Can A Litter Box Go In A Closet?

by Jayley
Can A Litter Box Go In A Closet?

Although, you can put a cat’s litterbox in your closet, and it can work out well. However, this option comes with certain cleaning requirements that must be followed in order to make it work. This option may only be for some, but it is still an option that can be utilized.

For some people, a litter box should not be placed in a closet, as it can be very dark and poorly ventilated. Cats prefer to be in open areas, and they do not want to be cornered. The lack of ventilation can also worsen the odor issues in the closet, which can stick to clothes and linens.

Having pets in small apartments can be a bit challenging, especially regarding space. This is why many owners are looking into their closets for a way to store their cat’s litter box. But can you put a litter box in the closet?

Places Where You Can Put Your Cats Litter Box

Places Where You Can Put Your Cats Litter Box

A cat friend is a great companion; low-maintenance cats do not need to walk in the cold mornings and use a litter box to keep their indoor toilet clean. However, you may only want to see their scent sometimes.

The boxes should be placed in the areas where your cats will use them. For instance, if your cat usually wants to use the litter box, you must place the boxes in the appropriate location.

  • Private area: Rather than having your cat poop in public, let them do it inside a private area. This will allow them to do it without the noise and other people watching.
  • Safe area: In a safe location, your cat will not be attacked by other animals or children while they are in the middle of things. Also, make sure that your cat’s litter box is clean and secure.
  • Accessible area: An easy-to-access location is important for cats, as it allows them to use the litter box. Some cats do not mind getting around obstacles to reach their box, while older ones, on the other hand, do not want to be bothered by a navigational challenge. They will likely judge you if you make it hard for them to access the litter box.
  • Reachable area: You can easily access the litter box by placing it in a place you can easily reach. Refrain from trying and outwit yourself when it comes to cleaning or sweeping it. When a cat bites your toes because of an unacceptable litter box, you do not want to have to go to the trouble of cleaning it yourself.

A litter box does not need to be a room’s focal point, but it should still be shared with your cat. This is because your cat may rule the roost, but they still have to share it with you.

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3 Ways To Hide Your Cat Litter Box in Plain Sight

1. Put it underneath the table.

A simple way to hide a litter box is by placing it underneath an end table with an open bottom. To keep the box out of the way, choose a fabric that complements your home’s d├ęcor. To measure the table’s perimeter, use 1.5 times the number to gather the fabric. If you want to add more fabric, cut a small piece of it to the height of the edge.

2. Put it in your bathroom.

If your bathroom has a wall-mounted sink and a litter box, you can slide it under it and create a “sink skirt.” This can be done by attaching fabric to the sides of the sink. Your cat can also enter from either the front or the larger area between the wall and the skirt.

3. Put it in under your sink cabinet.

You can turn the unused space under the sink into a litter box by removing the side of the vanity that is open to the bathroom. You can also make a cat-sized hole in order to reach the box.

If the vanity is on a wall-to-wall, you can modify it by adding a cat door or taking it off the hinges. You can also hang a fabric over the opening to keep the litter container out of sight or put the door back on once you are ready to move out. This last option works great for renters as it allows you to put the door back on the unit once you are ready to leave.

Does Putting a Litter Box in a Closet Make the Clothes Smell Bad?

Putting a litter box inside a closet is only sometimes a good idea. Some cats are urged to have multiple escape routes, and placing a litter box in a small space can conflict with this instinct. Also, putting a litter box inside the closet can be a problem since the clothes and linens can absorb the smell of feces and urine.

Will They Leave Litter There?

In the wild, cats are known to be very particular about where they defecate or urinate. This instinct has been passed down to their domesticated ancestors. Furthermore, urine and feces from cats have a foul odor. It can be caused by the existence of the litterbox inside the closet, which can then smell like urine.

Getting rid of your clothes and keeping a litter box in your closet is not ideal. We tend to become accustomed to the smell of things that are regularly in our environment. You do not want to be “nose blind” to the litter box’s odor as it clings to your clothes.

When a cat defecates or urinates, it creates a foul odor that lingers in the air and around the litterbox. So, putting it in the closet would be a bad idea. However, a closet is still out of the question.

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Bottom Line

Moving the litter box away from the closet is generally best to avoid various issues. So can you put a litter box in the closet? If you insist on keeping it there, make sure to clean it thoroughly and allow your cat to access it. Also, make sure to add a source of light inside the box. If your cat is hesitant to use it, don’t force it.

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