Best Brush for Maine Coon – Our Top 5 Picks!

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The Maine coons are among those cat breeds which have luscious long hair. That’s why grooming them is one of the essential things that you might consider when you own this cat. Moreover, part of grooming a Maine coon involves the brushing of their coat to maintain its health and natural glow. Therefore, brushing them needs the use of the best brush for Maine coon.

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We reviewed 5 of the best cat brushes available in the market today. Check here and see if you can consider using one of those. Aside from that, to help you easily come up on your buying decision, we will also share some important factors that you should look for before buying a cat brush. If you are excited which one works for your Maine coon, then check them out below!

How to Brush Your Maine Coon?

Since Maine coons have long luscious hair, it highly needed maintenance and proper grooming. Included in the Mains coon’s grooming requirement is the brushing of their coat. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to brush the coat of your Maine coon.

1. Prepare all the supplies needed

Once a week brushing is the required brushing schedule for your Maine coon. This proper grooming process aids in maintaining the smoothness and softness of cat’s fur. Aside from that, brushing spreads out the natural oils within the fur of the Maine coon. Prior to brushing their coat, you need to have the following grooming supplies:

  • Two different best brush for Maine coon – a metallic comb for the first brushing process and a soft-bristle brush for the second brushing
  • Pair of scissors for cutting unwanted mats that are not removed by brushing
  • A fine-toothed comb or a regular comb
  • A rubber mat or any washable surface

2. Make your cat feel comfortable on a grooming session

If your cat has never been brushed before, begin the process of brushing in a slow manner. In case your Maine coon looks relaxed and ready to start, wait for another moment before you dig in. It is actually a good idea to pet him for some more time before starting the grooming session. This will basically help you to guarantee that the Maine coon is already calm and prepared to go on with the grooming process.

Initially, start by making the grooming process short. Take note that you will not able to complete a full grooming session on the first few periods of brushing your Maine coon. Try to brush him delicately for about 5 to 10 minutes. In case, during these moments, the cat appears upset, stop brushing him right away and pet him.

Moreover, it is also better if you offer some treats and other kinds of reinforcements. This way, you will ensure that the grooming session will always be fun.

3. Initially, brush the Maine coon’s coat by using the metal comb

There are two layers present on the coat of the Maine coon. The first layer is the undercoat and the second one is the overcoat. Because of this, it needs two rounds of brushing in order to maintain the appearance of the Maine coon. The first round should begin by using the metal comb.

Brush gently from a head to tail direction. Do it delicately, most likely if your cat looks distressed while you do the brushing. Basically, you do not want to cause any harm to your Maine coon’s skin. The best way to do this is to move the metal comb in a gentle manner.

Additionally, do not forget to work on the belly and the legs of your cat. Remember that Maine coon can have tangled hairs around these areas due to their long hair. Again, do it gently and be very delicate on removing the knots on these areas. Cats basically don’t like to handle their bellies and legs out. It makes them very uncomfortable.

Aside from that, also work on the tail of the Maine coon. Do it right down the middle of the Maine coon’s tail. Along with it, brush the cat’s fur on both sides.

4. Make the second brushing using the bristle brush

After using the metal brush, do the second brushing session and this time make use of the bristle brush. This will basically help in removing the dead fur on the Maine coon’s coat. Moreover, do the second brushing within the fur with an upward direction. Be gentle during the brushing for the second time around especially when you work on sensitive parts like the legs and bellies.

5. Clip the mats

Maine coons have long hair which is generally susceptible to matting. Basically, the best way to address this is to consider working on the tangles as you brush it. However, some mats will not be removed in this way. In this case, you need to cut them.

Moreover, another thing that you need to consider regarding this matter is if your Maine coon is skittish. If he has this kind of characteristic, you will need call for the help of a friend as you should try clipping out the mats of your Maine coon. Perhaps, brushing the coat of your Maine coon on a weekly basis will let him encounter mats on a lesser extent.

Basically, make a barrier between the skin of the Maine coon and its mat through the use of a fine-toothed comb. In doing this, be very careful so that you won’t be able to pull out his skin. Keep in mind that once your Maine coon get hurts during the process, he will surely become aggressive thus creating this mat clipping more difficult.

