Do Cat Treats Expire?

by Jayley
Do Cat Treats Expire

Cat owners have a pantry or drawer filled with cat goods and cat treats that they can feed to their furry friends whenever they want. To make sure that cats do the things they need to do, owners can give rewards in the form of treats to expedite the process.

However, at times, you buy food that is more than enough causing them to expire and get wasted. So the question of a lot of cat owners out there is that “Do cat treats expire?” In this article, you will learn what to do when you have expired treats at home and how long do they last to be used.

How Long Do Cat Treats Last After Opening

Can You Use Expired Cat Treats?

You can still use expired cat treats and give them to your cats as rewards. The “Best By” or expiration dates printed on the plastic bag or tin can of the cat treats are not the last day that you can use it. According to experts, you can still use them past the date and for up to three months.

But of course, you need to be vigilant in feeding the same to your feline friends because their health is at stake. Make sure that the cat treats do not smell bad and do not have molds or dirt on them.

Are Expired Cat Treats Safe?

Expired cat treats are not safe in general. The reason of the manufacturers for putting the expiration date on the packaging is to make sure that no cat will get food poisoned. However, seasoned pet owners and experts suggest that you can still give your cats treats beyond their expiry dates. Provided, however, that the time you’ll give it to them is not more than three months after the “Best By” date.

Cats will eat whatever it is that you will feed to them so it is up to you, their owners, to decide and make the right decision. Do the work and inspect the cat treats vigorously but if you have the budget, just buy new ones.

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Can Cats Eat Expired Treats?

Yes, cats can eat expired treats in the condition that the same will be eaten just a few weeks after the expiry date. This is to make sure that the quality of the food and the nutrients that it has are still there to benefit your furry friend.

Be wary when feeding the same to your cats because they might experience medical conditions like nausea, vomiting, and food poisoning. Be responsible enough to only give to your cat friends at home the best cat food and treats that they deserve. You also need to always check the food in your cat’s pantry to ensure that everything is still good to use.

What Happens if a Cat Eats Expired Cat Treats?

We cannot be sure of what will happen if a cat eats expired cat treats. But usually, these are the possible outcomes below if your cat eats expired cat treats.

They Will Be Sick

One of the gravest effects, when your cat eats expired treats, is that they will be sick. All expired food, especially when they are way past their expiry dates, is filled with molds and bacteria that are bad for you. This is also true in cat treats.

They Will Be Dizzy and Restless

Aside from getting sick and feeling sick, cats will be dizzy and restless after eating a lot of expired treats. They will not feel well and energized causing them to stay in a corner the whole day. Prevent this from happening by feeding your feline friends with food and treats that are fresh and not beyond the “Best By” dates.

They Might Feel Nothing to Worry About

Sometimes, cats have a super healthy body that a little number of expired treats do not faze them. This is a good thing because it means that they have an amazing immune system and that you take care of them very well. If you accidentally fed your cat expired treats, do not panic and get yourself together. Below are the things you need to do when this situation happens:

Let Them Drink Lots of Water

To wash down the treats from their body, let your felines drink lots and lots of water. By doing this, you can make sure that the junk will not last in their body for a very long time. Only feed them fresh tap water or filtered water which has a balanced pH level.

Observe Their Notions

After knowing that they ate expired treats, do not panic and observe your cats’ notions and movements. Calm yourself and think strategically about what you want to do next. If you think that the treats did not affect them, you can now breathe and feel safe.

Feed Them Non-expired Treats

When your cats did not feel anything after eating the expired goods, feed them with non-expired treats after an hour or two. This is to make sure that they will be able to replace the empty nutrients that they ate from the previous treats.

Bring Them to the Vet

Last but not least, when a cat ate a lot of expired cat treats and had felt sick afterward, bring them to the nearest veterinary clinic. This is to make sure that their sickness will not worsen and so that they will feel better and more energetic.

How Long Do Cat Treats Last After Opening?

Cat treats last for a week, provided, however, that the same will be stored in a refrigerator or cooler. But if not, the treats will only last for a day or two and on top of that, the nutrients will not be preserved for the benefit of your furry friends.

A tip that you should always bear in mind is that only open the food and treats that will be used for that day. You can spoil your cats but at the same time, not waste any food because of nonuse.

What to Do With Expired Cat Treats?

What to Do With Expired Cat Treats

Check Their Expiration Date

The first thing to do after knowing that the cat treats you have at home are expired already is to check whether they are beyond the three months after the printed date. If they are, you need to dispose of them as soon as possible.

Dispose of Them ASAP

Speaking of disposing, you need to ensure that when disposing of expired canned or packaged cat treats, you are doing it properly. Do not just throw them in the garbage bin together with all the biodegradable objects. Segregate your junk for a more organized garbage disposal.

Cat food and treats can still be fed to rescued cats taken care of by amazing volunteers not more than three months after the expiry date. This is true, provided, that the treats are not soggy and are still firm, and do not smell bad.

Use Them as Fertilizers

Before throwing the cans and plastic in the garbage bins, remove the goods inside them and use them as fertilizers. This way, you can use the expired treats for other use. Instead of using them to reward your cats, you can instead use them to feed your plants back at home.

Feed Them to Your Cats

Last but not least, you can feed them to your cats. Just make sure that the treats are not moldy and still smell good. You can still eat food that is a few weeks or months away from the printed “Best By” dates.


Do cat treats expire? Absolutely. They are just like processed human food that must be eaten before the printed dates on the packaging. You can still feed outdated food and treats to your cats but if you have the budget to buy new ones, do it. Do not be thrifty when it comes to your pets because you decided to have one in the first place. Always remember that they are like humans, they should be taken care of and loved fully.

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