Top 2 Indestructible Cat Scratching Post Options!

by Jayley
indestructible cat scratching post

Cats have the natural urge to scratch. They do this to mark their territories as well as to remove dirt stuck on their claws. In the wild, cats will scratch on trees and other fibrous surfaces to file their nails so it will not grow too long. But for domesticated kitties, you need an indestructible cat scratching post to satisfy your pet’s natural instincts.

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A scratching post should be durable so it can endure a kitty’s sharp claws. In this post, we reviewed two of the best options that you can get in the market.

The benefits of cat scratching posts

A scratching post isn’t just vanity for some cat owners. It’s actually a great tool to save your furniture from being a scratching target of your cat. A scratching post will help you answer the needs of your cat.

Most cat trees come with a scratching post. However, if your space is limited and your pooch doesn’t need the extra frills, a scratching post alone will do.

The following are some of the benefits of an indestructible cat scratching post:

*It keeps kittens busy

Kittens are playful beings. A great way to keep these little furballs busy is by letting them scratch on a post. A scratch post is also a great way for an adopted cat to adjust to its new home easier. You can also hang some toys on it to add fun to the scratching experience.

*It reduces your cat’s stress

Your cat can use the scratching post to exercise and ease their stress. It’s a great diversion for them, not to mention that it keeps their claws in good shape. Take note that very long nails will dig through your cat’s paws, resulting in a painful condition.

*It saves your furniture

Need we say more about scratch marks on furniture? As cat owners, we’ve seen the damage a cat can do on a fine piece of wooden furniture. So for your belonging’s sake, you should get a decent scratching post for the kitty.

What to look for a cat scratching post

The thing with a cat scratching post is you have to find one that your pet will actually like to use. To help you find the best one, you should keep the following things in mind:

*Mind the texture

Look for a scratching post where your kitty can dig its claws through. You’ll never go wrong with fibrous ropes like sisal and those derived from the agave plant. If you don’t mind a little mess, you can also get a cardboard scratching post, but make sure that it’s dense enough for long-term scratching.

*Choose the right height

If you have a large cat, you need a tall scratching post. Look for one that allows your cat to stretch its entire body while filing its claws. You should also consider getting tall ones even if your pet is still a kitten.


The post should always be in an upright position so your cat can easily use it. Avoid scratch pads unless your kitty is really into it. If you’re getting an angled scratching post, make sure that it will not be a wobbly fest once your cat scratches on it.

Top 2 Indestructible Cat Scratching Post Options!


OUR TOP PICK: PetFusion Vertical Scratching Post
indestructible cat scratching post

Product Name: PetFusion Vertical Scratching Post

Product Description: The PetFusion Scratching Post is a standalone post that your cat can enjoy using. It has a triangular shape so your kitty will have three sides to get busy at. Inside the triangle, there’s a cubby hole on which sides are also padded with the same recycled cardboard. This scratching post keeps your cat’s claws healthy. It’s also made of non-toxic corn glue and materials so even if your pet ingests bits of it, you’ll not worry about poisoning. Aside from that, this scratching post has won the 2014’s Editor’s Choice Award from Cat Fancy Magazine. Its innovative design also makes it a top choice for cat owners.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Texture
  • Value for Money


You can get this scratching post in standard and large size to suit your pet. It even adds a decorative touch to your home due to its simplistic and aesthetic look.

We also like how durable this scratching post is. It’s glued together piece by piece so even if you drop it along the way, it will not be damaged easily. We even asked a kid to stand on top of it and it stayed intact.


Lasts for more than a year

Durable angled construction

Aesthetic design


None so far


4CLAWS Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

If your cat is into an upright scratching post, we recommend the one from 4CLAWS. This is a wall-mounted post made with durable and recycled cardboard. Your cat can keep scratching this for more than a year and it will not lose its shape easily.

Moreover, this scratching post comes with stainless steel mounting hooks so you can put it in place straight from the package. And since it’s wall-mounted, this scratching post is extra durable, even for large cats.

We also like how dense the cardboard is. So if your kitty tends to ruin rope posts fast, this might be the perfect choice for him or her. The bottom part is also sloped so your kitty can scratch from top to bottom.

Make sure that you mount this on a spot where your cat loves to stay. This way, you can drive the kitty away from your furniture.

Overall, this is a sturdy scratching post for those who have a small space to spare at home. It’s also a cheaper choice without compromising quality.

  • Wall-mounted for extra durability
  • Comes with mounting hooks
  • Made of dense and premium cardboard
  • A little messy


Although there’s no 100% indestructible cat scratching post, you can find some that will last longer than others. The two options we reviewed here will not disappoint. Just make sure that it suits your cat’s preferences and habits. Other than that, you surely save your furniture from the wrath of your kitty’s claws.

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