Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats – Top 3 Picks!

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best self cleaning litter box for large cats

A large cat begs for large things – from cat towers, cat beds, and most of all, litter boxes. You have to ensure that your kitty can eliminate properly without tossing litter out of the box. And unlike typical options, you have to look for the best self cleaning litter box for large cats. This will guarantee that the box is always fresh and ready for the next use. If you’re looking for one, the following are the three top picks in the market:

 Our Top Pick! 
CatGenie Self-Flushing
Cat Litter Box
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PetSafe ScoopFree
Automatic Litter Box
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Omega Paw
Litter Box
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Benefits of self-cleaning litter boxes

While self-cleaning litter boxes may appear more expensive than traditional options, it offers a myriad of benefits. The following perks will surely change your mind:

  • Better odor control. The problem with litter trays is that the fecal matter sits unless you scoop it right away. On the contrary, self-cleaning litter boxes allow immediate cleaning right after your cat used it. This prevents the odor from wafting into your home.
  • Less manual work. While automatic litter boxes still require some level of work, it’s much less than traditional litter trays. It will save you from getting too close to the fecal matter. This makes automatic litter boxes are a great choice for cat owners who don’t want to do the dirty work.
  • Encourage use. Cats hate the smell of dirty litter boxes, which is the main reason why the kitty will refuse to use it. This will lead to accidents all over the house. With the best self-cleaning litter box for large cats, you can prevent this from happening.
  • Prevents kid access. Curious kids will often tamper with litter and cause a big mess around the house. With an automatic litter box, you’ll get a covered type that will keep the litter away from children’s reach.

Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats – Top 3 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Litter Box
best self cleaning litter box for large cats

Product Name: CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Litter Box

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best self cleaning litter box for large cats, you won’t go wrong with the CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Litter box. This one washes automatically using SaniSolution. It’s vet-approved and guaranteed safe for your kitty. Aside from that, it has an enclosed design that looks like a cat toilet. After your cat eliminates and exits, the litter box will release the cleaning liquid into the washable granules. It also comes with a built-in scooper that will remove the solids before the cleaning solution floods the granules. Once the water drains, the litter box will emit hot air to dry the granules.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Odor Control
  • Value for Money


Unlike other litter boxes, this needs to be connected to the same drainage as your toilet or washing machine. It’s very easy to set up, and the kit contains all the things you need to hook it up to your drainage line. You can set this up in the bathroom or right in your laundry room.

Overall, this is a pretty neat invention that will save you money from litter replacements. You can also choose between three activation options. It has a cat activation mode that runs a cycle after each use, as well as a time activation that runs four times a day on its pre-programmed schedule. Lastly, you can operate it manually through the Central Panel.

Although the upfront price is much higher than other litter boxes, the CatGenie will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run.


Hooked to your drainage line

Uses washable granules

Works like a cat toilet


Requires installation, but truly worth it!


PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

best self cleaning litter box for large cats

If you want a more straightforward option, you can opt for the PetSafe ScoopFree litter box. The Ultra unit uses crystal litter for the best odor control. It absorbs all moisture and dehydrates all solids for easy scooping. The best part here is the crystal litter lasts longer without the need to scoop out the used ones.

Moreover, this has low-tracking as compared to typical clay litter. It’s 99% dust-free as well, which is a great option for households with asthmatic members. The litter won’t stick on your cat’s paws and either, which is a big plus for large and long-haired kitties.

The highlight of this litter box is the safety sensors that regulate the scoop. It will initiate the scoop after your cat eliminate and stop it while your cat is inside.

At the bottom of the litter is a disposable tray that catches all the leaks. This guarantees clean and hassle-free maintenance. You can also throw the tray away once the litter is all used up.

What I also like here is the built-in health monitor. It counts the times your cat uses the litter box to monitor its health and changes in elimination. This will give you an idea about your cat’s digestion, which will also help the vet for proper diagnosis.

Simply plug the litter box, and it will do its job. Aside from the disposable tray, you will also receive a dome box for your cat’s privacy and added odor control.

  • 99% dust-free
  • Sensor to detect when to cycle
  • Health monitor counter
  • Some cats may not thrive in crystal litter

Omega Paw Litter Box

If you’re on a budget and not looking for fancy features, I highly recommend the Omega Paw Litter Box. It doesn’t have electronic parts. You simply roll the box to its side, and the mechanism inside will sift the litter and isolate the clumps. The solids will then go to the tray inside that you can pull out, so there’s no scooping needed!

Even without electricity, this litter box will keep functioning. There’s no excuse not to clean your cat’s litter box! This design is patented and definitely very unique of all automatic litter boxes I’ve seen before.

