5 Dental Water Additives for Cats to Keep its Breath Fresh

by Top Cat Breeds
dental water additives for cats

While cats are natural groomers, they can’t clean their mouths on their own. Your cat can’t brush its teeth or gargle some mouthwash. What they need are dental water additives for cats to reduce plaque buildup. It also freshens up a cat’s breath without the need to brush its teeth manually. Below, I reviewed five of the best water additives you can give your cat:

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Naturel Promise Fresh
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Zymox Oratene Brushless
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Cats and dental health

Unlike dogs, cats are less cooperative when it comes to dental care. Even though cats lick their bodies all day long, there’s no way for them to clean their mouths. If not cared for, your cat will develop tooth decay, gum problems, and bad breath.

Plaque buildup can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease if not addressed right away. Ultimately, this will lead to tooth loss and a slew of infections.

Take note that dental hygiene is more than just the appearance and odor of your cat’s mouth. Dental infections increase the risk of your cat to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections. All of these will put your cat in too much pain and your pocket on a financial burden.

The good news is that most dental problems among cats are preventable. You can use various products to ensure that your pet’s gums and teeth are in good condition.

Water additives come in handy in these situations. You simply mix it with your cat’s water supply. As your cat drinks, the solution cleans the kitty’s mouth. It’s brushless and will not upset your pet’s stomach. If you’re looking for the best options, below are my top picks.

5 Dental Water Additives for Cats


OUR TOP PICK: Oxyfresh Dental Care Water Additive for Pets
dental water additives for cats

Product Name: Oxyfresh Dental Care Water Additive for Pets

Product Description: If you’re looking for dental water additives for cats, you won’t go wrong with the Oxyfresh Dental Care Water Additive for Pets. It’s made to fight plaque and tartar while keeping your cat’s breath fresh. This additive cleans without the need for brushing. What I like the most about this Oxyfresh additive is its tasteless and odorless formula. Your cat will not suspect that there’s something on the water. This is very important as cats tend to avoid water once it tastes any changes as the kitty will think it’s contaminated.

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  • Ingredients
  • Cleaning Agent
  • Flavor and Odor
  • Efficacy


Another guarantee of the Oxyfresh water additive is it’s allergen-free and alcohol-free. It also has minimal ingredients, including the proprietary Oxygene, which is a stabilized chlorine dioxide.

To administer this water additive, simply add one capful to each liter of water. If this is your pet’s first time to use water additive, start with half a cap for the first two weeks. You should always measure this properly to prevent any irritations.


Tasteless and odorless

Unlikely to cause stomach upset

Limited ingredients


May take a while to make a difference on a hardened plaque


Bluestem Oral Care Pet Water Additive

dental water additives for cats

If your cat has tartar, you should consider using the Bluestem Oral Care Pet Water Additive. This is a powder water additive that can reduce tartar by up to 25% without brushing. It’s a food-grade additive with no alcohol, xylitol, sugar, and other toxic add-ons.

Aside from that, this water additive is formulated with coactiv+ Technology. This is made to freshen your cat’s breath while fighting plaque.

The Bluestream Oral Care Water Additive passed the Good Clinical Practice Efficacy as well as the Good Scientific Practice standards. It will not cause any adverse side effects to cats because all its ingredients are well notified under the Veterinary Health Products program of Canada.

To administer this water additive, you should dissolve one scoop on 4.25 cups of hot water. Stir this for 30 seconds until the powder has fully dissolved. Once the water cooled down, your cat can start drinking it.

Overall, this water additive doesn’t have a scent or taste, so it will work for any cat. I also noticed that it works well on deep-seated plaque and bad breath among felines. After a month of using it, Bluestream really made a big difference in my cat’s breath.

  • coactiv+ Technology
  • Works well on severe tartar
  • Neutralizes stinky breath
  • Overly sensitive cats may detect the additive

Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Water Additive

dental water additives for cats

Do you have an aging cat? If so, the perfect water additive would be the Naturel Promise. It’s made with ingredients that freshen a cat’s breath. Aside from that, it’s blended with glucosamine to boost your kitty’s joint health.