Generally, in clipping the mat, perform it quickly as your Maine coon won’t like it once the comb gets stuck on him. That’s why it is actually advisable to consider trimming the mat as fast as you can. Meanwhile, trim slowly as you consider controlling your scissors.

It is basically ideal to take some break once your cat is starting to be aggressive and making some hissing or growling. Continue clipping the remaining mats afterwards.

Types of Best Brush for Maine Coons

Image courtesy of Maine Coon Expert

Brushes for cats are available widely in various types. Moreover, the functions of each brush type may depend on the cat breed or their hair. Most of the time, short-haired cats do not need brush because they do not require grooming and they are very low maintenance. Meanwhile, the cats with long hair including the Maine coon demand for specific types of brushes to maintain their luscious coat.

Here the types of best brush for Maine coons that you must have to know.

Soft Grooming Brush

The soft grooming brush for cats is also known as the bristle brush. This type of best brush for Maine coon is pretty much ideal to use if you want to have a quick fix grooming on your Maine coon. Aside from that, this brush also permits the brushing out of dirt and shedded fur coming from your Maine coon. However, this brush may disappoint you if you are expecting it to reach until the topcoat of your Maine coon and remove any mats.

De-matting Brush

Fur matting is actually a natural phenomenon on a cat’s life. It is generally inevitable and as a pet owner, you must be ready for it when it occurs. Basically, matting can cause distress on the Maine coon. True enough if the mats coming out are big in size and really numerous. It can cause pain and can irritate the Maine coon once the mats are not removed.

In order to help in removing such mats, you can use the de-matting brush. This best brush for Maine coon is specifically designed for a long-haired breed of cats that are experiencing matting. It quickly deals with any small mats even those that are starting to come out.

But, even if the mats grow longer, the de-matting brush will still effectively do the work. Yet, the process of de-matting will take up longer. Additionally, the Maine coon has the possibility to get distressed.

Generally, the de-matting brush is a razor blade that fits on the tip on the handle which is guarded. The de-matting brush has points that touch the mats; yet, the part of the brush that gets in touch with the skin of the cat does not actually cut it. Moreover, it may cause slight damage to the Maine coon’s skin which makes the cat think that grooming should not be done.

Deshedding Brush

If there is a cat breed that generally sheds a lot, it is none other than the Maine coon. Whether you like it or not, you cannot get out of this situation but, there are things that you can do about it. In fact, you can support them in shedding their fur in a more effective way.

This is where the deshedding brush comes in and perfectly ideal for long-haired cats such as the Maine coon. It generally works by going deep down the coat of the Maine coon until its undercoat where most of the fur to be shedded is present. Eventually, the excess hair will be pulled out by the deshedding brush. Moreover, deshedding brush with good design has the ability to do its job in an effortless manner without causing problems on the Maine coon during the brushing.

Basically, the deshedding brush has teeth closer on each other which make the brushing out of smaller and thinner hair become gentle. Aside from that, this best brush for Maine coon has round edges that are less likely to cause harm on the skin of the cat as it protects the topcoat. Unfortunately, there are Maine coons that have very dense coats. With this, the deshedding brush might not be enough to do the job.  

Comb Brush

This type of best brush for Maine coon actually looks like the de-matting brush. Taking away of the mats present on the Maine coon is the main goal of the comb brush. Aside from that, it has the ability to smooth out any tangle within the Maine coon’s fur. The typical appearance of a comb brush contains a straight line of pins made out of metal which is generally distributed to do the job effectively.

A comb brush basically keeps out the occurrence of mats or tangles. In case you are looking for a quick fix on your Maine coon’s grooming, then detangle and de-matt immediately using this comb brush.

Slicker Brush

Dead fur and dander removal is the primary goal of the slicker brush. Moreover, this type of best brush for Maine coon can perfectly remove any tangles that may be present within the coat of your Maine coon. Like the comb brush, the slicker brush also has metal pins. The difference is that the pins are evenly distributed with enough spaces and have a bend on their tips.

