Do Cats Like Camping?

by Hayley
Do Cats Like Camping

If you’re planning on taking your cat on a camping trip, it might be more complicated than you think. It’s not as effortless as it sounds, and cats don’t constantly adapt to new surroundings. An unhappy pet can make for a heartbreaking camping experience.

In this article, we’ll talk about some essential factors you should consider when making your process more pleasant.

Tips For Camping With Felines

Do Cats Like Camping?

Generally, cats like camping as long as they are comfortable and the camping area is ideal for them. However, various aspects affect their experience.

It’s possible to have a camping trip with your cat. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your feline and get some exercise. However, before planning a trip with your feline friend, you must ensure that you have the necessary equipment and prepare for the adventure.

Tips For Camping With Felines

Cats are not known for liking change. However, it’s not a cause for concern, as they will eventually adjust to the new environment. By gradually introducing your cat to the various types of vehicles and camping equipment, you can help prepare them for a successful trip.

Introduce Them To A New Environment

Before camping, make sure your cat is ready to try it. You can arrange a tent in your living room or another suitable location. You can also provide your cat with treats or catnip inside. You can spend the night in it.

Try camping with a cat in your backyard and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can always go back inside. If you have no yard but want to try camping, you can do it in your living room or the yard of a family member or friend.

Ensure That The Camp Site Is Pet-Friendly

Before you can camp with a cat, make sure that the campsite you’re staying at is pet-friendly. It will determine whether or not your pet will be allowed to stay there. Other tips will be irrelevant if your furry friend is not permitted to stay.

Before you book a camping trip for your cat, it’s vital that you thoroughly research the campsites in your area and ask about their pet policies. A representative from the organization may be able to help you navigate through the camping experience.

Finding a pet-friendly camping area is necessary, but doing so can come with some potential problems. For instance, if a campsite is pet-friendly, other dogs and cats might be roaming around the area.

Your cat may become stressed out if they are not used to interacting with other animals. It can be because of an absence of familiarity with other people and their pets.

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Always Do A Weather Check

Before you start camping with your cat, make sure that the weather is clear. You should never camp with the cats in scorching weather. Both scorching and cold temperatures can be dangerous for your pet.

Ideally, a cat should be able to live in a temperature range of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But it would help if you avoid going too far outside this range.

You should consider the type of cat that you have. For instance, if you have a cat with long fur, it will be more able to handle the cold. However, it will also suffer during a heatwave.

Ideally, you should only camp with your cat when the weather is favorable. It will help prevent the cats from experiencing any temperature-related issues.

Don’t Camp On Crowded Camp Sites

When it comes to camping with a cat, you should avoid crowds at first. It is because the presence of other people and pets can be very unsettling to a cat.

If you plan camping with your cat, make sure that the campground you choose is remote or sparsely populated. It will allow your furry friend to explore without being bothered by other people.

Your cat’s temperament is also essential to contemplate when camping. For instance, if you have an extroverted cat, you might want to let it enjoy being with people. It will allow your cat to cope with the crowds.

Although your cat is generally friendly, starting with a quiet camping area is essential. It will eliminate one of the possible stressors cats experience during camping trips.

Designate A Space For Your Cat

When you plan camping with a cat, you should create a space they can call their own. It should be a safe and comfortable area they can retreat to if they get overwhelmed.

Although a tent is usually a good idea, some cats may not be comfortable with it. So, if your cat is not used to being inside a tent, you might want to consider letting them use your car as a safe space.

One of the best ways to guarantee that your cat has a safe and comfortable camping experience is by choosing a location that allows you to drive to the campsite. It will enable you to keep your car close by.

This space can also be a hiding place for your cat and should be a place where they can sleep. It is because they should feel secure and safe even though their environment may be unpredictable.

Create A Litter Area

Regarding food and water, your cat needs both of these necessities. Also, place a litter box where they go to the bathroom.

If you’re not sure that your cat is comfortable going to the bathroom behind a tree or on the ground, then you might be surprised. However, it’s not possible to tell for sure.

Bring a litter box to ensure your cat is comfortable during the trip. It will allow cats to use the restroom in your designated area.

Pack the litter box inside a single location during your trip. You can store it inside your tent or your car. It will make it easier for your cat to find its way to the bathroom when they need a break.

What To Do When Your Cat Gets Away?

If your cat gets away while you’re hiking, camping, or exploring new territory, immediately search for them in the nearby areas. They may be hiding in these areas.

When your cat is hiding in a dark area, a flashlight can help you catch the reflection of its eyes. However, do not rely on your ears to hear their faint meows, as these pets will not call out for help if they are in unfamiliar territory.

Make sure to look up if your cat has suddenly climbed into a tree. You can conduct a few things to try and lure them back down, such as providing them with food and treats. However, sometimes patience is required.

If your cat can’t get down the tree due to an injury or because it’s too young, you might have to call a tree service. You can also reach out to a local vet for advice.


Do cats like camping? Yes, as long as you make it comfortable for them. Although it’s possible to bring a cat with you when you go camping, there are several special considerations that you’ll need to make. One of these is ensuring that the feline is safe and comfortable. It is because camping can add to the danger that the cat might encounter.

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