Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats?

by Hayley
Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats

Why do cats like yoga mats? You’ve probably tried exercising with your cat at home. You’re about to lay out your yoga mat and take your water, and by the time you get around to grabbing yours, your feline companion is already napping on the mat. Your pet is already looking at you with an uncouth look on your face.

Cats love yoga mats because they are incredibly soft and have a scent that lingers on them even after using them. Although we can’t smell our scent, our companions can.

Do Cats Do Yoga Pose

Why Do Cats Like Yoga Mats?

Cats prefer to rest on the largest surface, and yoga mats uniquely appeal to felines. Here are reasons why cats like to play on yoga mats.

Cats Like Soft Things

Although it’s common knowledge that cats prefer to sleep on soft things, it can be unsettling to see where they want to go. A yoga mat is an attractive item for cats.

Cats steal warm places to sleep, whether in the car or the studio. For instance, my cat likes to lay on my bed at night, next to my warm and comfy duvet cover.

Your cat can lay comfortably on its yoga mat, which has a soft surface that will allow it to relax and sleep. You can also give your cat catnip, which may be what they need.

Cats Like A Specific Smell

Cats love to scratch and play with new things, and they also like to sleep on yoga mats. The scent of the mats is very enticing to them.

A compound found in yoga mats has the same smell as catnip, making it an appealing product for felines. Most cats enjoy lying on the mats, as it provides them with an excellent exercise area.

Although it’s a good idea to use yoga mats as toys for cats, your furry friend can still ruin them. Some have even urinated on the mats.

Cats Like Hanging Out With You

Cats like being near their owners make them feel secure and safe. They also love to observe our every move. When we practice yoga, they want to be close to us.

Cats also like the ground level. It is because they feel secure and warm on the ground. It is why a yoga mat is a perfect item for them.

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Cats Love Watching You Exercise

Your cat likes to watch you stretch and perform various poses, such as the headstand and the downward dog pose. It’s also entertaining to see you do these movements.

Cats are entertained by laying down on your yoga mat, seeking warmth and the right location for the action. It is because they want to be right in the middle.

Cats Like Attention

Cats are known to be very jealous of people’s attention. If they feel left out, they will try to get involved in your actions to get their attention.

Stories about cats getting under people’s blankets or in bed with them while knitting or practicing yoga have been circulating online.

If your cat is looking for some attention, a yoga mat is ideal for it to rest. It can protect it from people and other animals in the home.

Without feeling vulnerable, a cat can see everything around it. Your feline can also feel secure and protected by placing its head under its belly on its back.

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Cats Like Unique Things Like Yoga Mats

For cats, yoga mats are a great mode to keep them occupied and entertained while they learn about the world around them. It is especially true if they have recently joined a household. Cats are naturally curious and eager to learn more about people and animals around them.

This mat can be a haven for your pet if she feels threatened or frightened by an animal or person in the area.

Cats Like To Paw Mats

Cats Like To Paw Mats

Cats are tough to understand. They tend to do things that people wouldn’t expect and have their preferences.

For cats, yoga mats are comfortable and have a soft surface. It makes them feel like they’re on the ground, similar to how cats would feel if they were on the floor. The thin material also helps them grasp the mat without struggling.

Cats Are Yogis

Cats are known for their high energy levels. They are also active and look for new activities to keep themselves fit and active.

They are known to play with strange things, so they often chase after yoga mats or climb up and down. The truth is that cats are natural practitioners of yoga.

Felines are known to be playful, and one of their favorite activities is to eat the mat. It is a break from their usual routine.

Do Cats Do Yoga Pose?

The growing popularity of cat yoga has made it a widespread practice among pet owners. It can help strengthen and bond with your feline friend while providing excellent exercise for humans and animals.

Cats are known to embrace the emotional and physical parts of yoga, as they are great soothers and stretchers. You can also watch your kitten after it awakens from sleep to see how its muscles respond.

Since cats are naturally interested in everything around them, they will likely do anything to get your attention while practicing cat yoga. You should also be aware that your cat will probably be working its position on the mat.

Although cat yoga can be very distracting, it can also positively impact your life. It can help you manage your stress levels.


Why do cats like yoga mats? Cats can adapt to almost any situation, and yoga can help strengthen their bond with humans. Besides being physically and emotionally healthy, animals are essential in maintaining a healthy and balanced human life.

Not only is it fun, but it can also help keep your cat healthy. There are many benefits to yoga, and it can help both you and your cat. Begin practicing today.

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