5 Best Cat Litters for Multiple Cats at Home

by Jayley
best cat litter for multiple cats

Paying for dirt? Far from the literal dirt, cat litters nowadays are improved using special materials with better odor control while keeping your pet safe. In this post, I’ll help you find the best cat litter for multiple cats to get the most out of your purchase. I’ve personally scoured hundreds of options in the market, so you no longer have to go through the same hassle.

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What is cat litter?

Every cat parent is familiar with this type of product. Cat litters are one of the main necessities of a domesticated cat since the kitty will eliminate indoors. It’s a substance that you’ll add inside the litter box to resemble sand or soil. It’s also super-absorbent to hold the urine and feces of your pet.

Cat litters have been in use since the 1900s, which is made of mixed sand and ash. This basic formula works, but only to a certain extent. A sand and ash litter sticks to the feet of a cat, which can quickly spread all over your home. Also, not all cats are fond of the materials, which happens to be harsh in nature. Aside from that, ash and sand are not enough to control the odor that will emanate from the litter box.

It was in the 1940s when granulated clay was introduced as a material for cat litters. We have to thank Edward Lowe for this genius invention since granulated clay is much better in soaking fluids and combatting malodors.

The modern-day cat litter still uses this ingredient, but with more additions. Various hazards were reduced, and it’s now available in almost every pet store.

Are cat litters eco-friendly?

Well, a lot of experts have divided opinions about this. For one, clay is mined, so it leaves a carbon footprint. Meanwhile, silica that are used as an alternative to clay can be dangerous if ingested.

The good news, though, is that many modern litters are made to be eco-friendly. You can find litters made of sawdust, wheat, peanut shells, corn cobs, and more. These materials are bound by starch to duplicate the absorbency of clay or silica to some extent.

How about disposing of cat litters? You should never throw used litter in the corner of your garden. If your cat litter uses clay or any material with synthetic odor, it can’t be used as compost. That’s regardless if the litter has pet waste. If you wish to use cat litter for composting or mulching, look for a biodegradable formula.

For proper disposal, scoop the used litter and seal it inside double-lined bags. After that, tie the bag and then place it inside another bag that you have to seal correctly. Unlike typical plastic bags, double bags don’t break easily, and it will prevent the spread of bacteria.

Cat litter buying guide

When it comes to the best cat litter for multiple cats, I recommend the following tips:

Types of cat litter

The first thing we have to consider is the type of litter. The following are the most common types you’ll find in the market together with its unique characteristics:

**Clumping litter

Clumping litters are the most common options nowadays. The material clumps as it absorbs, making it easy to remove the used portions. Also, clumping litters prevent the mess from spreading to your home since the material holds the fluids, and your cat can’t step on it. If you replace clumping litters regularly, especially for multi-cat setups, you can prevent odor buildup.

**Non-clumping litter

Non-clumping litters use clay to absorb the cat excretion. But unlike the clumping counterpart, the non-clumping material allows fluids to pass through the litter and into the bottom tray. This can be used in conjunction with a litter pad, like the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter (full review below!).

**Crystal litter

Crystal litters are the newest innovations in the pet market. It’s made of a silicone-based material that’s more absorbent than clumping litters. This litter type is also more efficient in reducing cat odors. The only downside here is that the crystals don’t clump, and it’s more expensive in the long run.

**Natural litter

Natural litter is biodegradable. It’s made of organic materials like pine, paper, wheat, husks, and more. This is a good alternative for cats with dust allergies. Most natural litters in the market can be flushed safely through the toilet or used as compost material. The good thing about natural litters is it has larger pellets that prevent tracking. However, the downside is that it’s less absorbent.

5 Best Cat Litters for Multiple Cats


MY TOP PICK: World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula
best cat litter for multiple cats

Product Name: World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Product Description: If you're looking for the best cat litter for multiple cats, I swear by the World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula. It's an all-natural litter made of whole kernel corn with excellent absorbency. The best thing here is that this formula is 99% dust-free for your safety. Another thing that I like about World's Best Cat Litter is the addition of natural wood fibers that helps in the clumping effect. Also, it has a fresh forest scent that will not irritate your cat. I also like that each 28-pound bag lasts long. For those with two cats, this bag will last for 60 days, while for those with four felines, the litter will be of use until 30 days. That's more than I could ask.

Offer price: $$$

  • Materials
  • Absorbency
  • Cat-friendliness
  • Value for Money


Overall, this litter has unbeatable odor control and quick clumping. It’s also very easy to scoop, and as an all-natural formula, you won’t worry about harmful substances.

Are you worried about your cat ingesting the litter? Since it’s made of natural material, you will have peace of mind that your cat is safe.

You can send it back for a fully guaranteed refund if you’re not happy with this cat litter.


All-natural materials

Long-lasting litter

100% money-back guarantee


None so far (cat-approved!)


Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Litter

best cat litter for multiple cats

Another clumping cat litter I recommend is the one from Fresh Step. It’s an unscented formula, which is ideal for sensitive cats. Nevertheless, it remains effective in reducing bad odors and tracking.

