Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

As a cat owner, you know one of the disadvantages of having a feline in your house is the maintenance of the dreaded litter box. If you have a multi-cat household, you will require more than one box. If you have a self-cleaning will box or one of those newfangled robotic ones that self-sift, maintaining a litter box will be effortless. However, manually maintaining a litter box will only require a few seconds or so. But the presence of a litter box can be an eyesore. It is a good thing that the era of exposed litter boxes is gone. Furniture manufacturers and pet companies have finally decided that they can stylishly conceal cat boxes. Get ready to rid your home of unsightly litter boxes and replace them with litter boxes that look like furniture.

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Who Should Buy Litter Box Furniture– litter boxes that look like furniture

Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

Cats require space and privacy when performing their private activities, so a litter box that resembles furniture can be a perfect resting area and comfortable space. 

Compared to a regular litter box is these litter box enclosures are roomier for your cats and can hold other litter accessories and have ventilation systems that minimize odors. Additionally, it has special features that stop leakages from spilling onto your floor. Also, many cat parents do not like litter boxes scattered around the house and attract attention. One of the main problems of maintaining litter boxes is how to hide it when friends and guests come over. Litter box furniture is an ideal hiding place for a litter box, and it is created to complement your living areas and remain hidden from visitors.

Litter box furniture gives your pets freedom in their private sessions. Additionally, it stores every litter supply and keeps them out of sight. It is a stylish addition to your interior decor that can beautify your living area.

What is the Best Cat Litter Box Furniture? — litter boxes that look like furniture

Out of sight is out of mind. Hence if you want to hide your litter box inside an enclosure, you’ll need to make it a point to open it every now and then to clean it daily.

Most of the time, cats are great at sniffing out their litter box and knowing exactly where to find it even if you put it in a new area. If your cat is adaptable, a litter box furniture is an excellent way to enhance the look of your home. Finally, you can put away ugly looking litter boxes.

If your cat is finicky, old, or like things to be familiar, there’s always a chance they will not use their new litter box. In this case, you will have a piece of furniture that can be used in other ways.

Important Features to Consider in litter boxes that look like furniture

Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

Litter box furniture should be able to do several things well. The following are some things to consider when choosing a litter box enclosure for your feline pet:

The size

When looking for litter box furniture for your feline, make sure that it is the correct size. If you have a bigger cat, choose a larger litter box enclosure that can handle the extra weight and that can accommodate bigger litter pans. It should be roomy enough so your cat can move freely in it, so make sure that there is enough room while they perform their activities and they are comfortable doing so. If your cat is small or old, make sure that the entryway isn’t too high so they won’t have any challenge reaching it.

The materials

When purchasing litter box furniture examine the materials, they are made from. It is recommended to look for something that is durable and sturdy and can withstand scratching and strong impact. Additionally, some materials are specially made to be cat urine resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture and unpleasant odor. Additionally, examine the type of paint. It is in the interest of both you and your feline cat that litter box furniture paint doesn’t have any lead or other toxic chemicals that can potentially harm your health.

Proper ventilation

Your litter box enclosure must have an appropriate ventilation system that encourages air circulation. It will stop bad odor from lingering around, and it is crucial to creating a healthy and comfortable environment for your cat. 

Easy cleaning

Your litter box enclosure should be effortless to clean and has easy access to inner areas. Most litter box enclosures will have front entrances, and some of them can also be opened at the top so that you can clean it speedily and effortlessly. 

The color and design

Since litter box furniture is intricately designed to hide away litter accessories and blend in with your living area, it is up to you to decide on the kind of aesthetics that will fit your interior. A majority of these enclosures were designed to resemble nightstands or end tables so they will not be noticed by guests and will look no different from ordinary furniture. It is also crucial to make sure that they are available in neutral colors such as white or brown so they can easily blend into any décor.

Frequently Asked Questions– litter boxes that look like furniture

Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

What is a cat litter box furniture?

Cat litter box furniture is an enclosure type that is created to store litter boxes and other litter supplies. It gives cats roomy space and privacy to do their stuff. It will resemble a regular piece of furniture such as tables or cabinets so it is good in keeping the litter box out of sight and it won’t clash with your room decor.

How big should a cat’s litter box be?

The size of the litter box will depend on the size of your cat. Ideally, your cat should have enough room to move and feel comfortable within it. The general rule is that litter box should be at least one and a half times the length of your cat which exclude the length of the tail and at least the same width as the length of the cats. In this way, they will have plenty of room to move. If you are unsure, it is always recommended to opt for the bigger size.

Do cats like to share litter boxes?

