How You Can Keep Fleas Out Of The Litter Box?

by Jayley
How You Can Keep Fleas Out Of The Litter Box
Can Cat Litter Attract Fleas

Having a hard time dealing with fleas on your cat’s litterbox? You’re at the right place! If you had enough to get rid of those annoying critters, this article would teach you how to keep fleas out of the litter box.

Every pet owner has had a hard time dealing with the thought of having fleas. These parasites have been causing pain and suffering for thousands of years. They love to inflict pain on our pets and cause them to become very agitated.

If they have fleas, they can also transmit the disease to people and objects in the house. If you see fleas in the litter box, it’s possible that they have already migrated to your home. Although it’s not necessary to panic, it’s important to act fast to get rid of fleas.

Can Cat Litter Attract Fleas?

Fleas can live in cat litters and make it their dwelling place. These parasites always find ways to get close to your cat’s fur and suck their blood. So, we can assume that fleas only live on cat litter as it can be their best place to stay near your cat. So, if your cat’s litter box has fleas, then it is very much likely that your cat also has fleas.

Do Fleas Stay On Litter Boxes?

In fact, yes. Fleas stay in litter boxes, but they don’t really want to. Since fleas are a kind of parasite, they need a host to survive because they need blood. Obviously, the cat’s litter box doesn’t have anything that they can eat except for your cat. If you have fleas in the litter box, they probably got there by falling off your cat. Also, if your cat has fleas, then it’s more likely that you have flea eggs in the littler box.

How Do I Know If There Are Fleas In The Litter Box?

If you want to know if there are fleas on the litter box, examine your cat for fleas. It may be challenging to spot these tiny parasites in the litter box, so what you should do is examine your cat instead.

Comb your cat’s fur.

Use a separate comb for your cat’s fur. By combing your cat’s fur, you can see his skin underneath, and you can be able to spot some tiny black, brown, red critters attached to your cat’s skin. When your cat has fleas, then it’s already a clear sign that there may be on his litter box, too.

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Small, dark dots.

When you spot small, dark dots on your cat’s litter box, then it might be fleas or fleas waste if it doesn’t move.

Your cat scratches his skin.

When you see your cat itching, scratching, or chewing his skin, it’s a sign that there are fleas – on his skin, litter box, and his things. If so, you may need to clean the litter to remove the fleas, as well as look for remedies to remove fleas from your cat’s skin. 

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How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In The Cat Litter Box?

How to keep fleas out of the litter box? To get rid of these annoying fleas on your cat’s litter box, you can follow the following tips:

1.   Use a flea comb.

Getting rid of fleas is one of the most effective ways to keep your cat healthy and happy. Daily grooming will allow you to spot traces of flea dirt in your coat. This will make it look like tiny specks of salt and pepper. You can also ensure that your cat’s coat is thoroughly combed by avoiding the use of a comb. As you comb your cat’s fur, the teeth of a comb are designed to catch the fleas.

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2.   Use a bowl of soapy water.

This is a natural and organic flea remedy for cats. Rinse your cat’s fur using a bowl of soapy water. As the fleas fall off, they will eventually disappear as long as the cats are still being rinsed. Follow this step for at least two weeks. If the fleas disappear, you can now stop the process.

3.   Cool water bath.

A cool water bath with a shampoo that contains natural oils such as lavender and eucalyptus will help remove the fleas from the cats’ coats. This method is very effective for killing fleas, but it can be very stressful for your cat as cats don’t like water. This method will allow you to drown the fleas. Also, fleas cannot withstand the scent of natural oils, so it will help brush them off for a long.

4.   Clean your house using a vacuum.

Although fleas rarely spend their time on your cat, they can still live and reproduce in various places. They can live and reproduce in the cat litter box, your furniture, and even cracks in your floorboards. Using the vacuum cleaner is often enough to remove the flea and pet waste from the surfaces. It will also suck up the eggs and larvae from these areas.

Make sure to thoroughly clean out all the areas around your cat that are prone to getting flea infestation, such as the cat trees, pet beds, and windowsills. Also, make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner cup and bag properly to prevent the fleas from returning.

5.   Use anti-flea products.

If you’ve tried natural remedies to get rid of fleas on your cats, it’s time to try industrially made products. If you want to eliminate fleas in your home, then you should consider using diatomaceous earth. This natural product is known for its effectiveness in treating fleas.

6.   Clean your cat’s litter box regularly.

Aside from cleaning your house, it would be best if you also cleaned your cat’s litter box as much as possible. While fleas are not attracted to your cat’s litter box, they can still end up there. The unclean litter box can attract fleas to live there. Dump your cat’s litter in the proper place. You can use insect sprays but make sure that your cat is not near it when you do it.

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7.   Keep your cat clean.

A groomed and clean cat may not attract fleas. So, it is essential to keep your cat clean. Also, as much as possible, don’t let your cat near animals infested with fleas.

8.   Steam clean

Steam clean your carpets, pillows, upholstery, mattresses, and any fabric surface that you can’t put in the washing machine. Steam cleaning can kill fleas and larvae, known to hide in the dirt. It can also help remove other pests that you might have missed.

Do Fleas Lay Eggs In Litter Boxes?

Of course, yes. Fleas can lay eggs on your cat’s litter box. They can lay eggs anywhere – including your cat’s litter box. In fact, female fleas can lay 50 flea eggs per day! That seems overwhelming to hear, but that’s true. So, fleas infestation is a very serious issue. It is important to always clean your surroundings – especially the cat’s litter boxes to keep fleas away.

What Will Happen When There Are Fleas In The Litter Box?

High humidity conditions are ideal for the growth of fleas. This is because cat urine can create a moist environment ideal for flea eggs. Once the eggs hatch, they can feed on your cat’s waste and adult fleas, containing traces of your pet’s blood. They will lay their eggs in a quiet area near the litter box and will hatch in three to nine days.

Once on your cat, fleas consume its blood and mate with each other, which then lays eggs in its fur. This is how the pests can spread throughout your home. If you have seen fleas on your cat, it’s likely that they have already taken over your home. You can find fleas in various places, such as your cat’s bed, the furniture, and the litter box.

How Do Cats Get Fleas?

We all know that litter box has fleas because your cat has fleas, but how do cats get them?

If you have an indoor cat, then he is most likely never has fleas unless you have a dog that has brought them into your home. But, for outdoor cats, it is very easy to get fleas.

They prefer moist, cool, and shady environments. For instance, trees and shrubs are great places for fleas to thrive. When outside, cats like to hunt in areas where they can find their prey. They usually target shrubs and trees. So, getting fleas on your cat is as simple as going to a place where there are fleas. They’ll immediately hop on your cat if he spends a lot of time in their area.


Getting rid of fleas is one of the most common pet problems. They can be very destructive and can make your cat very unhappy. Also, it can be a threat to your cat’s health. But, by following this simple guide, you can get rid of fleas effectively – once and for all. Most importantly, you can keep fleas away from your cat and space by maintaining cleanliness.

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