Fresh Step is made of natural clay, so it’s non-biodegradable. Anyway, it’s just a small issue for the quality and convenience that this litter provides. Unlike its predecessor product, this new Fresh Step litter is low dust to reduce potential irritations for both the cats and their owners.

It’s formulated for multiple cats with added activated carbon that neutralizes the odor of your cat’s feces and urine. What I really like about this litter is its tight clumps that don’t crumble as I scoop. It’s not very stinky either, even if scooping up close.

If you’re into clay litters, Fresh Step is the best option in the market. Cats like it, and I’m really surprised that it does well in eliminating the odors, despite being scent-free.

The package includes four 25-pound boxes of this litter. It’s the perfect choice for households with a large clowder.

I have no major gripes for this litter since it gives me the best value for my money.

  • Non-scented formula
  • Low dust
  • With added activated carbon
  • The packaging can make use of improvements, but not a biggie

Scoop Away Multi-Cat Litter

best cat litter for multiple cats

If you want to save some bucks, I recommend the Scoop Away Multi-Cat Litter. This litter is made for the busiest litter boxes with guaranteed odor control for up to seven days. It also boasts 5x protection to keep your cat’s excretion within the litter box.

This clumping formula is made of dust-free clay that makes it easy to scoop. The clumps form fast with a topnotch odor-fighting characteristic. Although scented, Scoop Away doesn’t just mask the stink. Its formula neutralizes the bad odor efficiently – all thanks to its added Ammonia Shield.

Aside from clay, this litter is infused with plant extracts for a natural odor. It’s safe for your cat and will not cause any irritations at home. The clumps are tight, too, which is a big plus if you’ve experienced dealing with loose and moist litter before (yeah, gross).

The litter comes in compact packs with resealable bags. It’s a great feature that keeps the substance from spilling or being exposed to moisture.

I had this litter for my cats, and I don’t smell a thing. Make sure that you replace the litter every 7 to 10 days to enjoy the same benefits.

  • 5x more protection
  • Ammonia Shield for odor control
  • Tight clumps
  • It loses its clumping ability faster than other options

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

Are you tired of tracking whenever your cat leaves the litter box? Say no more with the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal. This formula uses a proprietary micro-granules to absorb and seal moisture. It’s also moisture-activated, so it’s more absorbent than clay alone.

Aside from fluids, the clump and seal also traps bad odors for up to 7 days to keep your household smell-free. The material responsible for this is the activated baking crystals that deal with the toughest pet odors. It’s also made of micro-particles that feel soft to your kitty’s footpads without crumbling too easily.

What I really love about this Arm & Hammer litter is its rock-solid clumps. It’s almost dust-free and a total breeze to scoop out for disposal. The patented formula of this litter neutralizes bad odors even before it wafts out of the litter box.

Overall, it’s the best litter if you don’t want to sneeze anymore due to dust and pet odors. It doesn’t stick to the bottom of the litter box, so cleaning it won’t be a chore.

For an affordable price, Arm & Hammer is already a steal for multi-cat households.

  • Excellent absorbency
  • Rock solid clumps
  • Destroys odor
  • None so far

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter Refills

Regardless if you’re using the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE system or not, you’ll never go wrong with this litter. It’s a non-clumping type of litter made with modernite zeolite pellets. It has excellent odor control abilities, thanks to Purina’s proprietary Active Clean Scent technology.

Moreover, it stays solid on top, so you don’t have to worry about tracking. You can easily scoop the litter out when it’s time to clean the litter box.

As a non-clumping litter, this product allows liquids to pass through the pellets. The pad below the litter box will then absorb the moisture. This makes the litter more long-lasting, even for multiple cats and busy litter boxes.

One of the things I love the most about the Purina Tidy is its dust-free pellets and anti-tracking benefits. There would be less mess around the box. And since it’s made of zeolite, this litter has a natural fragrance, too. It helps block ammonia odors for up to a week.

Hot tip: although the brand doesn’t recommend, the pellets can be washed and reused.

  • Active Clean Scent
  • Natural odor
  • Dust-free and track-free
  • The pellets stick to the fecal matter which makes you lose more litter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is cat litter toxic or poisonous to humans?

A: Cat litters aren’t usually harmful to humans if used and disposed of properly. However, individuals suffering from respiratory problems like asthma might experience irritations when exposed to cat litter.

Q: What are the cat litters vets recommend?

A: Some of the vet-recommended cat litters are World’s Best Cat Litter, Fresh Step, Scoop Away, Arm & Hammer, and Purina Tidy. These products have a safe and highly absorbent formula that prevents tracking and odor buildup.

Q: Should I wear a mask when cleaning my cat’s litter?

A: Yes, especially if you’re using a dust-based formula. Aside from the smell of the cat excretion, the dust may also irritate your lungs. There’s also the risk of contracting bacteria from the used litter. Depending on the cat food your paet eats, the smell could be intense.

Final words

The best cat litter for multiple cats will help you manage pet odors and elimination. With the right product, you can save yourself from the mess of cleaning a litterbox.

What do you think of the litter products I reviewed here? Let me know below!

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