Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

by Jayley
Do Cats Need Chew Toys

Cats are the most unpredictable kind of domesticated animal in the world. One day, they will be sleeping quietly in their bed. And the next day, you will see them biting the ends of toys, pens, or any small things that can be found scattered in the house.

There are a variety of reasons why cats chew on things. However, the main reason for this, especially for the kittens you just adopted, is that they are teething. The slow and painful growth of cats’ teeth makes them uncomfortable. In this article, you will learn all the factors to answer the question “Do cats need chew toys?” and the reasons why they should have one.

Are Cat Chew Sticks Safe

Should Cats Have Chew Toys?

Cats should have chew toys. Not only will it help ease the discomfort they are experiencing but also will give a lot of benefits to their body.

Your feline friends will survive without toys to chew but this doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have one. Try to think for a second like them and understand the psychology behind gnawing on things. They may be stressed and would like to relieve themselves by chewing on chew toys that are near to them all the time.

Always bear in mind that cats are not just displayed at home for social media purposes, they have their feelings as well. We should respect that.

Why Is My Cat Chewing on Things?

Chewing is a natural instinct for cats. They chew on things because it helps them groom their teeth and other reasons like they are bored. We will find out more over here.

Growing Teeth

Just like what is mentioned above, your furry friend might be growing his or her teeth as the reason behind the chewing. They will not have any choice but to bite the teeth that are hurting to somehow make the feeling of relief come faster. You need to monitor your cats consistently especially when they are just kittens.


Cats are animals and they get bored like humans too. For this reason, they tend to either roam around the house and bring down all the things that can be brought down or chew on them. Try to entertain your cats with chew toys or with other toys to prevent them from developing a chewing mannerism.

Digestive Issue

Sometimes, the reason why cats chew on almost everything they see is from the inside. They may have digestive issues that you, as the owner, can’t address because of busyness and lack of knowledge. The only remedy available for this is to bring them to the nearest veterinary clinic to know what’s happening to your cat’s stomach.

Gum Inflammation

When we talk about more specific reasoning, gum inflammation may be the culprit behind the chewing problem. Cats have very small mouths, therefore, small gums. When you don’t feed them enough, they may eat various things that can hurt their gums. And when this happens, they may develop a habit of chewing the discomfort away.

Periodontal Disease

This applies to those cats that are not young anymore. If the kittens will have chewing habits because of teething, adult felines will have the same problem but due to teeth problems. To be specific, growth of tartar inside the cat’s mouth. Bring them to the doctor right away to either clean the teeth or remove them if necessary.


Cats can have mental health problems as well due to a variety of reasons. Anxiety, when experienced by cats, can cause a lot of effects like not eating meals, chewing habits, and more. When you feel like your furry friend is feeling anxious, try to be with them and cuddle to make them feel the love and security.

Underlying Medical Problem

When you don’t see the above-mentioned reasons why your cat is chewing on things, there may be a more serious problem that you need to address. Be proactive in figuring out your pet’s sickness to cure it as soon as possible.

What Are the Benefits for Cats to Chewing on Toys?

Chewing also releases natural enzymes in your cat’s mouth that help break down food so your cat can digest it better. If your cat doesn’t have anything to chew on, it will find something else to do with. So let’s take a look what are the benefits for cats to chewing on toys.

Removes Boredom

After buying different kinds of toys for cats especially chew toys, you will see a big difference regarding their chewing problems. Your furry friend might be bored before that why they do that. Try purchasing different colors and shapes to heighten the experience for the cats.

Promotes Dental Health

Chew toys are not just hard leather-type things. They have characteristics that make the teeth of cats better. How? These toys act like toothbrushes for animals removing food that are stuck in-between teeth that can’t be noticed right away. You, however, need to find the best size for your cat to leverage on this benefit.

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Brings Down Stress Levels

Cats can be stressed too just like any other animal. Giving them chew toys may help reduce their anxiety or stress levels to normal. They are distracted from all the things that make them stressed because of the chew toys. Minimize all the excessive noise at home as well to help make your cat feel better.

Safer Alternative to Bones

Unlike what everyone thinks, cats should not eat or even chew on real bones because the latter may break their teeth. When buying chew toys, try to look for those that look like real bones to trick your cats at home. These toys will not smell bad just like the real ones.

Rescues Your Furniture

The bad chewing habits of cats always end up destroying furniture. So to prevent the legs of your couch from being scratched and chewed by your cat, buy a couple of chew toys. They are very affordable and will last for years as long as they will not get lost.

Helps With Teething Cats

Small cats or kittens will undergo a very uncomfortable process of teething. This will bring them discomfort and giving them softer versions of chew toys, will help them bear the pain. There are small ones that are available in the market that are still of high quality.

Prevent Destructive Chewing

When left untreated, dogs tend to be more aggressive and destructive with chewing. This is especially true for those bigger cats. Bringing down the aggressiveness back to normal will help them in the future.

Are Cat Chew Sticks Safe?

Cat chew sticks are safe and beneficial to your cats at home. This is one of the most recommended chew toys by professionals because they are easier for cats to chew.

Another reason is that with its size, cats will not have a hard time cleaning their teeth with it. Toxicity is out the window when talking about cat chew sticks because of the cat-safe materials and elements used to create them.

Are There Chew Bones for Cats?

When you want your feline friends at home to not chew on artificial things as treats and entertainment, there are chew bones created for them. Frozen raw marrows are made by manufacturers as treats for cats that they can eat and chew on to ease boredom. There are a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients inside the bone marrow.


Do cats need chew toys? Absolutely! Whatever the reason behind the bad chewing habit of your cat, chew toys are the remedy. They can make your felines happy and at the same time, help them clean their teeth and prevent future medical situations. Always remember that cats are like humans too. You should give them all the attention they need. And when medical assistance is necessary, bring them to the nearest veterinary clinic.

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