Is Cedarwood Oil Safe For Cats?

by Jayley
Is Cedarwood Oil Safe For Cats
Can Cedarwood Oil Be Used On Cats

Generally, cat owners presume to keep essential oils away from their pet felines. While this is not wrong, it definitely isn’t always the case either. Some oils can actually benefit your cat as long as it is applied properly.

That said, one of the most beneficial essential oils for humans points to Cedarwood oil. It aids in a lot of needs, such as calming, hair care, and likes.

The question is, is Cedarwood oil safe for cats, too? Is it okay for them to smell it, and moreover be used on their skin and fur? If so, how can you apply it in a way that won’t irritate your cat? This is what we’re going to walk you through in this article.

Can Cedarwood Oil Be Used On Cats?

Cedarwood oil is derived from cedar trees, specifically its wood, leaves, bark, and needles. For us, humans, this is a common ingredient found in cosmetics, hair care, and massage oils. It’s also popular for having a calming, not-so-pungent scent, which is unlike the strong smell of other oils.

Now, let’s answer, “Is Cedarwood oil safe for cats?”

Cedarwood oil has little to no phenol. It will depend on the exact oil brand and manufacturer.

On a side note, if you don’t know what phenol is yet, it’s a substance that is dangerous for cats. This can cause liver problems, and in the worst cases, permanent health issues and death. It’s also a common ingredient in other essential oils, which is why even humans need to take caution when using them.

That said, because of minimal to absolutely no phenol content, we can conclude that Cedarwood oil is safe for cats. It’s considered a non-toxic essential oil for felines. This applies, no matter if their skin gets in contact with the said oil, or they get a hold of its scent. Furthermore, it also means that you can freely use the oil on cats, as long as you do so through proper application methods.

Can You Feed Cedarwood Oil To Cats?

Although Cedarwood oil is safe for cats, this doesn’t mean that you can include it in your cat’s diet. Doing so will put your cat’s health at risk. It can also make your cat to go through several digestive problems including vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive thirst.

For an easy-to-remember rule of thumb, Cedarwood oil is for external use only, both in cats and humans.

Moreover, if what you’re looking for is something that can aid with the cat’s diet and ingestion, you should look instead look at carrier oils. Virgin coconut oil, most especially, should be considered.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cedarwood Oil For My Cat?

If done correctly, using Cedarwood oil on cats will open a lot of benefits for your cat’s health. You can count on this whenever your feline friend is having trouble with their mental health, or if they are dealing with certain physical issues.

That said, here is a list of some of the main pros that you can expect:

1. Helps Relieve A Cat’s Anxiety

Because of the outdoor-like scent of Cedarwood oil, having a cat smell it can help relieve their anxiousness. This can be handy if you have to leave them alone for a while, and they suffer from separation anxiety. It can also aid in lowering stress levels.

You can also treat this as a solution whenever they have to go through anything they don’t particularly like, such as long travels, taking a bath, meeting new animals, and staying in a whole new environment.

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2. Aids in Preventing and Treating Fleas

Cedarwood oil is a famous home remedy for flea prevention and treatment. The oil’s scent has flea repellant properties, which is why applying it to the infected areas of your cat’s skin, or, better yet, spraying them with it will be a good idea.

Note, though, that this can only be done under a vet’s advice. Knowing the importance of diluting the oil in water is also an equally essential step.

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3. Reduces A Feline’s Sleep Difficulties

One of the main contents of Cedarwood oil is a substance called cedrol. This a sedative, which means that apart from calming properties, the said oil can also help in sleeping. It makes a good remedy if you think your cat has insomnia or any form of sleeping difficulties, then letting them smell Cedarwood may be a good step to take.

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4. Improves A Cat’s Immune System

Both the scent and the actual texture of Cedarwood have properties revolving around anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. This is mainly why they are a go-to for cats with skin and fur issues. Its benefit doesn’t stop with that, though. If you build a lasting, moderate scent in your and your cat’s space, you can expect it to eventually take a positive effect on their immune system.

How Can I Use Cedarwood Oil On Cats?

It’s important to know that using Cedarwood, and essential oils in general, on cats can be tricky. You need proper application methods in order to make the most out of the oil’s benefits. Not only that, but it will also help you prevent putting your cat in unnecessary danger.

So how exactly can you use Cedarwood oil on cats? Below are the main methods you can turn to:

Through Air Diffusion Or Aromatherapy

With the air diffusion method or aromatherapy, you will use the Cedarwood oil’s scent rather than the actual oil. There are two tools that can help you with this.

The first one is reeds, which are oil diffusers. This is a little more costly, but it’s a cost-efficient choice if you want the smell to last quite a long time. Diluting the oil with water is an essential step to make the scent a little weaker and less irritating for your cats.

On the other hand, we have Cedarwood oil-scented candles. This is cheaper but entails a short-term approach. You should consider this if you also want to make a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Both tools are equally helpful, so you can choose depending on your goals and preference. Either way, the method is recommended for those that are not comfortable with applying the oil topically or are not specifically targeting a certain skin issue.

Using Topical Application Methods

For those that will use Cedarwood oil to prevent or treat fleas and other skin issues, you should go with topical application.

To do this, you should first dilute the oil to, again, weaken the scent. Use a dropper or cotton bud to apply the diluted oil in inaccessible areas, such as the cat’s neck. Avoid places that the feline can lick and accidentally ingest.

Keep in mind that you should first consult a veterinarian before proceeding with topical oil applications. They will be able to walk you through the do’s and don’ts that you have to know.

Wrapping Up

So, is Cedarwood oil safe for cats?

The answer that you’re looking for is yes. In fact, it’s one of the safest oils that you can turn to if your cat needs some calming effect or if they’re dealing with pest-related skin issues. This is because Cedarwood contains little to no phenol in its content.

Just a disclaimer; even though Cedarwood oil is safe and beneficial to felines, this doesn’t mean that they like it. Most of them aren’t fans of the smell, so keep this in mind if ever they show restrain once you apply the oil on them.

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