Do Litter Boxes Attract Roaches?

by Hayley
Do Litter Boxes Attract Roaches

Do litter boxes attract roaches? Cockroaches are pests that are very unwelcome in our homes. They can be dangerous as they contaminate our food and cause various diseases.

If you have a cat, it is always a concern that its litter box might attract pests to your home. It can be hard to extract these pests, making your life even more difficult.

Kinds of Litter to Repel Roaches

Do Litter Boxes Attract Roaches?

Yes, litter boxes attract roaches. Although cats are known to be very aggressive in attacking and killing cockroaches, the tiny pests could still infest the litter boxes of their feline friends. Cockroaches are usually attracted to anything dirty, and the cat litter boxes are no different.

One of the factors that can attract a lot of roaches is the type of litter you use. For instance, if you use biodegradable cat litter, it could potentially provide them with food. These litters come from plant-based materials such as wheat, corn, and pine.

Choose a type of cat litter that won’t attract pests, such as those made from clay, silica, or biodegradable. Choose these artificial ones continuously. These three types of litter are known to repel various bugs.

Various Cat Litters That Attract Roaches

If you’re looking at just cat litter, you’ll see that it doesn’t contain any other products. However, if you’re looking for something biodegradable, you might want to use the biodegradable variety. They come from shredded paper, wheat, and trees.

These items attract both food and shelter-loving roaches because they are both suitable for both. Some of the things on their list include food and shelter. It’s not like they’re picky about what they eat.

Even if you regularly clean your cat litter, it’s still not enough to use biodegradable products to attract these pests. They’ll still turn up in your home. Removing them from your house will take more than one cleaning session.

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Kinds of Litter to Repel Roaches

Cockroaches love to eat and drink all types of litter, so you must choose the ones that they don’t like. It will help keep them away and keep the box clean and your cat safe.

Clay-based Cat Litter

One of the oldest forms of commercial cat litter is clay-based. You can find this type of litter in various stores.

During the post-war era, people started using clay-based cat litter as their indoor toilet. Before this, people used ashes or sand as their cat’s litter boxes.

Clay-based cat litter originates from light and absorbent clay particles. Edward Lowe developed the patent for this type of litter after he used industrial-grade granulated clay to replace the old litter boxes for his cats.

About 40% of the cat litter market has clay-based products. This type of litter can keep the pests at bay, but you must clean it frequently.

Silica-based Cat Litter

This new cat litter comes from silica gel, a quartz component. It’s absorbent and can help control odor. Silica gel is a type of material that’s prevalent in cat litter boxes. It can absorb the urine of cats.

Compared to clay-based litter, silica gel produces less debris and dust. It’s also very safe for cats. Due to its chemical inertness, it acts as a moisture-absorbing agent. It also has a better absorption capacity. It means that it’s less likely to end up in the garbage.

Do Roaches Get Attracted to Cat Urine?

Cockroaches are attracted to urine, as it has a powerful ammonia-like smell. While they may not necessarily be attracted to the substance, the smell is what they consider food.

Changing your cat’s litter is essential to prevent it from developing a foul odor. Doing so will allow it to be thoroughly cleaned and prevent it from sitting in the container for a long time.

If you keep the litter box clean, however, it won’t be a problem. The urine won’t be able to attract pests.

Can Roaches Harm Your Cats at Home?

Although they are harmless for cats, some things are not ideal for them to be around when it comes to crawling with pests. These include the hard exoskeleton of the insects, which can severely affect a cat if it ingests them.

Exoskeletons can cause various gastrointestinal issues, such as indigestion and diarrhea. They can also trigger allergic reactions in your cat, leading to vomiting and diarrhea.

The exoskeleton can also break down into smaller pieces inside a cat’s mouth. If the animal does not chew properly, these fragments can get stuck in its digestive system.

It can also lead to vomiting or even a chokehold. In rare cases, the exoskeleton’s fragments can travel with the animal’s blood to its lungs or heart, leading to serious health issues.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches love hiding in dark and dirty places. You must lure them out of their hiding places to get rid of them.

Mix the ingredients for bait and boil it. After it cools down, submerge it in a container and apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the edges to keep the other insects away. Place the container inside a trap that’s near a cat litter box. Check the container every morning to ensure the drowned insects are still there.

This combination of boric acid and diatomaceous earth effectively attracts and kills the various types of cockroaches that live in hiding places.

To make the trap:

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic box.
  2. Add a layer of boric acid and a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth around the box.
  3. Seal it and place some lethal weapons at the center of the box.

The cockroaches return to hiding once they see the new weapon.

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Preventing Roaches From Entering Your Home

Preventive cleaning is one of the most critical factors you can consider when preventing pests from entering your house. Having a well-sealed house can help keep them away, but if they want to get in, they’ll go in one direction or another.

To prevent roaches from entering your cat’s litter box, you must remove their desire to get in to prevent pests from entering your house. Doing so can help seal the cracks and holes and regularly clean the house.

To keep pests at bay, do a thorough cleaning of your house. In addition to the areas where food and water situate, you should also inspect the areas where water and water can attract them.

Make sure to clean your house regularly. One of the most critical steps that you can take to prevent pests from entering your house is to get rid of your garbage can regularly.


Do litter boxes attract roaches? Not many people would find cat litter on a list of things that a cockroach would like to get rid of. However, if it’s very nasty, it will eventually make its way up the list and become the first target.

Cockroaches prefer to live in homes with less attractive features, such as cat litter. However, if you keep it clean and keep on doing what you can to make it as unattractive as possible, your house will be just fine.

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