Using the slicker brush will generally help in the easy removal of dead fur within the undercoat of the Maine coon. At the same time, it also removes dander and dirt as well. After using the slicker brush on your Maine coon’s, their coat will definitely look perfectly great.       

What to look for when buying the best brush for Maine coon?

best brush for Maine coon
Image courtesy of Hill’s Pet

The appropriate and best brush for Maine coon is generally essential when you try to start grooming this cat breed. Here are some of the important points that you may consider when you opt to buy the best brush for Maine coon.

* Soft bristle

Actually, the best brush for Maine coon should have soft, nylon bristles. It should also be accompanied by slim teeth with a little bit slants. Generally, the function of the soft-bristled brush is to calm the Maine coon and acts as a warning that the grooming session is already started.

Moreover, brushing using a soft-bristle brush incorporates a pleasant experience for your Maine coon. Opt for the best brush for Maine coon with this kind of bristle and for sure, the first grooming session experience of your cat will be as happy as ever. Aside from that, cat brush with soft nylon bristle is perfect for the removal of the cat’s dead skin cells and dirt prior to the beginning of the brushing session.

It can also support the prevention of the mats on your cat’s coat. Additionally, it is also good if you use a brush with soft bristles again at the end of the grooming process. This will basically aid in the distribution of the hair oils within the coat of the Maine coon.   

* Durability

If you would brush long-haired cats with two layers of coat like the Maine coon, it is actually good to consider a brush that is highly durable. You may basically like to have the best brush for Maine coon that won’t easily break apart.

* Bendable pins

Generally, you really want the best brush for Maine coon to work effectively with the coat. For this reason, you may consider looking for a pin brush that has durable and flexible pins. Brushing the Maine coon using a brush with bendable pins will usually go smoothly with the brushstroke movement.    

* Smooth tips

Some cat brushes that typically come with an affordable price have sharp tips. Yet, you do not want to hurt your Maine coon during the process of grooming. With this, it is actually a good idea to look for the best brush for Maine coon that has smooth tips.

* Ability to work on the undercoat

The best brush for Maine coon should work effectively not only on the topcoat but also on the undercoat as well. Keep in mind that cat’s brush that perfectly works on the undercoat basically has combination narrow and wide teeth. In case you already brushed the topcoat from excess hair, the brush should also work on the undercoat by thinning it and keeping it out of tangles.

However, bear in mind that best brush for Maine coon that has the ability to work on the undercoat cannot remove any tangle and mats. Yet, it is very helpful in removing loose hair coming from the undercoat. Moreover, be very gentle in using a brush that can work this way as it can cause irritation on the skin of the Maine coon and may also remove the hair from the topcoat.

List of the Best Brush for Maine Coon


Pet Magasin Dematting Grooming Brush

best brush for Maine coon

The Pet Magasin Dematting Grooming Brush comes with a great single package featuring three different brushes. It basically includes a double-sided brush containing metal pins located on one side and having bristle brush on the other side. The double-sided brush included in this package can perfectly take off dirt, dander, and any fur within the coat of the cat.

Another brush included in the set is the undercoat rake which has works on the removal of the excess fur within the undercoat. But, don’t worry because even if this brush reaches the undercoat, it does not touch the skin of the cat making the brushing session a scratch-free one. Lastly, it has a de-matting brush which is good in mats removal whether it is small or large.

Generally, the complete package of the Pet Magasin Dematting Grooming Brush offers an ultimate grooming experience. With the distinct functions of each brush that it has, the coat of your Maine coon will definitely look good after using this de-matting brush set. This best brush for Maine coon is also the best buy as it can deliver all your grooming needs for your cats.

  • Contains three different types of brush
  • Works effectively on the de-matting function
  • May cause a static reaction on a dry air
  • Has the possibility to create knots on the fur

Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush

best brush for Maine coon

If you are looking for the best brush for Maine coon that could assist you on your everyday grooming needs for your cat, the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush is the perfect one. It basically works by removing the loose fur in a very subtle manner. Moreover, having bristles that have the ability to reach the cat’s fluffy coat deep down, the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush can also take away any light tangles.

