quite surprised by the low noise of this water fountain. The only sound I hear is the rippling and flowing water. Its pump runs in a quiet 2-watt motor so that it wouldn’t consume too much energy.

As for capacity, this water fountain can hold 1.2 liters at a time enough for two to three pets. Just make sure that you replace the water every other day.

Overall, this water pump is very easy to set up. It’s also suitable not just for cats but also for dogs and rabbits.

  • Durable ceramic material
  • Suitable for multi-cat households
  • Quiet motor
  • You have to purchase filter replacements separately

PetSafe Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

easy to clean cat water fountain

Another ceramic pet water fountain I recommend is the one from PetSafe. It can hold more water than iPETTIE with its 2-liter capacity. It’s perfect if you have multiple cats at home.

I like the simple design of this water fountain with two falling streams that entice cats to drink more. Such flowing motion also packs the water with oxygen, so it remains fresh and clean. The ceramic material also keeps the water cool.

The top bowl is elevated, so your cat no longer has to crouch to drink. It’s a perfect choice if you have an arthritic or senior cat. Dogs can also share this water fountain since it has a bottom bowl.

Moreover, this pet water fountain is very easy to clean, with the top bowl being dishwasher-safe. It also comes with a carbon water filter that neutralizes bad taste and removes dirt from the water.

It’s slightly louder than most water fountains in the market, but I still consider it tolerable. Just make sure that you wash everything first before putting water on it. Mine came with a mild plastic smell that I washed out with dish soap.

  • Dishwasher-safe top bowl
  • Perfect for arthritic and senior cats
  • Carbon filter that removes bad taste
  • Slightly louder, but not a biggie

Cepheus Ceramic Pet Fountain

If you have two to three cats at home, the Cepheus Ceramic Pet Fountain might be a good option. It as a round shape that gives your cats a 360-degree drinking spot. This fountain is made of porcelain to keep the water cool and clean.

What I like the most about this cat water fountain is its triple filtration system. It has an ABS grid that blocks large particles as well as a cotton filter to remove the bad taste. Lastly, there’s an activated carbon filter that removes heavy metals from the water.

With its design, this water fountain is an aesthetic tabletop fountain that your cat will enjoy. It’s quiet, too, with just 40dB of sound.

This fountain has three streams on its top bowl and a large bottom bowl. It can hold two liters of water for multiple pets.

Aside from that, the Cepheus water fountain is very easy to clean since you can disassemble most parts. Make sure that you replace its water every other day. A thorough cleaning is also necessary every two weeks.

Lastly, this cat water fountain is covered by an 18-month refund or replacement warranty.

  • Triple filtration system
  • Quiet operation
  • 18-month refund or replacement warranty
  • A bit heavy and large

PETKIT Cat Water Fountain

Last but not the least, I recommend the PETKIT Cat Water Fountain. This is made of an elevated and FDA-approved stainless steel water bowl.

This is a premium water fountain with easy controls. There are also LED light indicators to let you know if it’s time to refill, charge, or replace the filter.

To ensure that your kitty has a continuous supply of fresh water, PETKIT comes with a triple filtration system. It’s composed of a mesh screen, activated carbon filter, and an ion exchange resin. All of these remove bad odor, awful taste, and dirt particles on the water.

The water fountain is very quiet, with a single rippling bubbler in the middle. When the water reaches a low level, the pump will shut down, and the light indicator will notify you for necessary actions.

Take note that this fountain uses a USB plug, so you should get a wall adapter if you want to plug it into a wall socket. The bubbler height doesn’t change either, which isn’t really a big deal.

If you have senior cats, this will be a helpful drinking fountain due to its height.

  • Triple filtration system
  • Elevated drinking surface
  • Quiet operation
  • The bubbling effect can’t be adjusted

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my cat get used to its water fountain?

A: If your cat isn’t drinking on the water fountain, it takes some training for them to discover the new water source. Place the new water fountain beside your cat’s water bowl or sink, if this is where the kitty loves drinking. A quick demonstration will also help.

Q: Can I leave my cat’s water fountain on all the time?

A: If you’re using a bubbler-type fountain, it’s safe to leave it on for the most of the day. Just check the water level from time to time and refill it if it starts to dry up. You should also empty the water bowl every two days to clean it.

Q: Why do cats touch the water before drinking?

A: You may notice that your cat will touch the water on the bowl first before drinking. This is their way of knowing where the water starts due to their poor close up vision. Once your cat identifies where the water is, it will start drinking.

Q: Do cats prefer moving water?

A: Cats will get attracted to moving things, this includes rippling water. Also, the rippling or pumping manner of a water fountain will keep the water fresh, unlike water bowls that are prone to contamination.

Q: Should I put my cat’s water fountain away from its food?

A: Some cats prefer drinking away from their food source. This is due to their innate nature to hunt and explore. Also, some cats will even abandon their water bowls to drink on the sink. You can place the water fountain here to entice your cat to try the new water source.

Final words

An easy to clean cat water fountain will give your pet a continuous supply of fresh drinking water. Instead of refilling a bowl or letting the kitty waste water on the sink, you can get one of these fountains so they can drink easily.