Can Cats Drink Carbonated Water?

by Hayley
Can Cats Drink Carbonated Water

Do you personally love carbonated water or any drink that has bubbles on top of it? Well, as much as it is fascinating for humans, it also does the same thing to your cat at home. The bubbly and attractive sounds of this drink will make your furry friend curious as to what it is and possibly try to drink it. Now appears the question, “Can Cats Drink Carbonated Water?” or what are the possible benefits or harm that this beverage can give to your adorable feline friend? In this article, we’ll tackle these questions properly to shed some light on these frequently asked questions.

Is Carbonated Water Good for Cats

Is Carbonated Water Good for Cats?

Carbonated water is not good for cats but it is safe for them to drink the same in small amounts. This kind of water is so bubbly that it causes the drinker to burp and release fart any time of the day. If you want something good and healthy for your feline at home, giving them fresh water is the best option you can get. But make sure that when you let them drink carbonated water, you will only give them the unflavored ones to make sure that their palates will not be used to sugary drinks.

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Will Having Too Much Carbonated Water Harm to My Cats?

As much as it is safe for cats to drink carbonated water, they should only be given the same in moderation. Having too much of this drink will give them a lot of complications that will harm them. Some of these are the following:


First on the list is diarrhea. Yes, it’s just water incorporated with carbon but this liquid is not the usual drink given to cats. This being said, you can expect that they will have a hard time digesting the same and will mess up their stomach. This is true especially when you give them carbonated water more than twice a day.


And because of their messed-up stomach, they will dizzy and will not have the urge to function properly. Feeding them will also be hard because their focus is shifted into not throwing up. Unlike humans, cats are not taught how to resist themselves from drinking the liquids that they aren’t supposed to drink. So as the owner, take responsibility and do the deed for them.


When cats can’t take the bubbly and fizzy texture of the carbonated water, they will let it all out. This will hurt their throats and prevent them from eating and drinking properly. When this happens, make sure to let them rest first before putting anything into their body.

Liver Complications

Carbonated water overdose for cats should be prevented at all times. They will experience some liver complications and will have a hard time enduring the pain. Aside from this, your furry friend’s sugar level will blast through the roof and will cause them to have a sugar rush and then crash.


This is a very rare instance but carbonated water especially flavored ones can cause death to cats. You need to make sure that your cats will only drink fresh water as much as possible to prevent this situation.

How Can I Safely Give Carbonated Water to My Cat?

If it cannot be avoided, and if your cats love the feeling of drinking carbonated water, there are a few ways how you can safely give carbonated water to them. First, you must check the flavoring of the drink. Ensure that the same is not flavored and does not contain additional ingredients that might harm your cat.

Next, keenly read the labels and confirm that the carbonated water does not have sodium, an excessive amount of sugar, and natural additives. Lastly, give your furry friend at home the right amount to prevent bloating and further medical complications.

What Can My Cats Drink Beside Carbonated Water?

The following are the alternative beverages that your cat can drink instead of carbonated water:

Milk (Kitten Formula)

What your cats need is a drink that will give them the strength to function properly and get energized through the day. Kitten formulas nowadays are very affordable and contain a lot of nutrients that cats need. A few scoops of the formula mixed with warm water are enough to give variety to what they drink every day.

Bone Broth

Aside from the usual milk drinks, you can also give your feline friends bone broth to satisfy their cravings for meat. Always remember that cats are carnivorous animals and they need meat to power up their bodies. When you boil bones at home, get a cup or two and put them aside so your cat can drink them at night or the next morning.

Tuna Juice

This sounds unappetizing for humans but it is not for cats. Just a reminder, you need to buy the tuna soaked in water and not oil. Oily food does not do good things in a cat’s body so avoid giving it to them as much as possible. The juice of the tuna can filled with water is a great treat for them.


Of course, carbonated water is inferior to freshwater because the latter can be drunk by your cats as much as they can. There is no limitation when it comes to this. There are no side effects and will help cleanse the insides of your cat as well.

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Mother’s Milk

This may sound repetitive with the kitten formula but when your cats are still kittens, they need the nutrients from their mother’s milk. This is to make sure that they will have all the energy they need to grow up.

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Wrapping Up

So can cats drink carbonated water? Yes! However, there are limitations to this and must be moderated by you, their owner, to prevent medical complications and future health problems. If giving them this became a habit of yours, what you need to do is to consider it as a treat and only give it to them when they did something good that must be rewarded.

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