Can Cats Drink Spring Water?

by Hayley
Can Cats Drink Spring Water
Is Spring Water Safe For Cats To Drink

Cats are known to be very sensitive about the kind of water they drink, and where they drink it from. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a domestic cat or a feline from a very expensive breed. If you’re a cat owner, expect that you will struggle with finding the best water source for your pet.

That said, let’s start with spring water. Since this is one of the most accessible and natural out of many water types, it’s understandable if you constantly ask “Can cats drink spring water?”, “Is spring water safe for cats?”, and likes. This is what we’re going to walk you through in the following sections.

Is Spring Water Safe For Cats To Drink?

If you’re asking, “Can cats drink spring water?”, the short answer is yes. Spring water is safe for cats, and thus, an ideal source of drinking water for them.

In fact, if you’re looking for the healthiest water type possible for felines, spring water is what you should look for. Since it’s natural and fresh, you can expect your cat to reap health benefits if they regularly drink from it. The instinct of cats also considers spring water safe, so they’re less likely to be picky about it.

Moreover, spring water has a higher chance of giving felines an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins compared to other water types like tap water and bottled distilled water.

Why Do Cats Like Spring Water?

There are several reasons why a cat may link drinking spring water, sometimes even more than other water sources. Here are some of the most common:

Spring Water Tastes Fresh

Cats are big fans of freshwater. This applies both in terms of the taste and the appearance (yes, cats are also picky about how the water looks).

Hence, since spring water is considered running water, there’s really no question why cats like drinking from this source. It’s naturally cool, and, on top of that, cats can see how clear it is if they drink directly from the spring.

Cats also like how far it is from the generally humid-like, bland temperature of regular tap water, the usual source when they are at home. All in all, you can expect spring water to appease cats’ tastes when it comes to drinking water.

Cats Feel Safer With Spring Water

As you may have already know, cats are highly driven by their instincts. If they don’t feel safe in an area, expect their flight or flight response to be triggered within seconds. This happens even in the simple act of drinking water, which is probably the main reason behind their nitpickiness when it comes to where and how they drink.

That said, because spring water is running water, and is fresh and cool for cats’ tastes, their instinct almost immediately crosses it out as dangerous. This is most especially if we’re talking about them drinking from an actual spring, and not just from bottled spring water.

Spring Water Is Odorless

Although the smell of spring water can come off fishy for humans, cats don’t really find it bothering. For them, it’s either odorless or fresh-smelling, both of which are appealing to felines. This quality is also related to their safety-driven instincts, which just adds to why they usually like spring water more than others.

Additionally, cats also like the minimal currents and sounds that the spring produces while they drink water from it. This keeps them in touch with the outdoors.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Spring Water For Cats?

Letting your cats drink spring water is not only for the sake of calming their drinking needs. It is also a way to open a lot of benefits for your feline’s health. Below is a list of some of the top advantages of cats drinking spring water:

Pollutants Are Little to None In Spring Water

Springs are one of the most popular and accredited sources of fresh water in the world. This means that it contains little to totally no pollutants in its water content, making it extremely safe for cats to drink in. It’s also suitable for those with sensitive appetites.

Moreover, if we compare it to bottled water, you won’t have to worry about your cat ingesting BPA and other plastic-related toxins. This guarantees its safety and freshness when drank by cats.

Spring Water Contains Minerals And Vitamins

Spring water contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium, all of which will be beneficial for your cat’s health. When taken in moderate amounts, you can expect your cat to be less prone to diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), heart disease, and likes.

Note, though, that it may be best to avoid this if your cat is already suffering from UTI. Taking overloaded minerals may just add to the symptoms, and thus, a worsened health condition.

Spring Water Is Free From Chemicals

Compared to processed distilled water and even regular tap water, spring water is totally free from chemicals and other health-risking compounds. This means that your cat won’t have to accidentally ingest anything that is bad for them, such as lead and copper. There is also no chlorine, a chemical that usually turns cats away from drinking water.

What Other Types Of Water Should Cats Drink?

Of course, it’s a given that spring water is not readily accessible for many, especially those living in the city. Your closest choice would be bottled spring water, which can also be relatively hard to find. Because of this, here are your other options in terms of the other types of water that your cats can drink:

Sparkling Water

Pure carbonated water with no artificial flavorings and preservatives can also be ideal to aid in a cat’s hydration. You should consider giving this to your cats in small amounts occasionally if you think they are starting to get sick of plain water. Doing so will also give a fun touch to your cat’s daily diet.

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Fruit-Flavored Water

Fruit-flavored water is also a good occasional treat for your cat’s hydration. Take note that we’re talking about water that is infused with fruits, and not fruit juices. These two have big differences when it comes to the ingredients and sugar level. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be given often, so you won’t unintentionally make your cat used to it.

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Rain Water

If you have the time and resources, collecting rainwater for your cats can also be a good step to appease your cat’s instinct. This shouldn’t be done directly, though. You should still boil your collected rainwater before giving it to them as a drink, so it will be free from chemicals and other pollutants.

Filtered Water

Filtered tap water should be your cat’s go-to drink. You don’t have to buy bottled distilled or purified ones since these can be acidic. Instead, you can just buy a filter for your faucet, and get water from there. In this way, you can assure that it is free from any dirt and chemicals without having to constantly go out of your way just to hydrate your cat.

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So, cat cats drink spring water?

Cats can and should drink spring water. It has all the qualities that a feline looks for in a water source, including cleanliness, freshness, and coolness. You can also expect spring water to give your cat several benefits like decreased risks of UTI, hyperacidity, and other issues.

Other water types that are suitable for felines include tap water, purified water, and occasional fruit-flavored water. Rain and other running water are also ideal sources. On the flip side, it’s best to avoid certain distilled bottled water since most of them are too acidic for cats.

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