Cat Grass Vs. Catnip – Which is Better?

by Hayley
Cat Grass Vs Catnip
Is Cat Grass Safe for Cats

Does your cat at home like smelling grass-like things to either stimulate their smell or to entertain themselves? And most of the time, eat the grass itself. Well, you may want to introduce them to a cat grass or catnip.

These two come in a variety of forms to ensure that the cats that will eat and play with them will have the best time ever. To give you a visual in mind, cat grass and catnip are actual grasses or herbs that are either in the form of a regular vase plant or are inside a stuffed cat toy.

This is to make sure that the owners will be able to utilize all the benefits of the two. In this article, you will be able to read how a Cat Grass vs Catnip comparison turns out.

What Is Cat Grass?

So what is cat grass? This is a safe combination of plants for cats. When you buy or make your cat grass, you will notice that there are at least 5 kinds of plants incorporated. But you can also just choose 2-3 depending on what your cat likes. There are barley, oat, rye, alfalfa seeds, and wheat to choose from. What makes this beneficial for cats to munch in and play with is the incitement of their minds.

Have you ever come across your cat sniffing or pawing your house plants just because they are bored? This is the reason why cat grass is made. To make sure that your houseplants at home will not be bothered anymore.

What Does Cat Grass Do for Cats?

There are a variety of things that cat grass does for cats. Some of these are:

Helps With Indigestion

Cat grass acts like those fiber-rich vegetables and food that you feed cats. It will help with their indigestion and will make sure that there is no waste stuck in their stomach. This will also ensure that the digestive system of cats will be smoothly functioning.

Empty Their Stomach

Another benefit of cat grass to cats is to empty their stomach. A lot of times, cats eat a lot of food. And sometimes, they will eat foreign objects and ingest the same. If that object has sharp edges, it may harm the insides of your furry friend. The remedy for this is to let your cat vomit everything. And cat grass can help with this.

Prevent Furball Accumulation

Do you often see your cat trying to puke every morning or night? They might have furball stuck in their throat. Cat grass will help prevent the accumulation of furballs. This being said, when they eat cat grass daily, the probability of having furballs will be reduced.

Provides Vitamins and Minerals

Last but not least, one of the best benefits of cat grass for cats is to give them all the vitamins and minerals their body needs. Cat grass is made of healthy edible plants like rye and barley so rest assured that your cat will have a healthy body.

Is Cat Grass Safe for Cats?

Absolutely! Cat grass is safe for cats. When you think about it, cat grass is a smaller version of the grass found on your front lawn or backyard. The only difference is that the latter are treated with pesticides and insecticides, hence, more dangerous for your cats to eat. This being said, having cat grass inside your home will give the same feeling to cats but will not harm them. This kind of grass made for cats will ensure that your feline will still feel the taste of nature. It will let them experience what the outdoors smell and taste like.

What We Like About Cat Grass

Non-Toxic for Cats

The first pro of giving your cats at home cat grass is that the same is not toxic to cats. It means that your furry friend can smell and eat the cat grass you bought for them. You will feel assured that your cat will not eat any grass from the outside.

Easy to Grow

Next on the list is that it is easy to grow. What you need to do is to buy seeds from the supermarket or pet store. Then, buy a small vase that is scratch proof or is plastic to prevent mess at home. When you plant the seeds, it will only take a few weeks to grow them.

Healthier Digestion

One of the best things that cat grass does to cats is that it promotes a very healthy digestive system. Cat grass is rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals that will ensure that your cat is processing the food they eat properly.

What We Dislike About Cat Grass

Induces Vomiting

However, your cat might experience vomiting when they eat a lot of cat grass. But that is a good thing when your cat ate expired food because it will puke all of them out. This is quite normal for all cats because their bodies are very picky with the food they want to eat.

It Gets Stuck Sometimes

When your furry friend gets aggressive with eating the cat grass, small portions of the same get stuck in their throat. But, do not worry because it can be flushed with water or other cat-friendly liquids or beverages.

Our Recommendation For Cat Grass: Cat-About Cat Grass

Cat-About Cat Grass

Cat grass is a crucial and essential thing that you need to buy for your cat to let them experience the outdoors without really going outside. Cat-About Cat Grass is a one-of-a-kind product that you need to try out. You don’t need to go to a pet store to buy seeds to grow your own.

This is a ready-to-eat package for your furry friends at home. When this arrives at your front door, you can directly give it to your cat for them to eat and play with the same.

