How to Fix a Wobbly Cat Tree? [Step by Step Guide]

by Hayley
How to Fix a Wobbly Cat Tree

How to fix a wobbly cat tree? Your cat has just gotten a brand new cat tree, and it’s pleasing to be on it. However, there’s a problem: Your cat can’t stop running around the room and jumping on the tree. The slight wobble is starting to cause the tree to get dangerously unstable.

How do you fix a wobbly cat tree? One of the best modes is to widen the tree’s base or add something heavy to the bottom. These two options will help increase the tree’s stability and prevent it from getting too unstable.

This article will discuss some of the most common issues people encounter when fixing a wobbly cat tree.

Do Cat Trees Suppose to Wobble?

Cat trees are not supposed to wobble. There are many reasons why it’s essential to stabilize a cat tree.

It can provide your pet with a safe and comfortable environment, and it can help prevent them from getting injured. There are several types of old cat trees that you can find here.

The most important thing to avoid when it comes to cats is getting traumatized by their first experience. For instance, a cat jumps a tree, and its platform dislodges.

Even though cats have an agile body, they can still get injured even if they’re not used to falling. Having a stable house can help prevent these accidents from happening to your pet.

If you’re planning on buying a cat tree to contain the hyperactivity of your pet, make sure that it’s stable before it gets too big and wreaks its destruction around the house.

Cats prone to falling from high places have the High-Rise Syndrome. This condition occurs when a cat accidentally falls from a height while handing out open windows.

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What Tools Do You Need to Fix Wobbly Cat Tree?

What tools and materials will you need to get the job done? An Allen wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, a ladder, and a roll of duct tape are some of the necessary items you will need.

Step 1

The first step in removing the base of your tree is to detach it from its main post. After that, utilize an Allen wrench to remove all the screws that hold the floor in place. If you can’t find an Allen wrench at home, try using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2

After removing the base, you should take the central pole out of its bottom section. This pole should be placed on one side so that its components don’t mix with the other cat trees.

And when removing the tree’s central pole, take out the top pole. It is a sturdy piece of wood that you can’t easily break off. You can either give it to another tree owner or discard it. If you’re unsure what to do with the pieces, lightly hammer them to one side.

Step 3

After removing your cat tree’s pieces, it’s time to release its base. You can do it using a vacuum cleaner or sweeping the wood frame. Once you remove all loose sawdust, please put it back together with the main post and top pole.

The new base should have the same screws as the old one. To install it, use an Allen wrench or a Phillips head screwdriver to secure it to the frame of the tree. Make sure that it’s stable and doesn’t get too unstable when you test it out.

Step 4

Secure the central pole using your hammer after attaching the new base to the tree. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws or break the rod. You can also use multiple screws to make the bar sturdier.

After all of your base pieces have been replaced, all you need to do is attach the top piece back to the main post. Use your hammer to gently tap the top part of the tree until it’s in place. Before putting the final piece back on top of the tree, ensure it’s stable and doesn’t get too unstable.

Although this step is optional, it’s essential to secure the cat tree using duct tape. If it’s still wobbly after securing it, use some round-headed screws to attach it to the pole.

How to Fix Cat Tree From Wobbling?

Cats are known to play with and jump on these trees designed to allow them to do so, but if they can’t do so safely, they can fall and cause fires. Below are the methods you can do to fix a cat tree from wobbling:

Assemble Tree Correctly

If your cat tree has started to move, it could come from the assembly. Since many tree parts can become loose, ensure that the posts are firmly in place. Also, make sure that the structure uses screws or nuts.

Stabilize the Base

Since your cat tree has probably been unsafe since it was first delivered, you must support it. Doing so will allow it to sustain itself and prevent it from falling. You can also purchase a heavy object that can help prevent your cat from accidentally knocking it over.

Some types of cat trees are unstable due to uneven weight distribution. For instance, if the tree has more than one main post, it may be unevenly distributed. You can fix this issue by half-filling a sock with beans and then positioning it according to where you should place the extra weight.

Make Sure Other Parts Are Fixed

If the cat tree has many levels and pillars, you may need to stabilize some of its sections. The weight of the cloth should be at the bottom and the heaviest at the top. You can also add support to the base of the pillars by styling more material around them.

It’s essential to use a heavy fabric like a sheet of carpet to avoid cuts on your cat’s paw pads. Also, ensure that the staple ends are pushed into the pillar to avoid getting the cut. If necessary, you can also add additional supports, but make sure to use less material up top.

Position It Well

If you’re planning on having a cat tree in your home or apartment, make sure that the space is big enough to support the tree and doesn’t get too unstable. A wall corner, for instance, is a good choice. You can also get the tree up against the wall if you’re worried about being damaged.

If you have a cat tree, make sure it’s not on uneven ground. It might sound silly, but it can tell you if the floor is uneven by rolling it in the same direction every time.

To fix this issue, add paper to the base of the cat tree and then secure it using a staple gun or a glue gun. Don’t use an object that you could quickly move underneath the base, and make sure that the paper is secure with the help of a glue gun. Your cat might be able to knock this out of the way, and the whole structure might fall.

Put Safety Straps

If you have multiple cats and have a large cat tree, you may want to put it up against a border to prevent it from falling. However, if that’s not an option, you may consider using safety straps to control your TV from crashing into the wall. These are pretty easy to install and are guaranteed to work.

Wide the Base

Although it may seem like a technical job, you can easily widen your cat tree base using Gorilla glue or a glue gun. You can also cut down the sides of the tree using cheap plywood. If you have other boards scattered around, this could also work.

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How to fix a wobbly cat tree? One of the best ways to improve an unstable cat tree is by widening its base or adding a heavy component to the bottom.

But a word of caution: You should not repair some cat trees because of a warranty policy prohibiting tampering with the tree’s structure. Doing so could potentially void the warranty. Before working on this guide, understand the warranty’s terms.e

If you’re trying to replace a broken part, you may contact the manufacturer to see if they have any reinforcement options. However, if the product has a warranty past its time limit, you can try these fixes without a problem.

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