Top 5 Best Clippers for Cats with Mats and a Buying Guide

by Top Cat Breeds

When you have the best clippers for cats with mats, it is often easier to groom your pet faster and safely. Mats on the cat’s hair are not fun, so you need the best clippers for the job. The blades need to be sharp so that you can handle the cutting process a lot faster and smoothly.

If that is something you need in clippers, then our guide should help you get the right products for the money. Let us check them out below.

ClippersBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
AIRBORS Pet Grooming Kit Check Price
Triumilynn Silent Dog Cat Groomer Clippers Check Price
Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cat Clippers Check Price
Kozart All-in-1 Cat Clipper Check Price
Oneisall Cat Shaver Clippers Check Price

How to Choose the Best Clippers for Cats with Mats

The Power

This one comes down to the motor that you get with the best clippers for cats with mats. There is no doubt you would want clippers that deliver on faster cutting capability thanks to having more torque from its motor.

Look at what other customers say about their experience with the clippers. You can understand the power better if you learn more from the experience of other people. There is no doubt getting a model that is powerful will make your job of grooming cats with mats a lot easier.

Corded vs. Cordless

The chances are you will end up with a model that is corded or cordless. There are those that will be both. It is up to you to choose the one that is all about giving you more convenience. The chances are you are likely to pick the one that offers both options. This allows for ease of switching from one mode to another.

Battery life

The battery life is essential for making sure you can cut the hair for longer before deciding to recharge the battery. That can only happen if you pick a model with a better battery life. Any manufacturer will include the battery life in the product description. This is to help you know what you are buying.

The Noise Rating and Vibrations

To the surprise of many, the noise rating and vibrations are also crucial. The cats and other pets are easily scared of noise and vibrations. So, when picking the best clippers for cats with mats, go for those that do not make a lot of noise and vibrations.


The ergonomics are crucial to how you hold the clippers and use them on your pet. Look for a model that has a nice design that also promotes the best ergonomics. As such, you would end up with a comfortable time grooming your cat.

Blade Material

You are likely to come across different clippers having different materials for their blades. The most common materials are titanium, ceramic, and stainless steel. As much as stainless steel is the cheapest, it will need regular sharpening. It is why more people opt for ceramic and titanium blades. They are also more durable and resistant to chipping.

Top 5 Best Clippers for Cats with Mats

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: AIRBORS Pet Grooming Kit

Product Name: AIRBORS Pet Grooming Kit

Product Description: The grooming kit comes with everything you will need to groom your cat and other pets easily. The use of a 26-teeth titanium ceramic blade makes all the difference. One thing that you will like about this blade type should be the sharpness. You will notice that this blade is 10 times sharper than what you get with steel clippers. As such, the kit can be great for cutting through even the mats easily. The power motor is another reason for getting this product for yourself. The motor can turn at a speed of 7500 r/min making it one of the best to use when handling various trimming activities. This is a great feature that ensures you end up with enough power to cut through mats. Since it is heavy duty, it should be easy to handle the different cutting applications all the time. Another reason for getting this product is that it comes with 4 levels to choose from. This ensure that you use the right level depending on the hair size of the pet. There are also 4 guard combs to help clip hair of different lengths. It is easy to see how this product is highly versatile. As for the working noise, the clippers operate at noise lower than 60dB. This kind of noise will not scare the pet. You will now have an easier time grooming it without it trying to run off.

Availability: InStock

  • Sharpness
  • Quality
  • Safe
  • Low Noise
  • Build Quality


One thing that stands out for the clippers should be its sharp teeth. The use of titanium ceramic blade makes this a desirable choice for anyone who wants the best performance in clippers. The blade also remains sharper for longer. This is better compared to when you would be using blades made of steel.


✔️It comes with a user-friendly design

✔️It does not generate a lot of sound and vibrations

✔️The kit comes with sharp teeth


❌Some pet owners wish for more accessories

Runner’s Up

Triumilynn Silent Dog Cat Groomer Clippers

This is a nice option as the best clippers for cats with mats. You will like its fascinating LCD display and the overall stylish appearance. The LCD back light display is all about giving you information about the clippers so that you know when it is time to charge and other functionalities.

The clippers are sharp and durable on overall. You will get that the model comes with a powerful and improved motor. This one is responsible for providing you with ultra-smooth and efficient cutting experience. The use of high-quality stainless-steel fixed blade and ceramic removable blade makes the cutting experience even better. There is no doubt that the ceramic blade can stay sharper for longer.

What about the noise? This is something that many pet owners would be concerned about. However, that is not a big deal with this product. It delivers ultra-quiet operation considering its operating noise is 40dB. It has vibration isolators that will keep the vibrations to a minimum each time you are clipping the mats on your cat.

