What Should You Do If Cat Hair in Cat Eye? – Taking Care of a Feline’s Eyes

by Zac
Cat Hair in Cat Eye

Being a doting parent, you must take the time to watch out for your cat’s eye movements and to rub. While it’s natural for a cat to have hair in its eye, this could become a problem if not handled properly.

What if there’s cat hair in your cat’s eyes? Are there any actions that you can do to fix such an issue? This article will teach you about taking care of your feline’s eyes.

How to Remove Hair From Your Feline's Eye

Indications That Your Cat Has Hair in Its Eye

Some cats don’t get bothered by foreign objects in their eye and can rub them off on their own. However, some cats can get agitated by it, and this can cause them great distress. There are a variety of signs that something may be in the eye.

Red and swelling around the eye. It can cause frequent twitching and winking of the eye. It can also produce mucus discharge and tear production. People prone to rubbing their eyes against a rough surface can also experience this condition.

If your pet’s rubbing and pawing get too severe, you should start placing an Elizabeth collar around its neck. It should also be untouched until you can get help from a veterinarian. You should also avoid removing the collar until the hair in its eye completely vanishes.

How to Remove Hair From Your Feline’s Eye?

Cats have a similar tear duct system to ours, which helps keep the eyes moist and prevents debris from getting in the way. If the cat can’t remove the hair, try these tips from other fur parents.

You can gently use a saline solution to remove the hair on her eyes. You can also add drops of water to treat her eye pain. However, it’s important to note that this method may not be ideal for cats already experiencing eye pain.

If the situation is not too bad, try squeezing her eyelids in circles to remove the hair. However, be careful not to do it on a swollen eye since it could cause discomfort. You can also use a wet q-tip, though it might not like it. You can also try washing her eyes with a cloth.

When Should You Get Your Cat’s Eyes Checked by a Vet?

If your pet’s condition worsens or gets worse, it is time to take her to the veterinarian. It might have a complication that needs treatment immediately. One of the most typical reasons individuals ignore these symptoms is that they don’t want to risk injury. These conditions could lead to an eye injury, such as lacerations or abrasions if left untreated.

Cat parents need to give their pets the space they need to be independent. However, it is also essential to help them when there are risks to their health. If left untreated, eye issues can lead to blindness or even cause other serious ailments.

How to Take Care of Your Cat’s Eyes?

Keep your cat’s eyes clean at all times. Overgrowth of mucus can lead to infections. To keep the area clean, use a saline solution or eye wipes. It is beneficial for young kittens who have respiratory conditions.

To protect the eyes, apply an eye-protective ointment under the lid. You can also use it before a facial cleansing or treatment, which can irritate the eyes if not cleaned. Ask your veterinarian if a sterile eye lubricant is safe to use.

Since scratches to the eye’s surface can result from contact with hair, keep all hair out of your cat’s eyes. Felines, especially those with long hair, it is usually necessary to trim the hair using blunt-nosed scissors parallel to the edge of the eyelids. However, most cats are too scared to do this at home. Ask your veterinarian if this procedure is necessary.

What to Do If Your Cat’s Eyes Appear Abnormal?

Your kitten should be seen by a veterinarian immediately if it has any symptoms: difficulty opening one or both eyes, excessive squinting, and a cloudy appearance on either eye.

If your cat has these mild symptoms, it’s an emergency and should undergo examinations and tests. Some of these include mild redness, yellow or green discharge, and occasional squinting.

Although it’s always a good idea to visit the veterinarian if your pet’s health is not correct, it’s also essential to ensure that you pay attention to their eyes. Having an eye disease can be very serious if not treated properly.

How to Hold Hair Out of Your Cat’s Eyes?

Proper grooming is one of the essential factors that you, as a pet owner, should consider when keeping your cat happy and healthy. If your cat has long hair that touches its eyes or obstructs its vision, you should use blunt-nosed scissors to remove it. It will protect it from potential health issues and keep it from getting scratched.

Trimming Hair

If your Persian or longhaired cat has long hair, you must trim it regularly to avoid various health problems. Some cats, especially those with long hair, need to be groomed to prevent scratching and irritation.

Also, you should trim the hair around their eyes to prevent getting scratched and causing them to suffer from vision loss. If your cat’s fur has any contact with its eyes, trim it right away.

To trim the hair, use the blunt-nosed scissors to create a line parallel to the cat’s eye. Follow the line of the vision with the hair, and make sure to cut it as straight as possible. Be careful not to cut the hair too close, as this could cause the skin to get damaged.


You should regularly brush your cat’s coat to keep it clean and manageable. To do this, use a fine-bristled brush designed for use on cats. You can also run the brush along the length of the cat’s body.

Before you start brushing your cat, be sure to introduce it to the object first. Show the animal the brush and let it get used to it. Then, let the cat rub against it and start brushing it.

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If you have difficulty keeping your cat groomed on your own, take them to a professional pet groomer. They will be able to do the job for you and will be able to remove the hair around your cat’s eyes. You can also find recommendations for local pet-friendly establishments by visiting your veterinarian’s website or calling other friends.

Clean Cat’s Eyes Regularly

Make sure to inspect your cat’s eyes regularly. First, look directly into their eyes. They should be clear and bright, and the parts of their iris should be white. Also, make sure that there is no hair around their eyes.

If your cat’s eyes are unusually cloudy or hazy, or if it has any unusual behavior, then it’s time to see a veterinarian.

If your cat’s eyes have mucus, it’s time to clean them immediately. It can help prevent the fur from developing an unpleasant color underneath its eyes. You can also use a damp wash cloth to remove the mucus buildup gently.

Consult a Vet

If you are anxious about your cat’s vision or the health of its eyes, then you should consult a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be able to inspect both of your cats’ eyes and determine if anything is wrong. The veterinarian can also help you maintain the hair around your cat’s eyes.


If your cat has hair in its eyes, don’t panic because there can be quick fixes you can do to remove it. Although most pets do well with their eyes, certain conditions can lead to blindness. A good understanding of what a healthy eye looks like can help prevent this from happening to your pet.

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