The Best Soft Food for Cats with Bad Teeth to Buy

by Jayley

It can be due to poor oral health or being old that a cat ends up with bad teeth. When this happens, the cat will have a hard time feeding. It is at this point that you need to find the best soft food for cats with bad teeth.

With many food options in the market, which one do you even choose? That is not a problem when you can take the time to do more research. This guide has all the important information you need to get the best food for your pet.

FoodBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Check Price
Sheba Perfect Portions Pate Wet Cat Food Check Price
Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Canned Cat Food Check Price
Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food Check Price
Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrees Wet Cat Food Check Price

How to Choose the Best Soft Food for Cats with Bad Teeth

The Ingredients

The ingredients will generally be important for any food that you pick for your pet. These ingredients can determine if the pet will get complete nutrition or not. So, if you have not been reading the product labels, it might be time you started doing so.

Look at the number one protein on the list. This will determine the flavor and the most nutrients that the pet will get when eating that food type. Compare the ingredients with the other food types to see which one would be better.


Just as you like flavorful foods, that is the same thing for your pet too. It is why you have to consider the flavor that comes with the food.

The manufacturer will always highlight the flavor in the product description if there is one. The most common flavors you should be looking at include chicken, salmon, tuna, liver, and turkey. Cats love these flavors and even picky eaters will not have problems eating the food.


The number of calories is important for maintaining the cat’s weight within the healthy range. Even if you are looking for the soft food for cats with bad teeth, you should never forget about the calories.

The food label comes in handy to learn more about the calories you will find in the food. This is to make sure that your cat gets all the energy it needs while at the same time enjoy food that will not make it overweight.


The overall safety is also great to consider when choosing the food. Look at the ingredients still to determine if the food will be safe for your pet or not.

You might want to consider food that does not have gluten, grain, or any other filler ingredients. Some filler ingredients can have adverse effects on the pet, so it is best to stay away from them.

Top 5 Soft Foods for Cats with Bad Teeth

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Product Name: IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Product Description: If you are in the market for the best soft foods for cats with bad teeth, this should be a top consideration to make today. This wet cat food comes in 24 twin pack trays giving the cat up to 48 servings in total. So, you should have enough food for your pet generally. The food stands out for being chicken recipe. We all know that cats love the poultry flavor, so it should not be hard to get many cat breeds enjoying this type of cat food. To make the food even better, it is grain-free. If the cat tends to have certain food allergies, then this food will be perfect for it. Being grain-free also makes the cat purr with satisfaction. The food stands out for being complete and balanced recipe. As a result, the cat will get all the important maintenance and nutrients that it needs to grow better. Also, the nutrients will help it maintain its muscles better. The best part is that the food does not contain any artificial preservatives, as such, it is a safer product for your cat too. The food is also good at supporting the healthy immune system of the pet. This thanks to having the vitamin E nutrient that improves the immune system for an indoor cat. The meals are easy to chew so even those pets with bad teeth should find it a great meal to eat more often.

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  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Quality
  • Nutrients
  • Safety


The food stands out for being easy to chew compared to some other food types. Being soft makes it easy for those cats with bad teeth to have an easier time chewing through the food. Still, the food is good at providing a complete and balanced nutrition. This is something you would always want for your pet.

Another reason to get this food type is that it is good for the pet’s health immune system. This ensures that you never have to worry about the pet getting sick all the time when its immune system is now better.


✔️The food offers complete and balanced nutrition

✔️The food supports a healthy immune system

✔️This cat food is easy to chew


❌It is only best for indoor cats

Runner’s Up

Sheba Perfect Portions Pate Wet Cat Food

This food comes in trays that makes it a lot easier to serve your pet. The portions per tray are enough to keep the pet satisfied without necessarily having wasted leftovers. Also, the food trays are good for keeping the mess down when the pet is eating. You simply snap, peel the cover, and serve it to your pet. It is that easy.

This food is good in terms of ingredients. The manufacturer uses natural ingredients all important for providing your pet with the best nutrients that it needs to grow better. It is why you would notice changes in the pet’s health within a couple of weeks.

It is the best soft food for cats with bad teeth because it does not have grains, wheat, soy, corn, and other ingredients that might be harmful to the pet. The food also does not contain artificial flavor or preservatives that might harm the cat. So, it is a safe product to keep feeding to your pet.