What Is Catnip?

Catnip is an all-rounder in the pet industry. This does not just act like cat grass that cats can eat and play with. Catnips are used for medication for it is a kind of herb. This herb is under the family of mint which is one of the many reasons why cats go crazy over the same.

However, catnips are usually used to stimulate the minds of mostly kittens. There is a big debate about this but whether you like it or not, catnips are drugs for kittens. They make the latter go above and beyond for about 20 minutes.

What Does Catnip Do for Cats?

Below are what catnips do for cats:

Mind Alteration

This is not the kind of mind alteration you think that saw in the movies. This only means that your cat will feel euphoric when they smell or even eat catnip. Some non-toxic chemicals are found to give this kind of reaction to your cat.

Provides More Energy

When cats induce some kind of chemical in their body using natural materials like catnips, they will have more energy to do all the things that want to do. In addition, you will see them happier and livelier. However, please bear in mind that the effect of catnips does not last for the whole day.

Psychosexual Stimulation

This sounds like a very sensitive topic to talk about but cats also experience psychosexual stimulation. This is an effect when they interact with catnips that have this kind of smell and taste that will make them go crazy for a bit.

Is Catnip Safe for Cats?

Catnip is safe for cats. You don’t need to worry about it. This kind of cat-friendly herb has been used way back and is proven to be very helpful to felines and the like. You can let them mess with their catnips all day long and still feel secure.

If they ever encounter being overdosed, you don’t need to panic because the only side effect of this to cats is an upset stomach. Other than that, what you will observe are the good and fantastic benefits of catnips.

What We Like About Catnip?

Does Not Contain Toxic Chemicals

Catnips are very beneficial to cats to help them stimulate and alter their minds for a bit without experiencing side effects due to chemicals. This kind of herb will make sure that your cat will experience euphoria naturally.

Available in Pet Stores

You can buy catnips from the pet store near you. Or you can buy the same on the internet for more convenience. There are a variety of catnips to choose from so you need to read the reviews of the same.

May Variants

Catnips are not just in the form of grass, like cat grass. There are also dried catnips and also spray forms. You can use the spray catnips on cat posts and chew toys to maximize the benefits of the same.

It Relaxes Cats

If your cats get anxious at times, giving them the feeling of euphoria using catnips will help them relax and sleep. This is very helpful, especially for kittens that have the trouble of getting their body stay in one place.

What We Dislike About Catnips?

Upset stomach

The side effect or cons that your cat might experience due to overdosing on catnips is an upset stomach. But, this feeling will go away soon enough as long as your feline drinks lots of water and eat healthy food right after.

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Our Recommendation For Catnip: Smarty Kat Organic Cat Nip

Smarty Kat Organic Cat Nip

Have you ever wondered what does a dried catnip looks like? Well, Smarty Kat Organic Cat Nip is something you need to check out. This product is a very well-crafted catnip because you can use the crushed portions on almost every cat item you have at home.

You can sprinkle the same on the cat posts, mix in their meals, put some on chew toys, and many more. This will ensure that the euphoric feeling will be felt by your cats in whatever they do. And if you have kids at home, this is a very safe thing to use because of the kid-friendly features it has.

Is It Cruel to Give a Cat Catnip?

No, it is not cruel nor harmful to give a cat catnip. You will not see any evidence or study published online that warns cat owners and stops them from giving their furry friends catnips. Because for as long as you moderate the consumption of your cat with this mint-related herb, they will only reap the benefits of the same.

However, make sure that the catnips you buy online are approved by experts and have positive reviews to ensure your cat’s safety. Bear in mind that the effects of this product on cats may vary.

Which One Is Better for Cat: Cat Grass or Catnip?

So the question now is, which one is better for cats: cat grass or catnip? The answer to this question mainly depends on what kind of effect are you looking for.

If you want to give additional nutrients like dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals, cat grass might be the one you’re looking for. It will help your cat regulate its bowel movements and ensure a good digestive system.

But, if you’re looking for something to relax your cat at home and affect its behavior, catnips are the best choice. This product will ensure that your cat will feel relaxed and euphoric to remove the stress it feels.


Cat grass vs catnip. These two are oftentimes compared to each other because of their similarities. But, you don’t have to choose between the two because both of them bring different versions out of your cat. The former will ensure that the nutrients that your furry friend needs will be ingested by them and the latter will secure the behavioral effects to eliminate their stress and anxiety.

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