This dental water additive keeps your cat’s breath fresh for up to 12 hours. To give this to your cat, just add one tablespoon to a full bowl of water. Make sure that you stir it well.

Aside from that, this water additive also has green tea leaf extract for added benefits. It keeps your cat’s breath fresh naturally with added benefits. I also like that it has limited and harmless ingredients, so it’s unlikely to cause irritation to your pet.

For this bundle, you will get three 18 oz. bottles. Don’t be fooled by the blue water, though. The water additive itself is colorless and odorless when poured. There would be several bubbles at the top of the water after mixing this, but you can simply skim it out.

I was actually looking for this water additive in pet stores and can’t seem to find it. After a quick browse online, I finally found this after seeing the results on a friend’s cat.

  • Blended with glucosamine
  • Keeps cat breath fresh for 12 hours
  • Infused with green tea leaf extracts
  • The bottle leaks a bit

Dental Fresh Pet Water Additive

dental water additives for cats

The Dental Fresh Pet Water Additive is an excellent choice for cats with weak gums. Aside from preventing tartar buildup, this formula also helps whiten teeth and strengthen gums. It’s an excellent solution for your cat’s bad breath and other dental problems.

Aside from that, this water additive has no sugar, alcohol, and artificial flavors. It won’t stain your cat’s teeth either or cause stomach upset. It’s tough against germs on your cat’s mouth but gentle as a water additive.

What I like the most about the Dental Fresh Water Additive is its self-regulating formula. Its anti-microbial properties only release upon contact with germs. This reduces the likelihood of triggering sensitivities.

And unlike the new brands, Dental Fresh has been keeping cats’ breath fresh since 1999. This water additive has been clinically proven and has undergone rigorous lab tests. Its ingredients are also safe, even for cats with sensitive digestive systems.

There’s a slight scent to this water additive, but as soon as I put the bowl down, my cat drank a lot. He seems to like the taste, which is everything that I wish for. My kitty drinks it with no issues.

  • Self-regulating cleaning formula
  • No alcohol or sugar
  • Proven since 1999
  • Mild scent, but my cat doesn’t seem bothered

Zymox Oratene Brushless Pet Water Additive

My last recommendation for this roundup is the Zymox Oratene Brushless Pet Water Additive. This cleans the gums of cats and keeps them fresh.

The highlight of this water additive is its LP3 Enzyme System. It has a multi-complex system that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. This will also reduce your cat’s risk of periodontal disease and other dental problems.

Aside from that, it doesn’t have xylitol or detergents that may cause excess salivation. Rest assured that your cat won’t tell the difference. This is non-drying and non-irritating on the gums, even for cats with very sensitive taste buds.

Since this is enzyme-based, it doesn’t have active chemicals that will wreak havoc on your cat’s stomach. It’s a little denser than water, but a nice stir should spread it well. Also, don’t be bothered if some settled at the bottom of the bowl. This is normal, and it will keep on spreading on the water.

Overall, you can get the Zymox Water Additive in 4, 8, or 16-ounce pump jars. To give this to your cat, add two pumps of the additive to every four cups of water.

  • Enzyme-based cleaning system
  • Flavorless and odorless
  • Gentle on the tummy
  • It takes more time to blend with water

How to choose dental water additives for cats

When purchasing dental water additives for cats, you have to be meticulous in some aspects. The following are some of the things you should consider:


The first thing you should check is the ingredients of the water additive. Make sure that it doesn’t have any chemicals that will cause irritation to cats. You should avoid water additives with the following ingredients:

  • Xylitol. This is an artificial sweetener that’s toxic to cats.
  • Alcohol. It will dry your cat’s gums and mess with its digestion.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This chemical cleans, but it also induces vomiting among cats.
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate. This is an antiseptic that should only be used topically, not as a water additive.
  • Artificial coloring. Cats will not appreciate the color. Worse, it will just wreak havoc on their tummy.
  • Detergents. Soaps have no place in water additives. It’s toxic and should never be ingested in any way.

