Why Does My Cat Paw at Her Water Bowl?

by Jayley
Why Does My Cat Paw at Her Water Bowl
Should I worry if my cat paws around her water dish

Cats are notorious for being afraid of water. When cats start tapping their bowl, they get water all over the floor. This feline behavior is so unusual that it almost makes you think that it is a trick. It shows that these animals are trying to keep their owners busy. So, if you’re wondering “why does my cat paw at her water bowl?” then better to go through this blog post and learn more about the cat’s behavior!

There are a lot of reasons why your cat might tap on the bowl or spill water on the floor, but it can also be a psychological issue. Some of these are psychological, while others are due to a certain health issue. The best way to learn about it is to visit the vet to see if there is anything that is causing the problem.

Aside from being lazy, one of the reasons why cats paw at their bowls is due to the amount of water that they consume. There are also various solutions that can help prevent this behavior.

In the following sections, we will tackle the various reasons why cats paw at their bowls.

4 Reasons That Makes Your Cat Paws at Water Bowl?

Usually, cats are afraid of water. When they begin to spill their drinking bowl, it comes as a full surprise. Placing one’s paw in a water bowl makes it sound like rushing water. For many cats, this is their preferred method of drinking water. They then lower their faces to the water’s surface and drink with their tongues.

Water is another reason why cats play with it. They like to watch the water move. Just like a human enjoying the water fountain move around.

Aside from that here is the variety of reasons that may cause your cat to play with water.

1.    Whisker Fatigue

Whiskers are sensitive to the environment and your cat can use sensory stimuli to guide her through the environment. However, Some cats can get overly sensitive and suffer from whisker fatigue. This condition occurs when the cat’s whiskers receive an array of signals from the water bowl. Although it is not painful for the animal, it can cause discomfort. That is why every time they drink from their bowl with deep water, They tend to avoid it due to its irritating effects on their whiskers.

This is when the cat will start to tap and touch the water surface. It is not considered a severe issue since the animal uses its paws to help drink. It is just trying to drink water with its paw.

2.    Some cats like the moving water

Many cats have a natural trait that is related to water: They like running water. It is also believed that freshwater is more effective at containing disease and bacteria. Back when cats were domesticated, they often drank from moving sources. This is because fresh water is perceived as cleaner and less contaminated.

This behavior has been passed down from wild cats to our domestic cats. Instead of licking the water bowl, cats use their paws to tap a water bowl As a result, today’s domestic cats imitate the same behavior by tapping on the bowl with their paw. This allows them to move the water around and spill it.

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3.    They are uncomfortable when the water bowl is full

Whenever you see your cat dip its paws into a bowl before drinking the water, a good bet is that it’s trying to figure out how to interpret the water’s level. That is why to make it easier to see, your cat should start tapping on the bowl with its paw. It will then turn into moving water and cause spilling.

4.    Your cat may have a health issue

If a cat gets water out of the bowl, it might be indicating that it is not feeling well. It can also be caused by conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease that can stimulate your cat to touch the water in a bowl with its paw.

A cat that has been sick might also try to find other sources of water. It can drown itself by running to the faucet and the toilet to drink itself with its water. As an owner, if you ever notice that its thirst is getting worse, then it should be in touch with a vet.

Should I worry if my cat paws around her water dish?

You do not have to worry when you see your cat pawing her water bowl. When you see your cat is licking or pawing the water off a glass or a water dish, it might be doing so because it likes to drink. This behavior is not restricted to anything else. It is also not a decision that is made for the cat. It can be made for its own personal taste. As a result, it may develop this preference for drinking water with its paw.

Nevertheless, if your cat drinks from a dish with a small diameter, or a drinking glass that is designed for humans, then its whisker tension will most likely increase.

Your cat’s desire to drink from its paw is not always a childhood habit. Due to the way their whiskers feel, it can be difficult for them to handle the volume and shape of water within their dish. That’s the reason why it is commonly referred to as “whisker stress”.

If you ever see your cat playing with her water dish with its paws, or if your pet cat does not like drinking from a bowl, try replacing it with a shallow dish or filling it up with a lower level of water.

How To Stop Cat From Putting Paws In Water Bowl?

Taking care of your cat that consistently paws at its water bowl can be very annoying as an owner. You do not want to keep having to clean up the mess that your cat made. There are various types of possible solutions that can help keep the feline happy and clean.

1.    A regular visit to a vet

Most of the time, it is completely normal for cats to splash water out of the bowl. But, if it has other symptoms, such as excessive drinking water and pawing, then it should be referred to a specialist.

2.    Elevated cat dish

A water bowl that is elevated makes it harder for your cat to play with the water. This is also beneficial for them since it makes them look closer to the water.

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3.    Fountain of water

Fountains are great for keeping cats happy and fresh since they are a source of fresh water. They are also very easy to use and are equipped with batteries. You do not have to be worried about the smell, you can also consider getting a battery-operated and stainless steel cat water fountain.

4.    Whisker fatigue bowl

Since deep bowls are ideal for minimizing refills, many people avoid using them. However, if you observe that your pet cat is not drinking water due to whisker fatigue, then a whisker fatigue bowl might be the ideal solution for you.

Wrapping Up

So, “why does my cat pay at her water bowl?” Sometimes, cats seem to paw at their water bowl to make it easier to see. It could be that they are having a hard time seeing clearly, or they just like to play with water.

Fortunately, there are different solutions that can help your cat. For instance, special bowls can help relieve whisker fatigue. You can also get other types of water bowls that are designed to prevent your cat from splashing.

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