Over 40 Interesting Hawaiian Names For Cats

by Jayley
Hawaiian Names For Cats
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Are you looking for a special name for your pet? Do you want to honor a Hawaiian legend or cultural tradition? Are you looking for an unusual pet name? This list will show you the most interesting Hawaiian names for cats!

Hawaiian Cat Names

Do you know what’s in a cat’s name? Well, we thought you might like to see it. We gathered the top Hawaiian pet names and looked up the meaning of each of these names in the Hawaiian language. Take a look at our 40 over Hawaiian cat names for inspiration which is suitable for female and male cats.

NameMeaning Behind The NameGender
HaukeaReferring to Snow WhiteFemale
HaunaniIt means beautify white snowFemale
IkaiaReferring to StrongMale
KaimanaIt means Diamond if translated to EnglishUnisex
KaipoReferring SweetheartUnisex
KaleiReferring to The ChildUnisex
KaponoReferring to GoodMale
KeanuIt means the coolnessUnisex
Daliagentle & soft branch of the treeFemale
DekelTall & Strong Palm TreeMale
DurdonaBeautiful PearlFemale
EguzkiBright SunMale
EiraClean white snowFemale
EmeraldGreen & Unqiue GemstoneFemale
FalkStrong & high flying FalconMale
FerayThe Radiance of the MoonFemale
FuyukoWinter in JapaneseFemale
Gresham From a name of one place during ancient time.Male
HadleyA very popular Scottish surname. It means "heather field" in Old English.Unisex
HajnalkaReferring to a flower, morning glory.Female
HinaFrom the Japanese words 陽 (hi) meaning "light, sun, male" or 日 (hi) meaning "sun, day" combinationFemale
IantheReferring to Violet FlowerFemale
İlkayMeaning of new moonUnisex
JuvelaReferring to JewelFemale
KailashBy one of the mountain nameMale
KaitoReferring to blue ocean & seaMale
MakanaMeaning of GiftUnisex
MomiMeaning of PearlFemale
NaniMeaning of BeautyFemale


Hopefully, you will find this is a great resource for Hawaiian cat names ideas. As you know, Hawaii has more unique and creative names than any other state. And it is especially fitting for cats because the name “Kawika” means “cat” in the Hawaiian language. You can check out some cat names theme below here:

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