The safest option for water additives is an enzyme-based system. This is a natural ingredient that will not hurt your cat’s tummy. A cheaper option is sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. A small amount of baking soda will not hurt a cat.

If there are ingredients you find hard to pronounce, you should research to see what it is. Most likely, it’s a synthetic chemical that could be potentially dangerous for cats.

✔️Cleaning agent

Water additives work by cleaning the mouth to remove the smell. It shouldn’t just mask the problem. This is the reason why you should check how it cleans and what cleaning agent it uses.

Antibacterial and antiseptic agents neutralize fungus and germs on your cat’s mouth to remove the odor. Take note that water additives aren’t meant to make your cat’s breath smell like roses. The goal is to keep its dental flora in a balanced state so bad odor will not occur.

If there’s no antiseptic or cleaning agent present on the ingredients list, the water additive is just masking the smell. This shouldn’t be the case.

✔️Odor and flavor

Next, the water additive shouldn’t have any flavor or odor. The goal is for your cat to drink it without knowing that it’s there. Note that cats are pretty sensitive, and they may perceive the water contaminated if the additive has a scent or taste. Worse, the kitty may opt for the toilet water instead.

The goal of the additive is to clean your cat’s mouth. There’s no need for the taste or odor because it will only do more harm than help.


Lastly, consider the price of the water additive. This is a fairly affordable dental product but avoid dirt cheap ones. Make sure that the product has passed lab tests and third-party certifications. This will guarantee the efficacy and safety of the additive. And as much as possible, purchase the additive from reputable brands.

A few reminders…

It’s important to know that water additives are not magic potions. It’s not the sole answer to your cat’s dental problems. It’s only a preventive measure and can’t replace professional vet care.

Once a year, you must take your cat to the vet for dental checks. This way, the veterinarian can diagnose potential problems before it compromises your cat’s health.

Also, you must observe your cat the first time you use the additive. To be safe, you should start with only half of the indicated dosage, so your cat’s tummy has time to adjust to the formula.

If your kitty shows adverse symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, you should cease using the water additive. You should also consult the vet. I suggest keeping the water additive for the vet to see.

Lastly, always measure the amount of water additive you’re mixing. Overdoing it might cause stomach upset and other symptoms in your pet. When in doubt, you can always consult with the vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I clean my cat’s teeth without cleaning?

A: Water additives are great solutions to keep your cat’s clean without brushing. You only have to add it to your cat’s water fountain or bowl, and it will do its job while the kitty drinks. Still, water additives are not the sole solution to dental problems. It’s not a replacement for professional veterinarian checks.

Q: Are water additives safe for cats?

A: Water additives are safe for cats as long as the ingredients are suitable for felines. I also suggest consulting the vet first to identify your cat’s potential sensitivities. Most of all, water additives should be odor and flavor-free.

Q: Why is my cat vomiting after taking a water additive?

A: If your pet is vomiting after you gave some water additive, an ingredient may be causing the irritation. Check for hydrogen peroxide because this agent is widely used by vets to trigger vomiting. You should also consult the vet because your cat may have a sensitivity to water additives.

Q: How much is teeth cleaning cost?

A: Cleaning a cat’s teeth professionally will cost you around $300 to $500 for general treatments. If your cat has a bad case of gingivitis or periodontal disease, the starting price might be $1,400. Every vet charges differently. But to avoid the high cost, you should take care of your cat’s teeth properly. A water additive is an excellent way to do it.

Q: Why does my cat’s breath stink so bad?

A: Bad breath among felines can be due to a lot of things. First of all, it could be due to rotten teeth or mouth ulcers. But if your cat’s mouth is healthy, you should bring the kitty to the vet. Halitosis is also indicative of more serious health problems. Your cat might be suffering from kidney or liver issues.

Final words

Dental water additives for cats are just one of the methods to keep your kitty’s breath fresh and clean. It’s easy to administer and could work wonders on your pet’s dental health. Still, you should never trade professional veterinarian check-ups for it. While water additives work, it’s not the umbrella solution for all dental problems.

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