Can Cats Drink Coconut Water?

by Jayley
Can Cats Drink Coconut Water

Having a cat at home is not just for display or bragging but is a huge responsibility. You must always bear in mind that you need to take care of them like they are your child. This being said, a good diet is very important for domesticated felines to function healthily.

You can feed them animal meat that is fresh and tasty or cat food or treats that have the same nutrients. But what about liquids? What kinds of liquids should cats consume to live happily? Can cats drink coconut water as an example? In this article, we’ll answer this question and list down the benefits of the same for your cat at home.

Is Coconut Poisonous to Cats

Is Coconut Water Safe for Cats?

Coconut water is safe for cats only if given in moderation. This condition is very regular for felines or pets in general because too much of something can harm them. Always remember that sugary things must be only some sort of treat for your cats so that they will not get used to their taste of them.

This applies to coconut water as well. A bowl filled with it is enough to energize their bodies throughout the day. You need to give them regular water as much as possible to maintain their blood sugar level and so that they will not get health complications as well.

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Water for the Cats?

Let’s find out more about the benefits when giving your cat coconut water

Good for Immunity

The first benefit of coconut water for cats is its contribution to a healthier and better immunity. This means that your cat will be able to withstand sudden temperature changes or exposure to dirty surroundings without getting sick. You will also notice a big change in the overall health of your furry friend because of the regular drinking of coconut water. A boost of energy for everyday activities can also be observed.

Resistance Against Diseases

Speaking of immunity, your cat, after drinking a good amount of coconut water daily, will have strong resistance against diseases. This is true especially when you bring them to different places like the park or your parent’s house. Of course, it is still a must that they should take their vitamin supplements to make sure that the viruses and bacteria will not reach your adorable feline.

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Cleanses Their Palates

Cats are very curious and hungry domesticated animals and you will be able to notice that especially when you feed them something new. And because of this, their mouths and tongues are crowded with different kinds of leftovers that need to be removed regularly. This benign said, what you can do is to let them drink coconut water. This will not just cleanse the crumbs but also wash away yesterday’s taste through its sweet yet comforting flavor.

Low Calories

Just like humans, cats are well-known for their laziness and massive eating habits. If they do not exercise with you regularly, you will be able to see them getting heavier each day. To avoid this from happening (more medical complications will arise if their calories are not monitored), count their calorie intake from time to time. Instead of feeding them other flavored drinks that might contain a lot of empty calories, let them drink coconut water instead.

No Fat and Cholesterol

So getting to the physical health of felines, another benefit of coconut water to them is that no fat and cholesterol will be attributed to them. This means that you can expect your cats at home to be energetic and not feel any complications like obesity and high blood. Various factors affect this but through the simple way of putting them on a healthy diet with coconut water as the main beverage, you will see great results.

Very Hydrating

Cats do not like water, that’s a fact, but they are still curious or nosy enough to respond to new types of liquids. There are, of course, various drinks that you can put in their water bowls but coconut water must be a staple. The refreshing flavor and aroma of this kind of beverage will make them drink more and avoid getting dehydrated. You can also add vitamins in coconut water to maximize their excitement.

Keep Muscles in Check

Coconut water will also maintain the muscle form of your cat and keep them in check. Animals need their bodies to be fully functional to do their daily activities. This being said, you need to make sure that your furry friend does not experience any kind of pain in their muscles. You can check the grocery store or if you can, buy fresh coconuts to have coconut water ready for the cats.

Strengthens Bones

And because of the electrolytes and other nutrients inside coconut water, calcium is included. Calcium is well-known for giving the bones of every creature that consumes the same strength it needs. Your furry friend will have that energy to move around and jump from the floor to your couch because its bones are not fragile and brittle. On top of this, try to feed them calcium-rich liquids like milk as well.

Maintains Healthy Circulation

A healthy blood flow is very important and this is why you need to make sure that your cat has this. Coconut water contains minerals that will ensure that the circulation of their blood is smooth and do not get stuck in the veins. But of course, you need to moderately feed them this kind of water to not overdose them with electrolytes.

Contains Tons of Nutrients

Last but not least, coconut water contains tons of nutrients and electrolytes that will make the overall health of your cat in tip-top shape. They will benefit from the following nutritious factors: potassium, calcium, sodium, electrolytes, and more!

Does Coconut Water Help My Cat With Dehydration?

Coconut water will not help rehydrate your cat but what it does is help prevent dehydration. This kind of liquid contains a lot of sugar that affects the stomach. It is common knowledge that sugary food makes pets like cats irritated and super energetic. This kind of situation is not good for them because they are not used to it.

You need to make sure that instead of giving them coconut water to rehydrate, give them fresh water instead to ensure that the pH level of their stomach will not turn acidic and cause them harm.

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How Often Can the Cats Drink Coconut Water?

Cats can only drink not more than 8 ounces of coconut water per day. This is the suggested amount by the experts to make sure that your cat will not experience sickness because of the coconut’s high sugar content.

When they drink more than what is recommended, try to offer them fresh water instead to wash down the sugar and rehydrate their bodies with regular water.

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Is Coconut Poisonous to Cats?

Coconuts are not poisonous to cats but they are not recommended to be given to them. One of the major reasons for this is the oil found in the flesh of the coconut. Cats are not well-versed in digesting these kinds of things and might experience diarrhea, vomiting, and food poisoning.

Food with potassium can be fed to cats but in small amounts only. This being said, coconuts have this, therefore, you should not serve them the same.


Everything is good for cats but in moderation. There is plenty of healthy food and beverages that your cat will love and adore, not just coconuts. Can cats drink coconut water? Yes, but there is a limitation. If you are not sure what kind of food you should feed your furry friend, consult a veterinarian and get them checked up.

There are a lot more diets that your cat tries that will benefit them. Always remember that freshwater is still the best liquid that you can give to your cats.

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