Do Cats Forgive Abuse? [Things You Should Know

by Hayley
Do Cats Forgive Abuse

Do cats forget abuse? Unlike dogs, cats are complex creatures. They have a variety of personality traits, and it’s essential to understand them to be able to care for them properly. If you’ve ever offended your cat, then the chances are that it will quickly forgive you. However, if you have to face the wrath of your feline friend for a long time, then chances are that it will not be able to forgive you.

Cats do not usually forgive abuse. However, they may find it hard to ignore you if it is severe. They may find it easier to accept if you have repeatedly tried to make amends.

In this article, we’ll talk about some behaviors and actions that can be considered abusive toward your pet.

What Is a Cat Abuse?

Cat abuse is a type of cruelty that occurs to a cat not in its best interests. There are two types of abuse: physical and neglect.

If you fail to take adequate care of your pet’s basic needs, such as feeding them, taking them to the veterinarian, and visiting them when needed, you are guilty of negligence.

Like other animals, cats also need affection and entertainment. It will help them maintain their mental health and improve their well-being. Also, a warm and comfortable environment will help them live a long and healthy life.

This type of abuse is usually more visible when it’s apparent that the cat is suffering from pain or other issues.

Aside from being harmful to a cat’s health, neglect and mental abuse can also lead to various issues, such as malnutrition and poor grooming. It can additionally cause the animal to become sick.

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Do Cats Remember Their Abuser?

Cats have an incredibly long-term memory, which helps them keep track of their painful memories and avoid predators.

People will remember a traumatic experience with someone as part of their self-preservation mechanism. It includes fear, anger, and painful experience.

Due to their solid cognitive memory, cats can recall their past experiences by recalling sounds, smells, and objects related to the abuse. This negative memory helps them avoid being victimized by people who have previously abused them.

It’s important to remember that cats are also victims of long-term abuse. If you step on their tail, they won’t start avoiding you.

How Long Does a Kitten Hold a Grudge?

A feline can hold a grudge against you or other humans depending on the trauma they experienced for only a few hours.

If you do something against your cat’s wishes, it will be furious at you. Unlike dogs, cats do not look upon humans as masters. They are also equal in terms of their behavior. If you want to prevent your cat from acting like a spoiled child, pet it aggressively and make it aware that it is not pleased by your actions.

An annoyed cat will usually avoid you, hide, or leave the room where you’re entering. It can also show signs of being scared or frustrated. Some of these include: Puffing up its tail or arching its back. Its eyes also dilate.

If you are not treating your cat respectfully and courteously, it is time to give it some space and consideration. Some signs that can tell you that your pet is unhappy with you are your pet’s behavior and gestures.

Do Cats Seek Revenge After Wrongdoings?

There is no exact answer to the subject complexity of the subject, but cats may have feelings of prejudice against you after an abuse.

Many people mistakenly believe that cats can never forgive humans. In a study conducted by Applied Animal Science Behavior, the animals did not avoid people or places after being restrained. It’s believed that this doesn’t mean cats are incapable of forgiving people.

Cats have survival instincts, which help them remember things that happened. They will do whatever it takes to avoid exposure to harmful substances again.

Regarding catfights, both parties must remember the neighborhoods they live in. If a cat gets attacked on the street, it will avoid that area to protect itself.

Similar to human relationships, cats also remember who they are treated by. When they encounter someone who mistreats them in the past, they avoid the latter.

Will the Cat Forgive and Forget the Abuse?

If a cat experiences abuse for a long time, it will have a hard time recovering from its trauma. The effects of the abuse will stay with the animal for a long time, and it will most likely never forget the incident or the person who abused it. If the abuse continues, your pet will most likely become traumatized and will never be able to forgive you.

Cats are not used to being friendly with humans. A pet parent has to create a bond with their animal for it to feel loved and secure. If your pet has trauma from abuse, it will always look at you suspiciously.

In addition to avoiding the company of their abuser, cats also avoid objects related to their abuser. It includes clothing, smells, and the sound of their abuser. Their first step to prevent a repeat of their experience is to take shelter in a safe area.

What Can You Do to Make Up for Your Cat?

Your pet might be mad at you for oversight in estimating its mood or doing something that might irritate it. However, if you have a strong connection with your pet, it will eventually come to you. There are times when you can overstep your authority and hit your pet.

Being able to hit your cat is abuse and is never the solution to any problem. If you feel ashamed of what you’ve done, take the time to learn from your mistakes and prevent them from happening.

Give your pet some time and space to calm down. If your cat does come to you, try using a gentle voice to soothe it. Cats are brilliant animals, and they will respond to your voice. Having treats and toys can also help strengthen their bond with you.

If you can’t control your temper, then it’s best to let your pet go to an adoption center. Anger management classes and other forms of counseling can help manage your stress and anxiety and help you feel better about yourself.

Final Thoughts

Do cats forgive abuse? A consistent routine is essential to establishing a healthy relationship between you and your pet. Understanding the signs that your cat is annoyed with you will help you manage your pet’s behavior.

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