Why Do Cats Run Sideways?

by Hayley
Why Do Cats Run Sideways
s It Normal for Cats to Run Sideways

When cats run, their movements seem strange and unpredictable. They run sideways and swerve whenever they want. But why do cats run sideways?

There are several reasons why cats run erratically. For one, cats are ambush predators, meaning they prefer to attack their prey by sneaking up on them undetected. When running, they’re trying to simulate the appearance of an erratic prey animal to throw their pursuers off the track.

Is It Normal for Cats to Run Sideways?

There isn’t a right explanation for this mystery because all cats are different from each other. Some cats like to run around in straight lines, while others enjoy zigzagging across the room. Some cats even like to run sideways!

Generally speaking, though, cats usually run around in a crooked pattern because it allows them to cover more ground quickly. This helps them find food, escape danger, and explore their surroundings.

A reliable study discovered that when cats dash, they force their front legs and rear legs unaided by each other, which provides them more dominion over their bodies. This allows them to make tight turns and move quickly in any direction.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Runs Sideways?

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Runs Sideways

They Are Chasing Prey

Cats chasing prey is a common occurrence. You may have seen your cat run sideways or in a zigzag pattern. This occurs when they are on a hunt for their target. Their hunting instincts take over and they run in the most efficient way possible to catch their dinner.

When cats run, they are pursuing their prey. Their sideways running is a hunting technique that allows them to corner their target. By running in a convoluted way, felines will be able to lock the distance between them.

They Are Feeling Threatened

Cats hunting prey is a standard happening. You may have seen your cat run diagonally or in a crooked way. This surfaces when they are on the chase with their toys or random mice around the house. Their hunting intuitions take over and they run in the most efficient way possible to capture whatever they are going for. When felines dash sidewards, it’s usually an indication that they’re feeling intimidated. Kittens can sprint sideways for infrequent different reasons – one of which is that they’re attempting to dodge something, and another thing is that they’re equipping themselves to attack.

If your cat is running sideways and seems scared, there’s probably something in the environment that’s causing them to feel threatened. This could be another animal, a loud noise, or something else that’s unfamiliar to them. Try to identify what’s scaring your cat and remove it from the environment.

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They Are Trying to Be Intimidating

Have you ever seen a cat run sideways and wondered why? Well, it turns out that there is a very good reason for this. Cats run sideways when they are trying to be intimidating.

When a cat runs towards you sideways, it looks bigger than it is. This is because the cat’s body is angled towards you, making it look like it is coming straight for you. This method of cats can be extremely terrifying for some individuals, and it is one of the methods that kitties use to threaten their prey or opponents.

They Just Want to Play

Cats have been known for being bizarre creatures. Even their demeanor can be unexplainable to us at times. Why do cats run sideways?

The answer is simple: cats run sideways because they’re playing! When cats play, they often do so in short bursts of energy. They’ll swoop on toys, jog around the place, and do all things that look fun. And running sideways is just one of the many ways that cats can speed up their playtime.

They Want Your Attention

If you’ve ever caught your furry friend running sideways, you may be wondering why they do silly things like that. It turns out that there are occasional grounds why cats run around in zigzag patterns. One of the most common reasons is to get your attention.

When a cat is sprinting towards you, it’s an indication that they want to be noticed. They may be asking for food, attention, or just to be petted. If you see your cat heading towards you and it feels like they need all your attention, in a sideways pattern, it’s most reasonable to spend some time that your furry friend needs.

They Have Medical Conditions

Felines are understood for their lateral running, but numerous individuals don’t know why. The answer is that cats sometimes run sideways because they have medical conditions that make it difficult or impossible for them to run in a straight line.

One familiar medical disease that renders felines to run diagonally is Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This is a neurological disorder that affects a cat’s balance and coordination. As a result, cats with this disorder often walk and run strangely, and sometimes they even fall.

Do Kittens Do the Crabwalk Too?

The answer to this question is yes, kittens do run sideways. And, according to the experts online, it might be good for them. Researchers have found that when kittens run sideways, they’re using more of their brains. However, it depends on the kitten. Some kittens run sideways, while others prefer to scamper around in a more orthodox way. However, there are some general things that all kittens have in common.

These small kitty cats are to scour the area they are in. They are also very curious, which can sometimes get them into trouble. Kittens are typically quick learners and will often start running sideways after only a few tries.

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What Should I Do if My Cat Keep Running Sideways?

Let Them Be

In nature, cats are predators. They instinctively want to run and hunt. This indicates that when they’re restricted to a smallish space, like a home or flat, cats can become agitated and violent. While you may not be able to let your cat roam free, there are some things you can do to help them get the exercise they need.

As a cat owner, you can also buy them toys to play with and complement their playful mood. This will help them stretch and scratch their claws, which is important for their health and wellbeing. You can also set up a space in your home where they can run around safely.

Play With Them

If you’ve ever been perplexed by what to do when your cat starts running in circles, you’re not alone. While there are many possible explanations for this behavior, the most common reason is that your cat is bored and needs stimulation.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: play with them. Cats love to chase and be chased, so get out a toy mouse or some other type of toy that will get their heart rate up. By maintaining your cat busy and active, you’ll assist them and hopefully, stop them from running off in zigzag motions in hunting their next prey.

Bring Them to the Vet

There are a few possible explanations why your feline might be running diagonally. They could have a neurological problem, a joint issue, or they could be experiencing pain. The best way to determine the cause of your cat’s abnormal behavior is to take them to the vet. The vet will conduct an overall body exam and may request some tests to define the underlying reason for the problem. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis but might include medication, physical therapy, or surgery.


Cats are known for their sideways running, but what is the reason behind it? Is there a specific purpose or function to this behavior? While the answer is still partially unknown, we can make some educated guesses. Some experts believe that cats run sideways to help them scan their surroundings more efficiently, while others think that it might help them camouflage themselves from predators.

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