This product comes with a 1600mAh lithium battery. Such a product is great for ensuring you never have to worry about the cord not being enough to reach the pet. This battery can easily recharge in 2 hours and it will have a continuous run time of 2.5 hours. It can still work even when plugged in, so you should always have it usable at any time.

  • It is sharp and durable
  • It comes with an ultra-quiet design
  • Impressive long power supply
  • The steel blade might need sharpening more often

Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cat Clippers

To be among the best clippers for cats with mats, we find it being a great choice in terms of performance. First, we see that the model has a heavy-duty gear that gives you a powerful cut you have always wanted. Many users find it being stable and steady so that you can have a better control. Having the R-shaped edge design prevents the clippers from accidentally cutting into the pet’s skin.

Another thing that should make this to be a top choice on your list is the presence of titanium blade plus a ceramic blade too. These two materials are good for remaining sharp for longer. There will be no need to keep sharpening the blades more often. They are strong materials too, so you should end up with some impressive durability on overall.

The product still comes with new user-friendly guide combs that will make you enjoy using the clippers on different hair lengths. Even when your pet has never had grooming before, using the guide combs can help eliminate the fear a lot better. The use of the leveled comb helps a lot in keeping the trimmed hair level and even.

Another thing you will like about these clippers is that there is a precision motor. This motor is all about delivering on smooth power that makes the whole grooming process easier. It is low in vibrations and noise. This is because its noise rating is 50dB.

  • It is low in vibrations
  • It comes with a precise motor
  • The package has multiple accessories
  • The guide combs are not the most durable

Kozart All-in-1 Cat Clipper

When we say all-in-one, it is because it comes with almost everything you need to handle the grooming needs of your pet. This includes the pet clipper, USB cable for charging, cleaning brush, comb attachments, and more. So, once you receive your package, you are ready to get down to grooming your pet easily.

Another thing that makes this a great option should be its sharp blade and strong power. The product has two levels of speed to choose from. So, it comes down to length and strength of the hair. Just know you have more power and speed at your disposal whenever you need it. The use of titanium acute-angled blade helps with smooth cutting compared to some other blade designs.

The clippers come with a rechargeable battery. This ensures that you can have a wireless grooming session whenever you want with the pet. The best part is that it can still work great for those that want to use it while it is still plugged in. You can now enjoy grooming with no interruptions.

Another thing you will enjoy about this product should be the low noise and low vibrations. The sound it produces is less than 60dB. On overall, the pet will not be scared when you are using the clippers over its body.

  • It has low vibrations
  • The blades are strong and sharp
  • It has a wide range of accessories
  • It has poor battery life and long recharge time

Oneisall Cat Shaver Clippers

Anyone who has used the best clippers for cats with mats before understands the importance of choosing the right product. That is what you get with this model. Having the built-in lithium-ion battery should make your job a lot easier. You will now have room for flexibility as you do not have to rely on it being connected to the power outlet all the time.

The product also features a safe and sharp blade. When the blade is not sharp, it will make it harder and sometimes painful to groom your pet. That is not a problem with this product. Its blade can stay sharp for a long time so that you do not have to keep sharpening it more often.

The blades are easily detachable for those who might want to clean or change them.

Having a low vibration and ultra-quiet design is welcomed among those who might want to use the product on their cats more often. The product has a noise rating of 50dB, making it one of the quietest models in the market. Even if your pet tends to get scared easily, it can handle this type of noise level.

The pet also features six guard combs. These guard combs are essential for making it easier to handle the different cutting needs that you might be facing with your pet. On overall, cutting just got easier.

  • It has low vibrations and noise rating
  • The blades are sharp and safe
  • Impressive battery life
  • The guard combs are easy to break


Can you use human clippers on a cat?

As much as there are some people who might use human clippers on cats, it is not recommended. You need to use the cat clippers as they offer more precision when you get close to the pet’s skin.

Is matted cat fur painful?

In most cases, the cat will get uncomfortable with this type of fur, it is why you need to remove the mats as much as possible. If let untreated, sometimes it can be sore for the pet.

Which clipper size should you use for a cat?

You might want to check out the different clipper sizes and compare it against the pet’s hair. Most models would come with guide combs that make it easier to tailor any clippers to suit your needs.


As much as you might be in the market for the best clippers for cats with mats, you have to consider the safety and comfort of the pet. It is why many models now have low vibrating motors and noise rating. When these two are low, then the pet feels comfortable enough to make it easier to groom it. If the cat tends to have mats more often, then get sharp clippers as you might have to use them more often to handle the different grooming applications.

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