Can Cats Have Purple Eyes?

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Can Cats Have Purple Eyes

Do you love purple? And wondering if cats have purple eyes? Well, you on the right place as we will talk about that in this article!

One of the most beautiful and expressive elements of a cat’s face is its eyes. They can have a variety of colors, and they can also change in brightness. Although your cat can have purple eyes in certain lights, they cannot have purple eyes for other animals. Also, just like humans, mammals have purple eyes.

If your cat’s eyes are purple, then it is time to take them to their vet. You can see a few signs that indicate a cat has a health issue, such as brown or black spots on their vision. Cat eyes come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from the obvious, these eyes also make cats look pretty. There are also rare breeds that have lilac-colored eyes.

In this post, we will explore the myth of the purple-eyed cat and what it means for the eyes of cats. We also talk about some of the more uncommon colors of cats.


Are There Cats With Purple Eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, cats with purple eyes are not real. Instead, they may appear purple due to certain lighting conditions. The breed of a cat is one of the most crucial factors that influence a cat’s eye color. It is typically inherited from its mothers. The eye color is determined by the layer of pigment cells that make up the back of the iris. They determine if the cells produce two different types of pigment: brown or yellow. The fur color of your cat is also a crucial part of their overall look.

There are a variety of shades of fur that can be found on the Internet. Both breeds and their coloring can affect the amount of melanin produced in a cat. For instance, some cats, such as the Siamese, have blue eyes. Also, it is not uncommon for a cat to have its eyes fully grown. However, if they start to change their color, they may have an infection.

What Determines A Cat’s Eye Color?

Golden, brown, or green eyes are the eyes of cats. They are usually shades of yellow, orange, or brown. Your cat’s eyes can vary in color from a pale yellow to vivid color. The level of melanocyte activity that it shows is the most significant difference between pale yellow and more vivid color. The second most common eye color for cats is green, which is a mixture of hazel and green. This color is usually preferred by cats that live in temperate climates. Blue eyes are less common in cats.

Usually, cats with blue eyes have lighter-colored fur. Also, being blue eyes makes them more likely to be deaf. You can determine a cat’s eye color by its genetics and inherited characteristics. The intensity and number of melanocytes in its iris can vary depending on the environment and the individual’s age.

A green color indicates that there are fewer melanocytes than blue eyes.

Orange eye color is the product of a high concentration of melanocytes. The higher the percentage of melanin in a cat’s eye color, the deeper and more intense it will be. Darker eyes are typical. For instance, a Bombay cat should have copper-colored eyes while a Tonkinese dog should have an aqua-colored one.

Different Kinds Of Eye Color Of Cats

Here are the common eye colors of some of the most popular breed cats:


Yellow is a common color among cats. It depends on the hue of the eye. There are varying shades of yellow, ranging from pale-yellow to more vivid yellow. It can also appear as an overlap between different colored objects.


White cats with blue eyes are known to have the same pigment as the other cats. However, since the light gets refracted and makes the eyes look blue, the pigment in the iris is actually colorless. Although blue eyes are usually the result of a dominant white gene, cats with this color should not be confused with albino ones. White cats can have two different colored eyes depending on their breed standard. White cats may have both blue and non-blue eyes. It has also been observed in cats with pale bodies and dark extremities. This condition can be inherited from the parents of similar breeds like the Balinese and Burmese cats. It has also been observed on cats with darker coats and pale bodies. This color is usually used for pointed cats.

Blue eyes are the results of these major occurrences:

  • Pigment Masking- One of the dominant genetics among white cats.
  • The pigment of Absence- This is very common among Albino and Siamese breeds of cats.
  • Some are Due to a genetic mutation that is carried on a recessive gene.
  • Also, due to a spontaneous Mutation.


This color is not commonly seen in most cats and is mainly due to the lack of melanin. Also, it has a lighter tone compared to the other eye colors. Although it is difficult to find purple eyes for black cats, there are some cats that have green eyes.

Although it is difficult to find purple eyes for black cats, there are some cats that have green eyes. In fact, different genes play a role in the development of green-eyed cats. As a result, there are many green-eyed cats that are also found in Bombay and white breeds.


Brown eyes are the eyes of cats that have a high percentage of melanin. Usually, cats have copper eyes and are prone to having darker shades.

Is There A Meaning If The Cat’s Eye Is Odd?

A cat with odd eyes is usually a hybrid between the colors green and gold. This condition, which is called heterochromia, refers to the difference between the two colors of an eye.

Heterochromia is a rare but significant genetic disorder that occurs when the dominant white gene blocks the distribution and use of pigments within the iris tissues. Odd eyes can also appear in cats with the missing white and white spotting genes. Also, they tend to have dichromatic eyes, which have two colors in one iris.

Are Cats Blind After Being Born?

Yes, They are. However, When babies are born blind and deaf, their eyes will open for about seven to ten days. When they are born with a blue color, it means that they are deaf and blind. After a week, they will start reacting and opening their eyes.

They then gradually lose their color and may have flecks of blue in their eyes by six weeks old. A kitten’s eyes are as good as those of an adult cat when it is ten weeks old. At three months old, its final color is considered its final color.

What Does It Mean If You See Your Cat’s Eye Changing Color?

If you ever see your cat’s eyes are changing colors, it could be a sign of an illness. Also, it’s a good idea to consult a veterinarian if it gets worse. It is just to avoid your cats from suffering from any kind of illness, which is why it is recommended to regularly consult your veterinarian.

Most Common And Rare Eye Color

There are many Cat breeds that have different colors, and some of them are Common. Also, some of these are rare and have a lot of potentials. Greenish-Yellow and Gold are the Two Most Common Cat Eye Colors. They Both have a Low Number of Melanocytes, and Also Their Eyes are Not as Intense.


According to Irish folktale, nature breaks through the eyes of cats. This is because their fur eyes are truly mesmerizing. Despite the lack of evidence supporting the existence of purple eyes, cat lovers are still in awe of the varying colors of their feline companions’ eyes. However, there is no scientific proof that there’s a purple eye cat’s color due to genetics.

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