The cat will love this food type because of its flavor. There is no doubt you will notice that the cat tends to eat the food thanks to the chicken, turkey, and salmon flavors. These are three major flavors that all cats love.

  • It has three flavors in one
  • You get enough servings for the price
  • The food does not have artificial flavors and preservatives
  • The food tends to attract bugs easily

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Canned Cat Food

This is another top choice for those who need soft food for cats with bad teeth. Coming from such a top brand, you are sure that the food will be good for your pet. The food is best recommended for growing baby kittens and the pregnant or nursing cats. This is because it will provide the cat with all the important nutrients it needs to grow better.

The food is seen as a top choice for your young kittens as it boosts their immune systems. This is because it comes with complex antioxidants and vitamins that the pet needs to grow better. You can be sure that the cat will be healthy and strong as it grows.

This cat food comes with a fluffy mousse texture in the sauce making it easy to eat by the pet. This food type also makes it easier for the kitten to transition from depending on milk alone to now eating solid good. The same feature helps the cats with bad teeth be able to chew with a lot of ease.

The food is still a nice choice to help with boosting the digestive system of the pet. Thanks to having the digestible prebiotics and proteins, this food type stands out for improving the pet’s digestive system. The same food also has DHA important for brain development.

  • It is a highly nutritious food
  • It is good for the digestive system
  • The food improves the immune system
  • It could use more flavors for the cats to enjoy

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food

If the food above is not flavorful enough for your pet, then you can always opt for this one. This one is available in various flavors such as chicken, liver, savory turkey, and a variety pack that contains the different flavors all-in-one.

The food comes out as the best soft food for cats with bad teeth because it is generally soft and easy to chew. So, even if you are not giving it to a cat that has bad teeth already, you can always give it to other healthy pets too. You can be sure that the other healthy cats will enjoy going through the food easily. The manufacturer recommends it for adult cats from age 1 to 6.

This cat food will provide your pet with important nutrients that it needs for growing and survival. The best part is that food has the right number of calories enough for your pet. The calories are not too much that they end up being a problem for your pet. You would always want to keep the pet’s weight in check, so this is how you do it.

The food contains important ingredients for the health of your pet. These ingredients are also easy to digest compared to some other food types that might be in the market. As a result, the pet will end up with better nutrient absorption to keep it healthy and fit.

  • The food is easy to digest
  • The food comes in multiple flavors
  • This cat food supports proper nutrition
  • The food freshness does not last for long once opened

Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrees Wet Cat Food

This is still a top choice as the right soft food for cats with bad teeth because of how it is made. The manufacturer made it using safe and natural ingredients to leave you with the best cat food to use more often. No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives went into making this food type.

Another thing to note is that the food is gluten-free, grain-free, and does not have any other filler ingredients. The filler ingredients can often lead to some health problems. It is good to know that the manufacturer did not include them in this cat food.

The food comes in several flavors including tune, salmon, and chicken. We all know that cats love these three types of flavors. It is why most of the time, the food will have such proteins as their number one ingredient.

To make it even better, the food still comes with vitamins, taurine, and minerals. All these are crucial for the pet health to ensure that it can live longer and healthier all the time. The food is also affordable, so you should have the right food available for your pet.

  • The food is available in various flavors
  • It is good for the pet’s immune system
  • It does not contain filler ingredients
  • The food could use a variety pack


How much soft food for cats with bad teeth will be enough daily?

It will depend on several things. The first one is age. Some cats will need more energy than others, so adjust the food portions to meet the energy demands. You could also consider talking to a vet for the right recommendations.

How many times should you feed a cat daily?

Two times should be enough to feed your pet with the right amount of food. This will give the pet the right energy it needs to play around and stay healthy too.

Are artificial flavors in cat food any good?

It is always advisable to stay away from such pet foods. The artificial flavors and preservatives might end up harming the health of your pet rather than helping. Consider checking out other food types that have natural flavors and ingredients.


The guide above has outlined what you can choose as the best soft food for cats with bad teeth. All you have to do is settle for one. Look at their ingredients to see if the food has the right ones to provide the pet with the best nutrition. The last thing you want is the food to have a lot of filler ingredients. The food should provide a complete and balanced nutrition the pet needs.

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