How Much Sleep Do Kittens Need?

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how much sleep do kittens need

Is it normal for kittens to sleep a lot? How much sleep do kittens need per day? Let’s find out all about it in today’s post!

A newborn kitten needs a lot of food and sleeps to build its immune system. It also needs to sleep for about 2 to 4 hours after eating. At five months old, a cat’s sleeping pattern changes. This is because when a new baby gets started, its body’s sleeping patterns gradually change. How much does a 5-month-old kitten sleep? It depends on their age and the environment they live in.

At first, they might sleep for a few hours a day. They eventually get used to sleeping for 16 to 18 hours a day! A kitten’s growth hormone is released when it is in the deepest sleep state. This characteristic makes it more sensitive to the environment.

How Much Sleep Do Kittens Need Based On Their Age

It seems that when kittens are first born, they do not sleep much. They eventually find their feet and start sleeping less. This guide will tell you how often do kittens sleep based on their age.

Newborn To 2-Week-Old Kittens

These animals can sleep for about 22 hours a day. They can feel small movements in their faces and ears during their sleep cycles. At this early age, babies can’t yet regulate their own temperature. They also need to sleep to avoid overheating. This is because the size difference between them during their first week is so fast.

3-Week To 2-Month-Old Kittens

As they get older, your cat will start to sleepless. Also, they will start developing all of their senses. The deep phase of their sleep is known as REM sleep. At three weeks of age, your cat will start to sleep on its own. This is because it needs sleep to recharge. During episodes of sleep, it will also start to explore its environment.

2-Month Old To 4-Months Old Kittens

After two months, your cat will sleep an average of 18 hours a day. It’s similar to the sleep cycle of an adult cat. The first few minutes are spent snoring, while the rest are spent sleeping through sound sleep. During the times that your kitten is awake, play with lots of age-appropriate toys. This will allow them to learn and play most of the time.

5-Month Old Kitten Normal Sleep Pattern

A five-month-old cat should sleep at least twelve hours a day to keep it healthy. This is ideal for a newborn cat to avoid experiencing health problems. At first, a kitten doesn’t seem to sleep much, as it spends about 75% of its day sleeping.

However, as it gets older, its sleeping time increases. It’s common for senior cats to sleep for around 20 to 30 hours a day. This can result in weight gain and other health issues. It is important that you spend more time with your cat to prevent this issue.

6-Month Old Kittens Sleeping Pattern

At six months of age, your cat may look like a little adult. However, it still has a long way to go before it reaches its adult size. At 6 pounds, it should have a sturdy torso and legs. Your kitten will eventually grow into its long legs, and its appearance is similar to that of a human child. At this age, your cat should have been fully vaccinated. It should also be groomed and sterilized.

This is the time when sexual maturity can occur. You can prevent these issues by getting your male and female cats sterilized as soon as possible. They will also be checked for parasites and diseases. Although baby teeth may still be present in some cats, they will eventually disappear after six months. Some veterinarians suggest extracting them from the mouths of newborn cats.

7-Month Old Kittens

As a young adolescent, your cat will start to sleep more than usual. It’s best to make sure that your pet has a comfortable bed in its favorite spot. When it’s not sleeping, your cat will still be active and exploring, but it will also be more social and has a higher confidence level.

At this age, your kitten will start to bond with you and start to socialize. This is a crucial time for parents to start taking responsibility for their kids. If you have not already spayed or sterilized your female kitten, then there’s a chance that it will get pregnant. This is important to ensure that your pet has a healthy pregnancy.

8-Month Old Kittens (They become independent)

Your kitten’s confidence has reached an all-time high, which could mean it’s ready to play more with other pets. Your kitten can now do counter surfing, and it is very likely to push objects around or off of tables. It is also important to set boundaries so that it can test the limits of both human and non-human objects. When training a cat, try to involve positive reinforcement and patience. This will help the cat learn how to respond to commands.

9-Month Old Kittens (They developed their teeth)

They sleep normally as they get older and older and at the age of nine months, your cat should have all of its baby teeth out. However, it still has a bit of fun with biting and chewing. It still has a hard time keeping up with its usual behaviors.

10-Month Old Kittens

As they get older, your kitten will become Sleep-a-holic cats, and they tend to sleep for about 16 to 18 hours each day. It’s important to know their sleeping patterns to prevent illness or boredom.

Why Is My Kitten So Active At Night?

Although cats are known to be crepuscular, some of them may have developed the habit of being active the most during the night due to the time difference between when their prey is most active and when they are most active. Young cats are very energetic and can be playful at any time of the day or night. They may hide when they sense fear or come out when they feel safe.

If this behavior is new, take it to your veterinarian. If it is affecting your cat’s health, it might be caused by an underlying medical issue. During the day, play with toys that are interactive. This will allow your cat to interact with the wildlife in the yard.

How To Help A Kitten Sleep Well?

It is not easy to get a new kitten to sleep at night. Whether it’s your first night with a new pet or just trying to get them used to the new environment, sleeping at night can be nerve-wracking. While it’s important for humans to keep their pets busy, cats also need their own sleep.

There are a variety of ways to teach them to sleep. Giving your cat a daytime activity like treats and food can help keep her busy and mentally active. Having fun with toys can also help keep her busy. Ideally, a cat should play and exercise once a day to keep them busy and exhausted. This will help them sleep better. Changing the frequency of food and feeding your cat can help keep them busy and active while you’re at the same time. It can also help them fall asleep quicker.

Before introducing a larger meal to your kitten, be mindful of the calorie count. Having a familiar object around can help get a new cat to sleep at night. Having a blanket or two is also helpful to help get used to the new home. Shut off the bedroom door and keep the cat away from the room.

Set up a litter box away from the room or the bed. Your cat may benefit from medications if it doesn’t respond to other treatments. However, medications can be very helpful if your pet develops a tolerance for them.

Tips To Help Establish Healthy Kitten Sleeping Habits

A newborn kitten’s daily routine consists of sleeping about 90 percent of the time. It’s estimated that these animals spend about 16 to 20 hours each day dozing. When a cat is young, it can feel like it’s sleeping for about an hour. That’s when it’s time to make sure that it gets enough sleep. As a parent, it’s important to keep an eye on your cat’s sleep habits to ensure that he gets enough sleep. It can also help him catch a few z’s when needed.

When you adopt a new pet, it can be unsettling. Your new feline friend will be in a strange environment, and it might not feel like it has enough sleep. There are various ways to help get him enough sleep.

Ideally, a cat bed with a soft blanket or cardboard box is ideal for your pet to sleep in. Also, it can create a sense of security for the owner. Having the necessary supplies in close proximity can help your kitten feel secure in his new home. This will encourage your kitten to play and eat.

When your kitten gets too tired, make sure that everyone leaves your cat alone. You can also install a barrier or gate to keep other pets away from the animal during its nap time.

Bottom Line

By now, for sure, you have understood how much sleep do kittens needs or how often do kittens sleep.

Although your cat will require a lot of sleep, it should start to taper off as they get older. Also, don’t be worried about how much sleep they are sleeping unless they start waking up with low energy. Although it’s possible to encourage them to sleep more, it’s also important to realize that they may never actually sleep at night. This is why it’s important to consider when to start sleeping with them.

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