Best Food for Himalayan Cats – Our Top 3 Pick!

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The Himalayan cats have a very luxurious appearance characterized by their beautiful coats and attractive eyes. Since they are highly purebred, the Himalayans really require high maintenance and attention. That’s the reason why you need to focus on providing good grooming, health needs, comfort, and an appropriate diet. So, feeding them with the best food for Himalayan cats will help you to give them this kind of maintenance.

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We reviewed here three of the best food for Himalayan cats that will support your cat’s overall wellness. Aside from that, we will also share some important ways of feeding your Himalayan cat properly. Moreover, we have here the foods that are good to give to your Himalayan. So, if you want to feed your cat proper nutrition, let’s check them out below!

How to feed a Himalayan cat?

Generally, feeding a Himalayan cat entails a strict food guide which can help you to provide them with the dietary requirement that they need. Below is a simple guide on how to properly feed your Himalayan cat.

1. Opt for the best food for Himalayan cats

The cat foods that are widely available commercially will offer the Himalayan cat the sufficient nutrient that they need. But, the best food for Himalayan cats made from premium quality ingredients will guarantee that the cat will get the great looks inside and out. In case you are not sure that the best food for Himalayan cats contains premium ingredients, it is better to ask for any recommendations from your vet.

Moreover, ensure that the best food for Himalayan cats that you opt to buy has taurine in its ingredients list. Keep in mind that this essential amino acid is needed by your cat. In addition to that, feed your Himalayan cat with cat food that is specifically designed for them.

It is also important to be keen and keep an eye on the ingredients of the cat food. Few of them available in the market may not contain the required nutrients and amino acids that the cats needs. Feeding them with this kind of food may result in the cat’s health problems affecting their heart and vision.

2. Establish a regular feeding schedule

Maintaining the healthy weight of the Himalayan cat necessitates you to set up a feeding schedule and follow it regularly. Remember that free-feeding or putting the cat food out there and let them eat it anytime can generally let the cat become overweight. Because of this reason, it is basically ideal to give your cat food being measured in its appropriate amount on a twice a day basis.

In determining the amount of food to give on every feeding schedule, basically, get the weight and the age of your Himalayan cat. Additionally, the best food for Himalayan cats must show the amount of food to be given depending on his weight and age. Ideally, a Himalayan cat weighing 5 to 9 pounds required 1/3 to 2/3 cup of dry cat food on a single day. Meanwhile, a cat having 10 to 14 demands for 2/3 to 1 cup of the best food for Himalayan cat per day.

Divide the amount of cat food that you will be going to give to the Himalayan cat on each day by splitting it into 2 or 3 divided doses. Generally, cats, including the Himalayan, prefer to feed on smaller meals. Again, if you not sure on the amount to be given to your Himalayan cat, ask the veterinarians about it for any recommendations.

3. Offer them a sufficient amount of fresh and clean water

Image courtesy of Apollo Fluffy Cat

Basically, the Himalayan cat will require enough access to freshwater most of the time. Ensure that put the water on a place accessible for your cat. However, keep in mind that you place the water in a place far from the litter box. This is due to the fact that felines are not fond of eating and drinking close to the litter boxes. Moreover, it is very important to replace the water of Himalayan cats once per day.

4. Provide the Himalayan cats treats

There are lots of kitties treats widely available in various pet stores and on some grocery stores. But, make sure that you will not provide the Himalayan cat too much treats. Treats in too much amount can make the cat become an overweight or picky eater. Yet, the recommended treats per day to give to your Himalayan cats should not exceed more than 10% of the calories per day.

Moreover, it is advisable to offer some piece of chicken, turkey, deli meat, or fish to Himalayan every now and then. Remember that all kinds of cats are carnivores in nature. This basically means that this four-legged animal can tolerate these foods very well.

Due to this, ensure that the meat that you will give is well cooked so that your cat may be protected from any bacteria. It is also ideal if you consider preparing cat treats from canned tuna.

What is the best food to feed to Himalayan cats?

Because cats are natural carnivores, they require enough protein sourced from the animal. This is actually essential for them to have optimal health. Keep in mind that cats cannot survive on a vegan diet. Basically, this means that felines should include meat in their diet to get the needed nutrients.

Today’s trend of feeding the best commercial dry or wet food for Himalayan cats is highly acceptable. Yet, you can also consider providing various options on the feline’s diet like cooked, raw, or fresh meat.

Fish is generally a well-loved food by cats, but it is not good to feed this to your Himalayan on a daily basis. Generally, the fish have high fatty acids content which can result in feline’s vitamin E deficiency and other painful conditions.

Amount of food required by Himalayan cats

As we said earlier, the amount of food needed by the felines highly depends on their size, weight and age. So, it is basically a no-no to always give your Himalayan what your neighbor is giving to their cat. Moreover, it is always crucial that you are providing the appropriate amount of the best food for Himalayan cats. This is because obesity is a common health-related issue among cats which can make their life span shorter.

