Cat Food Dish For Messy Eaters

by Jayley

A cat might be a mealtime slob due to several reasons. A bit of experimentation can determine which of these reasons might result in messy eating so possible solutions can be applied. Some cats will be meticulous eaters while others will cause such a mind-boggling mess when they paw food out of their dishes and smush their entire face with food. This kind of behavior toes the line between endearing and frustrating. To put some order during mealtimes, you may want to utilize a cat food dish for messy eaters as an intervention.

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Reasons why cats are messy eaters– cat food dish for messy eaters

Cat Food Dish For Messy Eaters

Tooth Problems

If you have experienced a sore tooth, you might understand the struggle you have to endure when eating. Even if your cats only eat dry food, they still need professional tooth cleaning regularly. Similar to humans, some cats are more susceptible to tooth problems than others. This can be rooted in malocclusions or crooked teeth, incorrect bites and other various chemical conditions within the cat saliva that may lead to tartar buildup and bacteria. Also, don’t disregard the progression of time and its impact on the teeth and gums of older cats. To make sure that tooth and gums are healthy, schedule them for routine exams to your vet for tooth checkups and cleaning.

Badly Shaped Food

Cat food manufacturers shell out millions on research and development to discover the best size and shape of kibble. Because of this, some brands will be more successful compared to others. The outer coating of the kibble can also contribute to whether your cat’s tongue can manage it or not. It determines whether they will be able to carry it from the bowl to their mouth. If your cat struggles with either picking or chewing each piece of kibble, perhaps you need to change the brand of food. The idea is to select a brand with a completely different shape.

Canned food or wet food is overall more effortless for a cat to ingest since they will be using both the tongue and teeth. Although the shape is usually not a problem, some canned foods will come in shapes to be marketed as either stew or sliced, and the texture can be a problem. Once again, changing the brand can aid you in determining if this is the cause of the problem.

It should be noted that when changing cat food, do so in a gradual manner over several days so it will not result in stomach upsets.

The Cat’s Nature

In some cases, it is simply your cat’s nature as a predator that results in messy eating. If you have never encountered a cat in the wild, perhaps you should look at National Geographic or Discovery Channel, and you will find out that large and even small cats might go to a great deal of struggle to capture and eat its prey. In some cases, these preys will be taken from them by larger and stronger predators and scavengers. Thus, they have the instinct to protect their food, and this is hardwired in their subconscious and has an impact on their eating habits.

Kibble or canned food might look very much like prey to you your cats. They will take a bite and then take it away to a more private concealed place to completely consume it. This feline instinct can even be more intense in cases of multi cat-households. The process of taking a bite and transporting it causes messes and spills both near and away from the food bowl.

Possible Solutions

Ditch deep bowls. Some cat owners come up with a solution to force their cat to be neater actually makes the situation worse by giving deeper and deeper bowls for their cats. Overall, cats do not like deep bowls which can snag their whiskers and make it more challenging for them to be on the lookout for potential dangers. A majority of the food spillage is near the bowl, so it is likely that your cat is doing a bite and drag action. They simply move the food from the difficult bowl to the floor just outside of the bowl so they can eat. Try giving them dry food in shallow dishes or canned food on flat plates to see if it is a better solution.

Dining in Seclusion

Cat Food Dish For Messy Eaters

Experiment by moving the dish to a less exposed location. Instead of dining in a busy kitchen, perhaps you might try the quiet laundry room which should ease the cast desire to drag their food. Never put the cat’s food dish next to their litter box since the finicky cat will absolutely rebel and will drag their food even further and even try to cover leftovers by flinging litter out of the pan and over the dish which is a more extreme mess to clean up.

Use a Placemat

This is a good solution to reduce the spread of food droppings. Put the food and water dish on a placemat, preferably something with a lip design. Pet supplies sell specially designed placemats for pets, although plastic ones intended for humans can be helpful as well. Some versions of placemats would be cardboard boxes cut down to a 1-inch lip. Even utilizing newspaper under the dish can work if you have no other option.

Mop Daily

You might simply keep a broom and dustpan on hand near the food dish and clean up regularly. Some habits simply cannot be corrected even for your kitty so you may have to the adjusting and deal with the problem.

6 Solutions to messy eaters– cat food dish for messy eaters

Cat Food Dish For Messy Eaters

#1 – Check for pain

If your cat seems to be struggling during mealtimes, they may be experiencing mouth or dental issues. If you suspect that this is their problem, get them to the vet at once to solve the problem before it gets out of hand. Most problems, such as stomatitis results in severe pain and inflammation and may even lead to dental extraction if not addressed.

#2 – Add food puzzles

Messy eaters are often bored or simply eating too fast. Utilizing food puzzles can be a solution to both problems. When you use food puzzles, it can make your cat’s mealtimes a bit more complex and thus fun for the cat who likes the excitement of the hunt.

