Can Cats Drink Bottled Water?

by Hayley
Can Cats Drink Bottled Water
Is it okay to give a cat bottled water

A cat must drink water to function correctly. It is essential for your feline’s body’s health, digestion, and nutrients absorption. So can cats drink bottled water?

If a cat’s owner wants to avoid using expensive bottles of water, natural water from an underground source is the best choice. You should note that this is the water you should use for up to 8 hours.

Is It Okay to Give Your Cat Bottled Water?

Although it’s okay for cats to drink bottled water, they might not be able to quench their thirst with satisfaction properly. It could cause various health issues, such as kidney disease and infections.

You can use various chemical techniques to remove multiple contaminants from bottled water. It depends on the firm that makes it.

Spring and healthy water come from the Earth’s underground aquifer, while bottled water comes from rainwater collected in reservoirs. Commercial establishments treat the water they manufacture with a lot of chemicals.

Distilled water is processed by boiling water and catching the vapor in sterile containers. This method eliminates a lot of contaminants. There are various conflicting reports about the advantages and risks of drinking bottled water.

Certain chemicals can also cause various health issues for pets. For instance, these chemicals can cause stones and infections in the urinary tract. They can also cause tear stains.

According to experts’ findings, the safest water for pets should be from already-treated and filtered sources. Even though most commercially produced cat food has minerals and nutrients needed for good health, many pet owners do not have the necessary supplies.

Getting your pet to drink plenty of water is also vital for their overall health. It can help cats maintain their optimal hydration levels and provide them with the necessary nutrients.

Is Bottled Water Not Harmful to Cats?

Yes, bottled water is not harmful to cats, but you should take some precautionary steps for drinking water. Water contaminated with microplastics can be found in most plastic bottles.

A reverse osmosis water filter is water purification that removes various contaminants from your home’s water. It can also remove organic compounds and chlorine.

If the water is safe for you, your cat will be happy to drink from a glass or a fountain. However, if you are not around, your pet will drink from a faucet.

Premium bottled water is usually the preferred choice for cats. Since the difference between mineral and tap water is immediately visible, they will be able to tell the difference.

Your cat will also benefit from drinking water free of toxins and pollutants. It will prevent your furry friend from going away after smelling it.

Even though mineral water is more reasonable than tap water, it should not be considered the best choice. You should only use water that follows the highest standards.

Should Cats Drink Bottled Water From Supermarkets?

Drinking water from a spring is better for cats than plastic bottles, as it’s chemical-free. Also, since plastic bottles can contain toxic chemicals, you should avoid them.

Although it’s not always easy to convince a cat to drink water, keeping the animal hydrated is essential. If your cat doesn’t like tap water, consider buying bottled spring water.

Make sure that your cat doesn’t become accustomed to the smell of fruit-infused water. It will make your pet less likely to drink water in an emergency. It can also attract flies.

Many domesticated cats have an aversion to water. They prefer to drink from streams, which provide them with a constant water supply. If your cat doesn’t drink from the tap, other reasons might contribute to its refusal.

According to experts, anything left out for too long is considered unclean. Although spicy odors might make water more interesting, it’s also unlikely that your cat will drink it.

Why Does Some Cat Like Bottled Water?

Your cat likes to drink from bottles because they are attracted to them. They come in various sizes and are ideal for cats that are small or have mobility issues. Felines can also help keep the water flowing smoothly and prevent frequent spills.

Cat has a wide range of preferences. One of these is drinking from a moving source, so investing in a cat water fountain is essential. It will allow your pet to access fresh water at all times.

Best Water for Cats

The best water for your cat is filtered. You can use a filter on your tap or a Brita or get a cat water fountain with a built-in filter.

It’s also essential to give your fresh cat water every day. However, if the water is not moving, it could be breeding grounds for bacteria. Also, keep the bowl clean at least once a week.

Can Cats Drink Filtered Water?

Yes, drinking filtered water is the best option for cats. It will remove harmful bacteria and other contaminants from their water and keep them hydrated for a day.

If you’re using a cat water fountain, it’s essential to change the filter regularly. Each product has its guidelines, but you should change them every 2 – 4 weeks.

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Should I Give Natural Spring Water to My Cat?

Although it’s not as healthy as drinking filtered water, natural spring water is still an excellent alternative for cats. Unfortunately, it can also be harmful to the environment due to plastic bottles.

Although you can find spring water in 5-gallon jugs, the plastic used to make these containers can still be in the water supply.

How to Get Your Cat Hydrated Daily?

Getting your cat to drink water can be a bit challenging. You can do various things to test your cat’s reaction to see how the cat will respond.

Your cat’s water bowl should be wide enough to accommodate its whiskers. Also, avoid using a deep water dish to prevent it from touching your cat.

It’s essential to place your cat’s food and water bowls in the right location to see their surroundings quickly.

Keep it Fresh: The longer the water remains in your cat’s bowl, the more particles it collects. It can make your furry friend less likely to drink from it.

There are many reasons why cats love drinking water, and one of these is that it can stimulate their senses. Having a cat water fountain can also make drinking water more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

Can cats drink bottled water? The short answer is Yes! But, to ensure your cat’s safety, you need to make sure that the water is not mineral water. The latter has the minerals and other harmful components on cats upon consumption. Resort to bottled water if no fresh water from the tap is available in the area.

Getting an excellent technique to keep your cat nourished is the most important thing you can do for its well-being. If, however, it still refuses to drink water, move the drinking water dish or the location where you can keep it.

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