Can Cats Eat Popsicles?

by Hayley
Can Cats Eat Popsicles

Summer is just getting started, and oh, is it hot! While you’re cooling yourself by swimming in pools, eating a popsicle, and tossing back Slurpees, your cat is left with boring water. Popsicles bring back childhood memories of building forts in the yard, riding bikes with their pals, and knowing they could always rely on Mom to have a cache of Popsicles in the refrigerator.

Imagine having that same summer afternoon with your cat, and it had you thinking, can cats eat popsicles? Are there flavors cats cannot taste? Can cats eat papaya, cherry, or even chocolate popsicles?

cats like frozen treats

Do Cats Like Frozen Treats Like Popsicles?

Cats enjoy frozen treats ranging from yogurt to plain ice. However, not all of them do, and you should be cautious if your cat does not, as this could result in severe consequences.

Nonetheless, exercise caution when feeding frozen delicacies to your cats, as their brains have similar sensory capabilities to ours.

For instance, some cats enjoy the cold wetness of ice against their tongues or paws, and on hot days when your feline friend is feeling a bit hot, a frozen treat goes down beautifully and helps cool her off.

Of course, pick their frozen treat with care and ensure it is sugar-free. Although sugar is not harmful to cats, you should avoid giving them sugary meals to prevent obesity, tooth problems, and maybe diabetes. Cats can also have lactose intolerance, which can cause stomach distress and diarrhea.

Are Popsicles Safe For Cats?

Yes, cats can consume popsicles. However, feed these chilly sweets only if they are homemade, sugar-free, and milk-free popsicles. As with us, our pet cats will appreciate a chilly treat, especially during the summer months. Unlike humans, cats do not require sugar and may even be harmed by milk consumption.

Popsicles are a popular treat for people, but not really for our beloved cats. To begin, you should be aware that they lack a sweet tongue. Felines cannot detect sweetness in the food they consume, and there is an explanation for this.

Popsicles sold commercially or under a brand name may include milk and sugar. Both components are nutritionally useless and may be harmful to your pet.

How Many Popsicles Are Safe for My Cat to Eat?

Cats may have a lick or two of your popsicle, however, proceed with caution as there are a lot of risks with cats eating sugary treats. Instead, we suggest that you proceed with making your own or buying frozen cat treats.

What Are The Risks Of Giving Popsicles For My Cat?

Popsicles are high in sugar and are incredibly unhealthy for cats. They could give your feline friend diarrhea, cause it to vomit, or even make it sick to the point that you would have to take it to the veterinarian.

If your feline buddy continuously eats popsicles, you may notice nausea, diarrhea, and discomfort. Symptoms range in severity, depending on your cat’s sensitivity and what they ended up eating. Additionally, sugar consumption can lead to obesity, diabetes, dental problems, and other medical problems over time.

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What Are Some Popsicles Alternatives?

There are many popsicle alternatives for cats on the market today. Some of these popsicles can be found at your local pet store while others can be ordered online.


Catsicles are healthy frozen treats designed specifically for cats. Unlike popsicles, these are produced from scratch and have no added sugar or sweetness. They are great for cat owners looking to pamper their feline companion during the hot months.

Cat Food Smoothie

A cat food smoothie is another alternative to the catsicle – merely blend cat food, several ice cubes, and a small volume of water to create a new method for your feline friend to enjoy their food in a freshly brewed manner.


Can cats eat Mango? Orange? Yes, as long as the fruit is safe and consumed in moderation. However, certain fruits are not recommended for dogs and cats with specific medical issues. It is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before adding any new fruits into your companion’s diet.

A Breathe of Fresh Air

A gentle breeze from an air vent or the use of a fan can assist in circulating the air. Place a fan in an area where your cat can appreciate the atmosphere it provides, but keep in mind that some fans are more sturdy than others, so make sure it cannot be tipped over, and that curious paws cannot reach the fan blade.

Haircut for your cat

Cats naturally regulate their body temperature through grooming. As a result, cats may groom themselves more in the summertime as they lick their coat to relax. This is comparable to sweating. A cooling effect occurs as the cat’s saliva dries after licking itself.

Keep an eye on your cat’s feet, as this is the location of their sweat glands — on their paws. Wet paw prints indicate that your cat is sweating and will have to rehydrate. Therefore, brush your cat frequently to ensure a clean, tangle-free coat; on scorching days, your feline friend may even appreciate being rubbed down with a cool cloth.

Will Cats Get Brain Freeze from Popsicles?

We are all familiar with the experience of eating or drinking anything cold and experiencing a brain freeze. It has happened to everyone, but more frequently to youngsters.

When someone experiences severe head discomfort or a transient headache, we refer to this as brain freeze. Although it has not been confirmed that cats suffer from brain freeze, you would not like to find out!

At times, it’s hard to distinguish how and what cats are experiencing. However, the usual reactions of cats to frozen delicacies such as popsicles and other frozen treats may indicate that they are in pain.

We can’t say whether the frozen desserts are to blame for the discomfort. Whatever the case may be, it is preferable not to check it.

Final Thoughts

Popsicles reminded us of the great days spent in the summer sun. As a result, sharing our sweets with our cats can be an enticing way to recreate those experiences. But can cats eat popsicles? True, but not all popsicles are suitable for cats. No! Therefore, please keep in mind that your favorite frozen meal is not what your feline should be consuming.

Additionally, popsicles for cats are a simple food to prepare. May you ask yourself questions such as, can cats eat other fruits? Can cats eat ice? All of those can be answerable by yes as long as it’s consumed in moderation.

Finally, avoid overfeeding your cat with popsicles. It has the potential of making them obese and diabetes. Additionally, please abstain from inducing brain freeze in them and not test it on them.

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