Best food for Himalayan cats in relation to their age

Depending on their age, the Himalayan’s food requirement generally varies. Here is a sneak peek on cat’s life stages and their food requirement:


During this stage, the bones and joints of the kittens are growing. That’s why it is generally important to give the kitten the right diet that they need. The kitten’s diet basically requires premium quality and well-balanced commercial food for kittens. Moreover, for more variety, you can consider giving them cooked or raw meats.

However, it is not good to feed the kitten, ages 20 weeks and below, with raw meat. This is due to the fact that the immune system of the kitten is not sufficiently strong to fight for potential pathogens. Perhaps, raw beef in strips form is a big help in removing plaque from the mouth of the kittens and even older felines.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid giving cooked bones to the kitten. This kind of food may damage their intestinal tract.

On the other hand, it is basically ideal to incorporate some amount of moist foods in the diet of your kitten. It is believed that moist food can promote urinary tract health. Moreover, take note that kittens should be provided with food for about four times per day.

Adult Himalayan Cats

Same with the kittens, the adult Himalayan should be provided with premium quality cat food available commercially. When you opt for the best food for Himalayan cats, always look at the label packaging and see the age of the cat the food is applicable. Again, always seek the help of the vet if you are not sure about this matter.

best food for himalayan cats

It is also good to offer the adult Himalayan with food variety including fresh or cooked fish. You can also consider feeding them with meat in fresh or cooked form. Moreover, you can provide protein to felines by offering bones with some meat and some fresh meat. Yet, ensure that the said cat food is human-grade because some pet meat has preservatives content that may generally harm the cat.

Senior Himalayan Cats

Once provided with the inappropriate diet, the health of the older Himalayan may be highly affected adversely. Most senior Himalayans can get advantages from wet cat diet in the form of canned, cooked, or fresh. This can basically elevate the amount of fluid that the cats may consume. In case the senior Himalayan is facing some health issues, don’t forget to ask the help of the vet.

Moreover, the amount of food to be given to senior Himalayan may depend significantly on their age and size. Besides, it is important to concentrate on getting the balance from overfeeding and underfeeding.

Like kittens, senior Himalayans also like to eat smaller meals within the day. That’s why it is ideal to feed them for a three to four times feeding schedule. Actually, small, frequent meals are linked with the good urinary tract.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Food for Himalayan Cats?

Below are the things that you should consider in case you opt for the best food for Himalayan cats:

* All-natural ingredients

Always remember that wholesome cat foods are highly digestible and contain plenty of nutrients for Himalayan cats.

* Presence of animal protein

Primarily, protein is an essential nutrient that maintains the lean muscle mass of the cat in a healthy state. Look for the best food for Himalayan cats that contains about 26% of animal proteins. But, it is actually ideal to go beyond until 30% of the protein that contains a limited amount of carbs.

* Contains lots of essential fatty acids

Generally, when you are looking for a concentrated energy source for the Himalayans, check for the best food for Himalayan cats that contains fat. But, keep in mind that this should from animal sources such as the salmon oil or chicken fat. Also take note that once the fat content is higher, the amount of calorie is higher as well.

* Easily digestible

The best food for Himalayan cats contains premium quality ingredients which are the most digestible food for cats. That’s why it is very essential to go after cat food that is wholesome and does not have any fillers, by-products, and artificial preservatives. Also keep away from cat food with gluten, soy, grain, or corn. Moreover, it would be helpful if the cat food contains prebiotics and probiotics.

* High in moisture content

If the moisture content is your concern, it is good if you choose canned food for the Himalayans. Yet, you can also consider giving some kibbles moistened with water or broth. Another good idea is the addition of moist or semi-moist food topper.

* Price

Generally, when buying the best food for Himalayan cats, it is always good if you must have to take into account your budget. There are cat foods that come at an expensive cost while other costly foods are not worth the money. The good thing about this is to take your research first and read reviews before you buy.    

List of the Best Food for Himalayan Cats

OUR TOP PICK: Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food

Product Name: Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food

Product Description: If you want to give your Himalayan cat a luxurious gourmet food experience, then offer him the Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food. It generally includes wide variety of food options of wet foods for cats. From patés, milk-infused meals, sliced foods to morsels in gravy, you can offer it to your Himalayan cat without any doubt through Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food. The best thing about this Himalayan cat food is the ingredients that it contains are generally all-natural.

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  • Freshness
  • Portion size
  • Flavor
  • Value for money


Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food is the best food for Himalayan cats as it offers recipes made of wholesome and natural ingredients. Feeding this food to your cat will guarantee that your Himalayan is not getting any artificial flavors or additives. The chicken, beef, and seafood ingredients of the Purina Fancy Poultry and Beef Feast Wet Cat Food generally contain no by-products or fillers. That’s why this cat food is basically the best buy.