This can vary from cat to cat, but overall, it is recommended that every cat in your household has a personal litter box. Cats tend to be territorial, and if they are forced to share a litter box with other cats, it may lead to aggression, or they may end up doing their private stuff elsewhere inside your home. Experts recommend having one litter box for every cat plus a spare. If you own several litter boxes, it is recommended to put them at a distance from each other as much as possible. However, as discussed earlier, the ability to share will differ from cat to cat, and there are many instances where cats are able to share one litter box without any issues.

Is cat litter box furniture easy to clean?

Almost every litter box furniture will have a front entrance that makes the cleaning effortless. Additionally, some of the other box enclosures can also be opened at the top, allowing you effortless access to inner areas.

Top three litter boxes that look like furniture



Product Name: Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture House with Table

Product Description: This multi-functional litter boxes that look like furniture gives your cat enough room for their private activity along with extra storage shelf for litter supplies. This litter boxes that look like furniture improve your living space with its elegant aesthetics and white color. The multi-functional cat house litter boxes that look like furniture can hide your cat litter box and even their pet bed. It resembles regular furniture pieces and can match the decor of your home. It comes with a handy extra storage shelf which is a place to keep your pet’s items such as food and toys concealed. It is also perfect for easily accessing your own stuff, such as your reading material, TV remote, and many others. If you love your pet but dislike how their bed or litter box clashes with the rest of your décor, this litter boxes that look like furniture is elegantly designed and is your ideal all-in-one. Your pet will enjoy snuggling in their bed within this cozy compartment, and your cat can enjoy the luxury of the private enclosure of their litter box.

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Material


With this litter boxes that look like furniture, you will never have to be hassled about talking the litter boxes away in a concealed place to hide it from plain sight. It is equipped with additional storage spaces, and it can turn into a regular working piece of furniture for your home. This litter boxes that look like furniture is the perfect solution for both you and your cat to enjoy together.


  • Ideal all-in-one
  • Your pet will love snuggling in a bed within this cozy house
  • Your cat can enjoy the luxury of a private bathroom


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Crown Pet Products Cat Litter Cabinet

Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

This litter boxes that look like furniture is created from durable hardwood that has lacquer finishing that can match any decor. It utilizes MDF lower that resists the absorption of liquids and odor. This litter boxes that look like furniture has a top which can be opened with a spring-loaded hinge to make cleaning effortless.

It also features an interchangeable panel that can be assembled on left or right and has a non-marking furniture glide foot that acts as a shield to protect floors.

This litter boxes that look like furniture is made of durable hardwood with lacquer finishing and features an open top with interchangeable panels. It has furniture glide feet for floor protection. This litter boxes that look like furniture is roomy enough for large litter pans. The beautiful hardwood construction resembles teak, and the stained lacquered finish is similar to fine furniture which can enhance your interiors.

It comes with an interchangeable panel which can be built on the left or right side and comes with glide feet protectors. The top can be held open with a spring-loaded hinge for effortless access. The MDF floor is waterproof and resists absorption of liquids and odors and is effortless to clean. It has a removable carpet which can keep the cat litter and dust contained.

  • Beautiful hardwood construction
  • Interchangeable pet-access panel
  • The top is held open with a spring-loaded hinge
  • No negative reviews so far

Etna Cat Kitty Litter Hide Away End Table Cabinet Box


This litter boxes that look like furniture is designed to resemble a small cabinet and can be placed as a faux end table nightstand or accent table. It has an attractive design with pawprints pattern and a kitty silhouette. This litter boxes that look like furniture is a small size cabinet that can be put over a litter box. It can fit with your living room interiors as a nightstand or accent table. The pattern and kitty silhouettes design are lovely to look at. 

This litter boxes that look like furniture can hide eyesore litter boxes with its cute and cleverly designed aesthetic. Place these litter boxes that look like furniture anywhere. The classic design features paw and cut out kitty silhouettes, and the structure provides easy access for your cats. Aside from litter boxes, it can also accommodate beds. It can fit large litter pans.

Reviewers have raved that their cats love it! The cat will either sleep in it or sit on top of it. Most buyers enjoy its look and rave that it is really cute. 

  • Hideaway box
  • Place it over your existing litter box
  • Use as an end table, nightstand, or accent table
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

One of the hassles of having a cat is caring and maintaining their litter box. Although there are tons of litter boxes on the market that have utilitarian use, not all of them will have aesthetics to match your interiors. It can be frustrating to look at litter boxes if you have nowhere else to put them, and they have to be in your living area. An excellent solution are litter boxes that look like furniture. With these litter boxes, you can hide away any eyesore, and your home will look put together and well-designed.