If you have a big cat or multiple felines at home, this litter box is a great choice. It has a dome construction and an elevated entrance that will prevent litter dust from scattering outside. You can also use silica litter here if you don’t want to use clumping types.

Just make sure that you latch the top and bottom parts properly before rolling it. This will prevent the litter from being messy.

Overall, this is made to last for years. It’s a very simple yet genius design if you don’t want the fuss electrically-powered litter boxes. This is also much cheaper and suitable for older pet owners.

  • Does not require electricity
  • Unique roll operation
  • Lasts for years
  • Compatible with clumping and silica litter only

How to choose automatic litter boxes

When it comes to the best self-cleaning litter box for large cats, you have to be meticulous. You should consider the following points first:


The first thing you should consider is how large the litter box is. You need to get a spacious and tall option for large cats so the kitty can move around with ease. Ample space is also needed, so the litter won’t scatter out of the box. For those with multiple cats, a larger space means more litter to be used.

✔️Cleaning mechanism

When it comes to automatic litter boxes, the cleaning mechanism varies widely. Some use a drainage system connected to your home’s sewage system. This is convenient since you no longer have to scoop out and dispose of the fecal matter.

On the other hand, some use a mechanical scoop that sifts the solids into a removable tray. This keeps the litter box suitable for use. However, you still need to remove the fecal matter and dispose of it properly.

Lastly, there are litter boxes that use a rolling motion. The Omega Paw litter box I reviewed above has this patented design. It doesn’t require electricity or any complicated installation.


The entrance design of the litter box is very important, especially if you have an aging cat. It should be easy to access without toppling the litter box. You should also consider the depth of the entrance to prevent the litter from spilling out as your cat covers up its poop.

✔️Covered or not covered?

This part is a common dilemma among newbie cat owners. For the most part, covered litter boxes are ideal for odor control and privacy. It also prevents litter from making a mess on the floor. And if you have a toddler, a covered litter box is a must.

However, if your cat is aging or is having trouble pooping on covered litter boxes, you can use an open one. The good thing is that some litter boxes have a removable top cover that lets you cover it as necessary.

✔️Installation/assembly requirements

Some self-cleaning litter boxes like CatGenie requires extensive installation since it works like a cat toilet. Despite the extra work needed, it’s more convenient in the long run, and you no longer have to spend money on litter replacements.

But if you don’t want the hassle of assembly, you can opt for ready-to-use litter boxes. It’s simple, but it will require regular scooping and cleaning. It depends on which one you prefer.


While it’s easy to choose the cheapest option in the market, it might be more expensive in the long run. If you want a litter box that lasts long, I recommend that you invest a few more bucks.

Automatic litter boxes may cost more, but it will be more convenient to use. Every dollar is worth it for those who have busy schedules and cat owners who don’t want to deal with the mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do self-cleaning litter box still smell?

A: Self-cleaning litter boxes help reduce the bad odor of fecal matter. However, it doesn’t mean that you no longer have to wash the litter box itself. After some time, you’d have to break down the parts and give it a good clean. This will help wash all the streaks and trapped dirt that the self-cleaning system can’t remove.

Q: Do self-cleaning litter boxes really work?

A: Automatic litter boxes are great options if you want to save yourself from manual scooping. It does the job for you, so you only have to dispose of the fecal matter. It’s a good choice if you’re busy and can’t clean up right after your cat. The only downside is that self-cleaning litter boxes have a higher cost than typical ones. Nevertheless, every dollar is worth the splurge.

Q: How often should I replace automatic litter boxes?

A: As much as automatic litter boxes are self-cleaning, you still have to clean it. Also, the time will come that you’d have to get a replacement. It depends on the frequency of use and how worn out the box gets. Experts recommend that you replace the litter box every one to three years, depending on the frequency of use.

Q: How often should I replace cat litter?

A: If you’re using clumping litter, you must replace it every 2 to 4 weeks. Meanwhile, crystal and silica litter can be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks. The good thing is that some automatic litter boxes like CatGenie have washable granules that virtually don’t need replacements. It will help you save more money in the long run.

Q: How do you make cat litter last longer?

A: Scooping right after your cat eliminated will make litter last longer. If you don’t have the time to do it, I recommend that you use a self-cleaning litter box instead. It will remove the fecal matter and isolate it on a pull tray that you can clean later on. This way, the poop doesn’t stay for too long on the litter.

Final words

The best self cleaning litter box for large cats will save you from the manual work of scooping your pet’s poop. It has a special mechanism that removes solid matter faster. It also boasts better odor control, which is a must for large cats that surprise you with large turds every morning.

What do you think of these self-cleaning litter boxes? Let us know below in the comment section!

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