Top 5 Best Dental Chews for Cats for Better Oral Health

by Top Cat Breeds

Your cat needs the best dental care if you want it to have a quality life. The best dental chews for cats can come in handy to help with the whole process. Many pet owners find them being ideal for helping them handle the tartar buildup and bad breath in their pets. It is why more people would want to use the dental chews more often.

If you are new to such products, do not worry as we have you covered. We have looked at the various options in the market and selected the best for you. Check out the table below so that you can get a quick summary of the top products in the guide.

Dental ChewBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Royal Canin Oral Care Dry Cat Food Check Price
Feline Greenies Natural Dental Cat Treats Check Price
Purina DentalLife Adult Cat Treats Check Price
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Oral Care Check Price
Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats Check Price

How to Choose the Best Dental Chews for Cats


Safety is crucial for anything that you have to give to your pet. It is easy to see that no one would want to give their pet food that would affect its health rather than helping. It is why you have to look at the product label. This gives you enough information about the food making sure that your pet gets the right food always.

Also, look for the VOHC seal on the food. VOHC stands for Veterinary Oral Health Council. This is crucial for giving you the assurance that the chews are safe and effective for tartar and plaque removal.

Not all products will have the VOHC seal. So, take your time to check them out better to see which one is good for your pet.


The flavor is going to be an important factor for anyone who is looking for the best dental chews for cats. Most cats would want something that tastes good. That will only happen if you take the time to buy the best flavors. The most common flavors are chicken and fish. So, choose one depending on your pet’s preference.

Shape and Texture

These two are important so that the chews can remove tartar and plaque with ease. You might notice that the dental chews will have a different look compared to what you get with other food types in the market. Some might be larger some might be small. It comes down to how effective they are at removing tartar and plaque.


The number of calories per chew is important to keep in mind too. No one wants to feed the cat with food that is high in calories. This is because that is likely to leave you with an overweight cat. Luckily, most dental chews for cats will have 2 calories or less per treat. Check out the label information to see how much calories the cat will be getting per treat.


Just because they are the best dental chews for cats, it does not mean they should lack nutrition as well. They are still food that the cat loves to eat. As such, you need a product that gives the pet the best nutrition too. Look at the label on the product to see if there are additional nutrients that the pet will get after eating the treats.

Top 5 Best Dental Chews for Cats

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Royal Canin Oral Care Dry Cat Food

Product Name: Royal Canin Oral Care Dry Cat Food

Product Description: A brand such as Royal Canin is all about giving you the best oral care for your pet. That is why you will like using this type of dry cat food. Other than offering nutrition to your pet, it is also good for helping the cat get the best dental care possible. The manufacturer recommends this food type of cats of age 1 year and older. As such, you will end up with the right food for your pet if it is an adult. For those with kittens, it is best to consider another type of dental chews for cats. The food is designed to help in fighting dental plaque. This is because plaque can be reduced by 41% after using the food for around 7 days alone. There is no doubt it is a good start for anyone who wants to improve the dental health of the pet. Other than reducing plaque, the food is also rich in nutrients that the pet needs to grow strong. Since it simulates the tooth-brushing effect, it is going to be an ideal choice for anyone who owns a cat and needs to give it the best dental care.

Availability: InStock

  • Effectiveness
  • Nutritrion
  • Freshness
  • Quality
  • Fast-acting


If you own a cat as a pet, you have the responsibility of giving it the best care when it comes to dental health. This ensures that your pet always gets the best dental health formula over the years. This food is designed to reduce plaque by 41% in 7 days. This is quite an impressive performance that should get more pet owners interested in using it.

Other than being good for dental health, the food still offers complete nutrition that adult cats need daily. It should then provide your pet with the best nutrition that it needs.


✔️Effective in boosting dental health

✔️It offers complete nutrition

✔️Cats love its taste


❌Only good for adult cats

Runner’s Up

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Cat Treats

This is a top consideration among the best dental chews for cats. The cats will love the chicken flavor that comes with this food. We all know that cats love chicken, so it should not be hard to give this to your pet. Even if it is a picky eater, the chances are it will love eating the treats more often.

The food contains chicken, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. Other than helping your cat with its dental formula, the food will be good in providing the cat with all the nutrition it needs to grow better.

Having the crunchy texture is something that the cats will love. You might find the cat coming back for more treats. Still, the treats are uniquely shaped so that they can clean the teeth, reduce tartar, and also help the cat maintain fresh breath for longer.

