Over 50 Unique Nature Inspired Cat Names

by Jayley
nature inspired cat names
nature themed cat names

If you’re a cat parent and you’re looking for some new names for your furry little feline friends, then this list should be right up your alley. Here are more than 50 nature-inspired cat names that will help you name your new kitty.

We might also add more moving forward if we managed to find some rare, unique nature-themed names that are suitable for cats.

Our Pick For Over 50 Unique Nature Themed Cat Names

NameMeaning Behind The NameGenderOrigins
AndromedaA name of a nearby galaxy, given because it resides (from our point of view) within the constellation.FemaleGreek
AmethystThe word mêtas, which means "intoxicated, drunk", is also the root of the name of the Rare Purple Stone.FemaleGreek
AmberAn amber gemstone is a fossilized resin formed from the remains of certain types of tree.FemaleArabic
AquilaReferring an eagle in LatinUnisexLatin
ArvidThe Old Norse name Arnvíðr derives from the elements arn "eagle" and viðr "MaleSwedish
AyakaFrom Japanese 彩 meaning "color", combined with 花 or 華 both meaning "flower".FemaleJapan
BijouReferring to JewelFemaleFrench
BorAnother type of treeMale
BurimSource of waterMaleAlbanian
CedarReferring to Coniferous TreeUnisexEnglish
ChesleyThe surname, meaning "camp meadow" in Old English, is derived from one of the placeUnisexEnglish
ChrysantaThe term chrysanthemum in the sense of "golden flower" originated from the ancient Greeks who called the plantFemaleGreek
CodrinReferring to Green ForestMaleRomanian
Consussimply come from to sow, to plantMaleRoman
Daliagentle & soft branch of the treeFemaleHebrew
DekelTall & Strong Palm TreeMaleHebrew
DurdonaBeautiful PearlFemale
EguzkiBright SunMale
EiraClean white snowFemaleWelsh
EmeraldGreen & Unqiue GemstoneFemaleEnglish
FalkStrong & high flying FalconMaleGerman
FerayThe Radiance of the MoonFemaleTurkish
FuyukoWinter in JapaneseFemaleJapanese
Gresham From a name of one place during ancient time.MaleEnglish
HadleyA very popular Scottish surname. It means "heather field" in Old English.UnisexEnglish
HajnalkaReferring to a flower, morning glory.FemaleHungarian
HinaFrom the Japanese words 陽 (hi) meaning "light, sun, male" or 日 (hi) meaning "sun, day" combinationFemaleJapanese
IantheReferring to Violet FlowerFemaleGreek
İlkayMeaning of new moonUnisexTurkish
JuvelaReferring to JewelFemale
KailashBy one of the mountain nameMaleIndia
KaitoReferring to blue ocean & seaMaleJapan
LehuaReferring to one of the flower called Ohia FlowerUnisexHawaiian
MalaiMeaning the garden of flowersFelameThai
MarloweIt is come from a surname that was derived from a place name meaning "remnants of a lake" in Old English.UnisexEnglish
NarcyzReferring to narcissus flower in PolishMalePolish
OdellIt is referring to a plant that produce dye and also referring to hill during the ancient timeUnisexEnglish
OgdenIt came from a place name meaning "oak valley"MaleEnglish
PetuniaFrom a flower that called TupiFemaleEnglish
RosalbaFrom a flower that called white roseFemaleItalian
SelbyCome from a place that called Willow FarmUnisexEnglish
TaimoReferring to a plantMaleEstonian
UsoaMeaning of doveFemale
VesaReferring to young tender treeMaleFinnish
WildaMeaning of WildFemaleEnglish
YaleIt is the meaning of fertile land.MaleEnglish
YoncaMeaning of CloverFemaleTurkish


In conclusion, we have compiled over 50 cat names inspired by nature in this list.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to naming your cat, but there are some things that you should consider. The most important thing is that you should pick a name that your cat will grow into and that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. You should also consider that the name should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

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