#3 – Use placemats

Some cats will be sloppy for no other reason other than it is simply their nature. If this is the case, it can be quite a struggle to keep a neat home. Control the mess by putting mats under their food bowls. Choose mats that are effortless to clean and manage. Choose a well-designed mat so they blend with your interiors.

#4 – Choose a different bowl material

Cats can be finicky about things that are silly to humans such as the material their bowl is made out of. Cats have super senses and are sensitive to detail, such as the feel of the bowl against their tongue. If they feel uncomfortable, it can cause them to paw their food out.

#5 – Choose a different bowl size

The whiskers of your cats are extremely sensitive. A majority of cats will paw their food out if their whiskers touch the side of the bowl when they are eating. If you think this is the issue, change to another plate or bowl that is wide and shallow.

#6 – Use a non-slip bowl

If your cat’s messy eating is rooted in their need to push the bowl all over the floor while they eat, consider a bowl that has a non-slip silicone base. It will stay firm no matter how much your cat moves it.

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Product Name: Pedy Pet Fun Slow Feeder

Product Description: Pedy pet fun slow feeder cat food dish for messy eaters is food safe and durable and is made from ABS material. It features a flower swirl ridge pattern and fun colors to make it attractive yet practical to slow down your fast chowing cat. Please give them a healthy and fun diet with this cat food dish for messy eaters that has a specially designed swirl flower pattern to minimize rapid eating and stop choking. This bowl is interactive and fun and helps your cat eat slower and healthier. This cat food dish for messy eaters utilizes high-quality eco-friendly material. This slow feeder bowl is made with extremely sturdy ABS material and is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalate.

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  • Design
  • Materials
  • Durability


This is a fairly large cat food dish for messy eaters and can hold up to 2 cups of dry food. It features a nonskid design at the bottom to keep the bowl firm and prevent it from being moved around. Because of this, your house will be neat and clean.

Every product purchased from Pedy pet fun cat food dish for messy eaters is guaranteed to be in good shape for 180 days. If quality problems arise, the company will maintain for free.


  • Slow down rapid eating
  • Stop choking
  • Interactive and fun feeder


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Runners Up

Super Design Anti-Gulping Bowl

Cat Food Dish For Messy Eaters

This cat food dish for messy eaters comes in four sizes, seven colors and patterns, and even come as a food and water bowl set. You will surely find an option that is suitable for both you and your cats.

Slow feeder cat food dish for messy eaters improves digestion. This bowl for fast eaters makes mealtimes last up to five times longer and reduces the risk of gastric dilation volvulus or bloat and indigestion. With this cat food dish for messy eaters, you get a product that is made from melamine material that is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. It is scratch-resistant and exhibits high-gloss which is not seen in typical plastic bowls. Additionally, it is acid and alkali corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe.

This cat food dish for messy eaters is heavy and nonskid. In comparison to other materials such as ABS material plastic, this is heavier for the size to minimize tipping over. The rubberized bottom eliminates the chances of skidding.

This super design anti-gulping bowl cat food dish for messy eaters help slow down eating speed. It reduces the chances of bloat and indigestion. This bowl is specially designed for cats who gulp their food too fast or too quickly. It can also be used on cats on a restricted-calorie diet since they will feel full with smaller amounts. 

  • Cat bowl for fast eaters
  • Make mealtime last up to 5x longer
  • Prevents the risk of bloat
  • No negative reviews so far

Wangstar Slow Pet Bowl Slow Feeder for Dog Cats


This cat food dish for messy eaters is another great slow feed option that works excellently for both cats and dogs. Wangstar slow pet bowl cat food dish for messy eaters has a non-slip design and comes in four color options and is made from a sturdy and heavy-duty plastic material. Additionally, the material is a non-toxic food grade and is safe and sturdy.

It has a unique design of a swirl flower pattern to slow down rapid eating and stop choking. This cat food dish for messy eaters is a fun and interactive feeder and reduces the risk of vomiting caused by fast eating. With this cat food dish for messy eaters, your feline will be eating slower and healthier.

The non-slip design of this cat food dish for messy eaters prevents your cat from sliding and moving it around. This cat food dish for messy eaters is easy to clean and wash as well as dishwasher safe. By using this cat food dish for messy eaters, your cat’s mealtimes will be more fun. Mealtimes can be a game which helps promote their intelligence. This cat food dish for messy eaters is suitable for small, medium to large pets. 

  • Heavy-duty plastic, non-toxic, food-grade safety, sturdy
  • Designed to slow down rapid eating
  • Reduces tummy aches
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

One of the things that may annoy you about your pet cat is their manner of eating. If you are dealing with a messy eater, you may have to apply some changes to put some order in their eating area. It is a hassle to keep cleaning up after your cat. Fortunately, there are tons of cat food dish for messy eaters available on the market. These dishes have been tested and are made from modern materials to ensure that your cats will be eating slowly and tidily in a bowl that is safe, sturdy and non-toxic.

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