The manufacturer has also added taurine to the treats. This is an important ingredient in the treats to help provide more nutrition and enhance the dental care for the better.

The product is made in the USA. This means that it will provide your pet with the best dental care as the materials are made from safe sources.

  • It helps with tartar removal
  • It is good for additional nutrition
  • The food leaves the pet with fresh breath
  • You have to use a lot of it to be effective

Purina DentalLife Adult Cat Treats

If you are still looking for the best dental chews for cats, this will be still a top consideration. For its size, you will find it easy to feed the cat with treats more often. The best part is that it comes in two types of flavors. There is chicken and salmon. So, depending on what your pet likes, you should have the best treat for it.

Another thing you will like about these dental chews is that they have a more porous texture. The result is that they will help in reducing tartar build up on the teeth of the pet. The last thing you want is to see more tartar on your pet’s teeth. This is because it could lead to more dental health problems and bad breath too.

The design of these dental chews help to clean all sides of the teeth to ensure that the pet remains with healthy teeth all the time. Thanks to having the tooth-brush feeling, it is easier to see that it would be effective when in use.

As for safety, there is nothing to worry about. The manufacturer does not add artificial flavors and colors. As such, it should be safe for your pet even if it has allergies. We recommend that you only feed it to an adult cat.

  • Removes tartar buildup effectively
  • Available in two flavors
  • Cats love the taste
  • Some pet owners feel the overall freshness could be better

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food for Oral Care

One thing that stands out for these best dental chews for cats is that it is made to be good for removal of tartar buildup in pets. The product is designed by a manufacturer who has experience in pet care and thus it is good on overall to use the dental chews more often.

This dry cat food will help to improve your cat’s dental health for the better over the years. Other than removing tartar, it is also good for leaving your pet with fresh breath for a long time to come. No one wants to play with a pet that has a stinky mouth.

Other than being good for the pet’s oral health, we find it also being an ideal choice for the pet’s fur. The vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids will have many other benefits that your pet can always enjoy when you give it the treats more often.

The food comes with natural ingredients. As such, it will be an ideal choice for those looking for a safe product to give the pet. The last thing you need is a pet that gets sick after eating the food. The manufacturer does not recommend this food for nursing cats or kittens.

  • It is a safe product
  • Good for bad breath removal
  • It can control tartar build up
  • Not the best for pregnant cats or kittens

Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

This is among the best dental chews for cats as it is all about performance. From the time you start using it, you will notice that there are quick changes in the dental health of your pet. This is because it combines the natural antiseptic activity and abrasive action to leave you with better tartar control in the pet.

The product also comes with exclusive dual enzyme system. This feature is important for eliminating plaque from forming bacteria over the teeth. As such, you will end up with a product that gives you the best performance to keep the bacteria off the teeth of the pet.

The product is made of frozen dried fish. Most cats love this type of flavor, so it should be easy to see why many people will get it for their pets. It is not just fish flavor that is available, but rather poultry too. There is no doubt that you would want the best flavor for your pet. If it does not like fish, then you can switch to poultry.

The manufacturer recommends that you give the pet 1 chew daily to help reduce plaque and calculus on overall. If you plan on doing so, go for the package with a higher count of the dental chews. This will help in ensuring that the pet always has its treats available.

  • Available in different flavors
  • The food is effective in tartar control
  • It is fast-acting to improve dental health
  • The bag does not maintain freshness of the chews after opening


Are dental chews for cats effective?

In most cases, the chews are quite effective. This is because you will get something that the pet enjoys to eat while at the same time it removes tartar and plaque buildup.

Are dental chews expensive?

The dental chews will cost differently based on the brand, nutrients, and their effectiveness. It is up to you to do a proper research to find something that will work great for you.

Are dental chews good for bad breath in cats?

It often depends on the ingredients of the dental chews. Most of them are good for handling bad breath too leaving your pet with a fresh breath. If bad breath persists, then take the pet to vet for more tests as there might be an underlying condition.


The best dental chews for cats are often cheap. This means that you should not have an excuse for having a cat with bad dental health. You simply have to get any of the products mentioned above to give your pet the right dental health on overall. From the reviews above, you will see that the chews are not just for dental health, but also improving the overall health of the pet. This ensures that you can improve the overall health of your pet and not just oral health.

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