Why Is My Maine Coon Always Hungry?

by Hayley
Why Is My Maine Coon Always Hungry
Are Maine Coon Cats Greedy

It’s not uncommon for Maine Coon owners to notice their cat’s constant need for feeding. It can be amusing for a short while, but issues can arise if you don’t look into the main cause of the problem as soon as possible. It may result in you dealing with small issues like having a nitpicky cat, but oftentimes, it can also mean dealing with serious matters like food aggression and feline health problems.

That said, if you’re one of the people who are constantly asking about “Why is my Maine Coon always hungry?”, or “My Maine Coon is always hungry, what should I do?”, then you’re at the right place. We’ll discuss everything that you need to know in the following sections.

What Does It Mean If Your Cat Is Always Hungry?

“So, my Maine Cat is always hungry, what does it mean? What should I do?” Surely, you have a lot of questions regarding Maine Coons and their tight relationship with food. It can also be difficult to know when your feline’s hunger is normal or it’s brought upon by another unforeseen cause.

That said, here are some of the most common reasons why your cat may get hungry more often than usual:

1. Your Cat’s Diet Isn’t Sufficient

Maine Coon cats aren’t naturally always hungry. If they are, then there is something wrong with their diet and overall food intake.

For reference, a Maine Coon should eat around two to four times a day. It will depend on their age, weight, nutrient requirements, and likes.

A kitten, that is, up to 10 months of age, should have four portions of food throughout the whole day. Adult Maine Coons with no special diet needs will have adequate supply even if they only eat two portions of food a day. Just remember to transition smoothly from eating four times a day to three, until they get used to eating only twice daily.

On the flip side, vets may advise overweight Maine Coons, no matter the age, to eat fewer portions of food. This goes in contrast to underweight felines who may need more portions.

2. You Are Feeding Your Maine Coon Inconsistently

Even if you’re feeding your Maine Coon two, three, or four times, whichever is recommended, it still won’t deliver good results in terms of the feline’s appetite if you do it inconsistently.

Since your cat doesn’t get used to only one feeding pattern, they tend to feel hungry if they don’t eat on the time or amount that they’re used to.

That said, make sure that you also pay attention to the schedule, quantity, and number of times that you feed your Maine Coon. If you feed them around 7 in the morning, and 7 at night, then follow this timetable as much as possible. You should also keep feeding them twice every day if that is the recommendation that you’re following. The constant change in feeding times can cause their hunger problem.

3. The Cat’s Body Has A High Metabolism

There are some Maine Coon cats that just get hungry easily because of their body’s high metabolism. If you don’t know yet, this is when your feline easily digests the food they eat, which consequently makes them more prone to hunger.

Now, high metabolism can be a normal bodily reaction, especially for kittens. In some instances, however, there may be a health issue involved. It’s best to get your cat checked up either way, so you can know the right solution to take. If you can’t yet, then try to maintain a strict and balanced diet for your Maine Coon first.

4. You’re Feeding Your Cat Low-Quality Food

You can’t expect all cat foods to have the same quality and offers in terms of nutrients. Not all cheap ones are low-quality, and similarly, not all expensive brands are considered high-quality.

It’s important to take a close look at the contents, the brand’s reputation, and customer reviews to land on the best cat food possible. You can also consider asking other Maine Coon cat owners and a professional vet for advice if you don’t know where to start.

That said, if you think there is nothing wrong with your cat health-wise, and you’re feeding them just the right amount of food, then you should try switching to another brand as a solution.

5. Your Cat Vomits After Meals

Some Maine Coon cats vomit after eating, and it can happen for a lot of reasons. It can be caused by an eating disorder, the cat eating too fast, hairballs, and other related problems. Whichever issue is at hand, vomiting will definitely make the cat hungry more often than usual. Since they are basically throwing up what they ate, their body isn’t getting nor absorbing the food and nutrients that they need.