This brush also acts in preventing the possible discomfort that your cat may experience and at the same time may pull on the skin of your pet due to wide bristles that it contains. Another great feature that the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush has is that it is easy to clean due to its self-cleaning feature making it the best brush for Maine coon. Additionally, it has a press button that can trap the hair from the bristles dropping into the ground.

In order to give your cat a shiny coat, the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush works in enhancing and maintaining the health of the cat’s coat as well as distributing its natural oils. Lastly, the brush has a good grip handle reducing the wrist pain and preventing slipping. So, this slicker brush could be your everyday solution for your cat’s grooming needs on a quick fix.

  • Very comfortable
  • Has self-cleaning feature
  • Bristles are too long which can reach the cat’s skin

DakPets Deshedding Grooming Brush

best brush for Maine coon

The thing that makes the DakPets Deshedding Grooming Brush the best brush for Maine coon is its one-size-fits-all feature. Meaning, it is basically suitable for all kinds of animals with different shapes and sizes. The brush includes a blade that measures four-inch and is rust-resistant which acts to take off loose hair coming from the cat’s undercoat.

Pressing on the quick-release button, the blade can be easily detached. Meanwhile, the detached comb can also be used separately in order to reach inaccessible parts of the cat. Other great features of the DakPets Deshedding Grooming Brush include the non-slip grip which is also hypoallergenic and an easy storage feature due to the available eyelet.

From the three color variations, you can use the color suitable for your Maine coon. It can be blue, hot pink or yellow. Aside from that, it can perform on any types of coat, from short to long, and from thick to thin. It is very ideal for use on Maine coon brushing as it is large enough and very sturdy.

Moreover, the DakPets Deshedding Grooming Brush works effectively by removing around 95% of the dead cat’s hair and any tangles with only just ten minutes. With this, using this deshedding brush with a single swipe of the long blade can already remove bundles of Maine coon’s hair.

  • Suitable for use with other cat breeds and even on dogs
  • Retractable comb
  • Comes with a soft handle
  • Requires cleaning after a few times of use
  • Has a sharp blade that can possibly cut off the fur

GoPets Dematting Comb Brush

Mats and knots that cannot be brushed out can be easily done by using the GoPets Dematting Comb Brush. It generally has a dual side feature offering an everyday brushing session with deshedding abilities. So, as you do the brushing using this best brush for Maine coon, it highly attacks tangles and mats by cutting them on.

The blade that it has is made of original and premium quality material. Additionally, the blades are not that sharp as you think. With this, the GoPets Dematting Comb Brush ends up on pulling the cat’s fur even more. And, as you brush using this GoPets Dematting Comb Brush, you cannot experience any friction or sawing within the cat’s fur.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The thinning and cutting abilities are greatly impressive
  • The handle may become gummy on time

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: The ideal grooming schedule for a Maine coon is 2 to 3 times every week. Bear in mind that regular grooming basically aids in the removal of loose dander and dead fur coming from the thick and dense coat of a Maine coon. Doing this will eventually prevent the fur from tangling and matting.


A: Shaving the cat can actually be harmful to them, so better do the shaving if only needed. Moreover, shaving the Maine coon may damage their skin and overall health as well.


A: Even though the Maine coon has luscious long hair, they do not basically require high-maintenance effort over them. Putting extra effort is not actually needed to keep the happiness of your Maine coon.


A: Generally, the Maine coon can be your cat of choice for either an indoor or outdoor pets. Most of the pet owners pet this cat breed as an indoor cat.


A: Compared to other cat breeds, the Maine coon is very vocal. Yet, they don’t purr any greater or lesser than the other cats.

Final Thoughts

The best brush for Maine coon basically helps in removing any tangles, mats, and dead fur on your Maine coon’s coat. Basically, brushing the Maine coon is one of the essential grooming requirements that they need due to their long hair. That’s why buying this kind of product entails some factors to take into account. This includes the soft bristle, durability, bendable pins, smooth tips, ability to work on the undercoat, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when it comes to the cat brushes, buying a high-quality one is basically a good idea of an investment that may last for a long time period. Instead of buying an affordable cat brush, it is actually better to put your money on brushes for Maine coons that keep their durability over the years.

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