  • Follows a slow-cooking method to extract more flavor
  • Offers entirely complete and well-balanced nutrition
  • Comes with a wide range of flavors


  • Some cats may find it not great-tasting


Instinct Limited Natural Cat Food

best food for Himalayan cats

The ingredients of the cat food are generally important, most likely if your Himalayan is having a sensitive stomach. If this is your concern, the Instinct Limited Natural Cat Food would be the best food for Himalayan cats. Basically, it has a very short ingredient list containing one vegetable and one protein sourced out from animal. Another good feature about this cat food is that it does not have any dairy eggs, grain, wheat, corn, soy, chickpeas, and any artificial additives in its ingredients.

Moreover, the Instinct Limited Natural Cat Food undergoes the process of raw food freeze-drying. This method aims to provide proper cat nutrition containing highly digestible protein and essential amino acids. Feeding this best food for Himalayan cats will provide them with complete and well-balanced nutrition that they deserved.

Product Features:

  • Made with ingredients without any grain to support cats suffering from sensitivities
  • Contains simple ingredients including wild-caught salmon which is basically a highly digestible protein with an abundant amount of Omega-3 giving off all the essential amino acids
  • Infused with delicious flavors due to the raw food coating and freeze-drying method
  • Grain-free
  • Contains wild-caught salmon
  • First widely available raw coated kibble
  • Suitable for cats with allergies
  • Cat’s poop may become stinky
  • The new formula is not as good as the old one

Purina Beyond Adult Wet Cat Food

Another best food for Himalayan cats that guarantees the delivery of wholesome and all-natural great-tasting cat meal is the Purina Beyond Adult Wet Cat Food. It basically includes real salmon as its first ingredient with all-natural vegetable to make this recipe a well-balanced cat meal. In order to provide overall health and wellness on a long-term basis, this cat food is generally natural nutrition containing highly essential nutrients.

Moreover, to ensure that the Himalayan cat is getting the nourishment that he deserves, the formulation of the Purina Beyond Adult Wet Cat Food does not have any artificial flavors or preservatives. A nice feature of this best food for Himalayan cats is its smooth pate texture providing a pleasant cat dining experience. The premium quality ingredients that it contains generally come from reliable sources making this a cat food that you can trust.

Product Features:

  • The recipe does not entertain any grain ingredients in its list which comply with the ingredient standards
  • Also contains no corn, soy, wheat, and poultry by-products making it a gluten-free recipe for cats
  • Contains ingredients that come from real meat, fish, or poultry which provide high-quality protein
  • Made with real meat
  • All-natural ingredients
  • The new recipe is not as good as the others

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, you can offer wet food to your cat on a daily basis. Just always keep in mind the proper feeding requirement that they need. For example, an average-sized cat on his adult years may be fed with one 3-ounce can per day provided that his body weight is around 3 to 3 1/2 pounds. Moreover, depending on the weight and health status of your cat, the veterinarian may recommend to give them wet food on a more or lesser amount. But, you can generally give wet food to your Himalayan cat any time of the day.


A: You can actually feed your cat with only a dry food meal and it is basically fine. Generally, most commercially available dry foods for cats have a formulation that has all the required nutrients a cat needs.


A: There may come a time that cat leaves their dry food in their bowl. This is actually normal, but if you notice that this happens for more than a day, you can already throw the dry food out. Try to plan and set a schedule for your cat feeding. Also, keep in mind that the cat prefers to eat multiple small meals every day.


A: Obviously, cats were not able to finish their food because their stomach is already full. The cats basically have small stomachs which are the same with the size of a ping-pong ball. Because of this, their eating pattern may take frequent breaks instead of eating on a whole portion in one meal.


A: Similar to humans, our pets like cats and dogs can get bored with the same food every day. That’s why it is very crucial to switch or alter their foods once in a while. Another good reason behind this cat food switching is the prevention of allergy development. Generally, cats and dogs that feed on the same food over and over for a long time period may have the tendency to develop food allergies due to one or more of its ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The best food for Himalayan cats will generally provide lots of benefits to Himalayans which supports their overall health and wellness. Basically, most of these foods are sourced from animal protein and healthy fats to support the cat’s energy and coat health. Moreover, since the Himalayan cats are susceptible to kidney problems, cat food that provides proper hydration. In terms of buying this kind of product, there are things that you must have to consider including the ingredients, animal protein, fatty acids, moisture content, price, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, when we speak of the cat food, you must have to choose a high-quality one considering it as part of the investment over the long years. Instead of buying a budget-friendly food for felines, it generally important to opt for the one that can support the health of your Himalayan cat over a long a period of time. Feeding this kind of cat food will provide the nutritional requirements that your Himalayan truly deserves.

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