Can Cats Have Honey?

by Jayley
Can Cats Have Honey

We all love our cat friends, and we always want what is best for them. Regarding their nutrition, we always want to give them every nutrients and vitamin that they need to live a healthy and happy life. But, the question is – Can cats have honey? Or Is honey bad for cats?

Although we humans always take a tablespoon of honey into our drink, not only does it give a sweet taste to your drink, but it is also known for its many nutrients, which could keep us healthy every time we intake it. However, you might be thinking, can cats have honey on their food or drink as well or is honey safe for cats?

These are the questions most owners ask. If you are also thinking about it, let us find out!

Is Honey Safe for Cats?

Well, if you talk about the toxicity, then I’m telling you, your cat is safe. In short, honey can be safe for cats. If you ever give your cat a tablespoon of honey, it would not put her at risk. But, if you add honey into your cat’s food, then we cannot recommend that because it might be toxic, but it may cause your cat to have an upset stomach.

We all know that honey is considered a healthy treat for us people. It has so many anti-bacterial properties and beneficial nutrients like potassium, copper, iron, zinc. Of course, it also contains vitamin C, together with rich antioxidants.

If you want to provide and treat your cat with a healthy diet and all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that they will need, you have so many options available to choose from. And honey might be the best solution for your cat.

In fact, the bodies of cats are not designed for any processed sugar foods. It means that if your cat takes a zip of honey, then they will have a hard time digesting it because honey is high in fructose and glucose.

Even though honey might have small benefits if it is fed to cats, including that it can potentially ease some allergies, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, its downside might overrule the benefits, as your cats could get an upset stomach that can cause diarrhea and vomiting after they consume a small amount of honey.

Side Effects Of Cats Eating Honey

The Digestion of honey in your cat’s stomach is actually hard because it can cause pain and upset stomachs in your pet cat.

However, if you ever feel that your cat is struggling because of the honey you give them, it will be good to dilute the honey in their stomach with water.

If you feed your cat too much honey, then it might cause them obesity because, as you may know, honey contains tons of sugar.

So you should avoid feeding honey to your cats, especially if your cat is already overweight. In fact, one tablespoon of honey is equal to a total of 64 calories. If you feed them honey, then they will gain more weight.

So, can cats have honey? Yes. But, if possible, you do not have to give them such food.

How Much Honey Is Safe For Cats?

As you may know, honey contains many calories, which can cause your cat to gain more weight very quickly if you give them too much honey syrup.

But, what is the main reason that you want to feed your cat some honey?

Well, if you really want to give your cat honey, then the safest amount of honey you can give them is at most one-half teaspoon per day. 

However, if you see your cat begin vomiting or even having diarrhea, then you must stop giving them honey immediately.

Some cats with weaker digestive systems might not digest one-half teaspoon of honey. So it will always be best if you consult your cat with your veterinarian right before introducing a new type of treat or food to your cat’s diet.

Honey is a better option for sweet-tooth humans as honey is healthier for humans than for a cat. It is not a bad idea to feed honey to your cat friends because honey is not a toxic food, even for cats. But for cats, too much feeding of honey could result in an upset stomach that can cause them to vomit or even have diarrhea.

Many of us know that honey can contribute nutritional benefits to cats, but if you give them more than a half tablespoon, then it will definitely affect the health system of your cat. However, if your cat is new to honey, you should just watch out if they have symptoms like vomiting and lethargy.

Just remember, you can feed your cat a small amount of honey, but you should not ever give honey to a mere kitten because it will only lead to BOTULINUM. It is a kind of parasite that can affect the kitten’s digestive system because their immune system is not fully matured.

When Should I Give My Cat Honey?

In fact, your cat does not really need honey to be healthy. You do not have to give your cat honey. But, there are owners believing that honey can bring good benefits to cats, especially for treatment purposes. But, when should you give honey to cats?

For medicinal purposes, honey can help ease a cat’s discomfort if he/she has a sore throat or respiratory-related illness. If ever you notice your cat having such symptoms, then giving a drop or two of honey may help relieve symptoms.

Also, you can give honey to your cat if he/she has allergies. Honey has some anti-bacterial content, and it’s good for relieving allergic reactions. But, it does not mean that when your cat has allergies, you will only give him/her honey instead of taking your cat to the vet. Consulting a vet is always the best decision!

What Are The Key Benefits of Giving Honey To The Cats?

If you feed your cat honey, it may cause some interference into their digestive systems, and it might cause a lot of problems. Some of the negative problems that might affect your cat would be vomiting, diarrhea, and weight gain. But do not think too much because if feeding your cat honey could result in these symptoms, then there are also some key benefits that your cat might get.

Using honey to feed your cat is not all bad. Honey has significant benefits for cats, and it helps them alleviate some allergic reactions. Honey also has some anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which contain antioxidants.

These are some alternatives that will not bring risks to your cat’s health system. But the truth is feeding honey to your cat can actually do more harm than giving it benefits if you consider the negative side effects and risks associated with it.

Aside from finding some benefits to honey, why do not you just use some alternative in giving them nutrients? There are a variety of things you just need to do. Using honey with its benefits can be accomplished through other kinds of treatments and food, which are better because cats would not have any kind of unwanted effects like what honey does.

Is honey bad for cats? Well, sort of, you should not think of giving your cat honey, especially if your cat has diabetes because their insulin level will increase drastically. Besides, you should always consult your vet if your cat has diabetes and ask if you can feed them some sugary foods. Plus, you should also avoid giving honey to feed your kittens because their immune system has not been fully developed, and honey might have contained a bacteria called botulinum.

Nevertheless, feeding your cat honey can help them to boost their own energy. Honey can also help to cure some burnt wounds. You just have to put some small amount of honey in the area of the burnt wound, and it will treat it. And it can also work in pet wounds. The enzymes in the honey can support your cat with its healthy digestion.

Bottom Line: Can Cats Have Honey?

Feeding honey to cats is not a bad idea at all, but as an owner, you must be aware of what honey can do to your cats. Giving a little amount of honey to your cat is not bad, but you need to consider the health status of your cat.

You can feed your cats honey, as long as it is not toxic to their health. But, if your cat has some health issues or a history of health problems, you might as well not give them honey as it might trigger some unwanted circumstances.

Of course, your cat’s health should be the number one priority. If you want to provide your cat a nutritious treat or food, then you need to ask for a recommendation from your trusted vet instead of giving them food that you are unsure of, if that’s good for your cat’s health!

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