If your cat vomits and then asks for food after a short while, make sure to give them a small portion. Observe if they will vomit again or they can properly eat that time around. If it’s the former, check the appearance of their vomit to see what you’re dealing with. It may also be the time to book a vet check-up.

6. The Maine Coon Uses Food As Stress Reliever

There are times when your cat is really not hungry, but they still ask for food as a way of coping with stress. It can happen if they are in a new environment, they encountered an aggressive animal, or they’re simply not getting the space that they need. Similarly, it’s also common for felines to get stressed if they feel like they are deprived of something.

Note that this is a behavior that you should not tolerate since it can escalate into obesity, eating disorders, and other health issues in the long run. To help stop your Maine Coon from making food their stress reliever, buy toys to distract them from their stress. Giving them another animal as a companion can also help.

7. Your Feline May Be Pregnant

If your Maine Coon is pregnant, then it’s a given that they will need more food to get by. This can be a possible reason why they’re always hungry if your cat isn’t spayed, and they recently mated with another cat. It can also be possible if they recently got lost or went outside for a long time. You’ll easily know this if their bellies start to grow larger and your Maine Coon becomes more sensitive than they usually are.

8. The Feline Is Starting To Age

It’s normal for a Maine Coon to start to want more food once they start to age. Whether they’re transitioning from a kitten to a young adult, or a young adult to an adult cat, or an adult cat aging towards being a senior feline, expect that age is a big factor in their food intake.

This doesn’t necessarily mean feeding them more times than average, though. You have to pay more attention to the caloric content of their food instead. Consider modifying their diet and increasing nutrient values rather than directly increasing food portions. Working with a vet can be a good step to ensure an accurate diet.

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9. Your Pet Cat Doesn’t Feel Safe When Eating

There are times when a cat has the right diet, but they simply can’t eat because of the environment that they are in.

One common reason behind this is your cat’s need for safety. Since they are mainly instinctive animals and they feel vulnerable when eating, they have high demands as to where they eat, what bowl they are eating from. If the said factors don’t pass their standards, they tend to eat less or not eat all.

10. The Maine Coon Is Dealing With Serious Health Issues

In the worst cases, some Maine Coons tend to always feel hungry if they are dealing with serious health issues, such as food aggression, overly ingested hairballs, parasites, lethargy, eating disorders, and a lot more. You will know that this is the case if they display other ill-related symptoms like diarrhea, lacking energy, vomiting, and likes. It’s best if you talk to a professional vet immediately to avoid putting your cat’s health at risk.

Are Maine Coon Cats Greedy?

Although Maine Coon cats are known to eat more because of their higher calorie requirements, the breed really isn’t famous for being greedy. In fact, they are better known to be sociable because of their ability to get along with both people and animals.

There are really just some instances that may push Maine Coons to eat food even if it’s not theirs. Some examples include severe hunger, inaccessible food source, and likes. Some also tend to develop attitude issues, which may stem from other situations. Either way, you won’t have to worry about these if your cat is treated right, and you provide them with all their possible needs.

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What Should I Do With My Maine Coon’s Hunger Issues?

The specific solution that you should turn to will depend on what issue you’re dealing with. If you don’t know what the problem is yet, then seeking professional advice from vets is definitely the best way to go.

Alternatively, you can also start with taking small steps like using a new feeding bowl, buying your feline some vitamins, and changing their diet into a more sufficient one.

Their diet, most especially, needs to be checked. You have to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients that they need. They also need to be fed around two to four times in one day, so the problem may also arise if you’re only feeding them once.

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Final Thoughts

There are many possible reasons for your concern regarding “My Maine Coon is always hungry.” You have to observe your feline friend, and even book them a vet check-up to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Issues can range from as small as misplaced bowls to as big as eating disorders and other health-related problems. It’s important to detect it as early as possible by seeking help. You should also avoid tolerating your cat when it displays related behavior like excessive food begging. Doing so will help prevent them from making it a habit, and consequently, make treatment more difficult.

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