Birth Control Pills For Cats

by Jayley

Owning a cat is very much like being a parent. You need to give your beloved cat shelter, food, stimulation, and even consider some way of birth control pills for cats. It would help if you put measures in place to prepare for the day when your cat becomes physically mature enough to become a parent. It is crucial to take precautions to make sure that pregnancy happens at the right time. Some cat owners will rejoice at the idea of having litters of cats while others only want one cat. Either way, it is important to apply some form of birth control pills for cats to control when your cat has kittens or to prevent it overall.

Birth Control Pills for Cats facts

Birth Control Pills For Cats

Female cats reach maturity at the age of six months. Cats tend to be sexually promiscuous and will seek out and mate with tomcats. They have high breeding success rates Cats have a gestation period of 57 to 63 days, and they can get pregnant within six weeks of giving birth. Some cats will have 2 to 3 litters annually of six kittens at a time.

It is not typical, but some cats cannot be spayed or neutered. Some reasons include allergies to anesthesia, being too tiny for surgery, or a medical condition that requires recovery before a cat can undergo a surgical procedure. If spaying or neutering your cat is not possible, there are other ways which you can take to stop unplanned pregnancies such as pills.

Birth control pills for cats is a good option for cats that cannot be spayed so you can control when they breed.

What does the pill do?

Birth control pills for cats such as megestrol acetates will intervene with the heat cycle of your cats. But it is crucial to give the pills within the heat cycle. The dose will depend on when it is given related to the heat cycle. These medications will not impact future heat cycles and the ability to breed.

Antigen drugs are useful as well and must be given 30 days prior to the heat cycle. Your vet can prescribe pills to help you determine when you should give them to your cat. These pills should be used on a short-term basis, however.

It is crucial to know that no contraceptive is 100% foolproof. They should be regarded as a short-term intervention as opposed to a long-term guarantee.

Are there any side effects of the pill?

Similar to most medications, the pill does come with possible side effects. As mentioned, the pill should be regarded as a short-term solution and not a permanent one. Meaning, that the longer your cat stays on the pill it increases the chances of your cat having to suffer the side effects. Long-term usage usually results in the following conditions:

  • Heightened risk of diabetes
  • Liver disease risk
  • Increased risk of mammary gland cancer
  • Uterine disease

Female cats that are unspayed and do not mate have a higher risk of developing pyometra which is a dangerous infection in the uterus.

Before resorting to the pill, it is worth having a serious discussion with your vet to gain in-depth knowledge about the potential risks and benefits of the pill.

Why is Cat Birth Control necessary- birth control pills for cats

Birth Control Pills For Cats

The following are some reasons why you should use birth control pills for cats:

  • At just five months old your cat can become impregnated
  • During the mating season, your cat can have at least two litters
  • Neonatal kittens require maintenance and must be fed every few hours
  • Shelters already have a problem with adopting older cats due to the number of kittens they already have
  • 70% of cats in shelters end up euthanized

These facts are quite tragic, but they can be stopped with birth control pills for cats.

Quarantine as Cat Birth Control

Yes, quarantine is not just for Covid and other fatal diseases. You can apply quarantine to stop your cat from getting pregnant. But this doesn’t mean keeping your cat locked up forever. Timing is everything.

The idea is to be vigilant when your cat is on their heat cycle. This phase can last for a week but can range anywhere between 3 to 14 days. Once the heat cycle has passed, you can set them free again.

Your cat may get wild during this time. Your cat might scratch the carpet whine and attempt to escape.

Cat Birth Control Injections

The Depo-Provera birth control shot females take a feline version. It stops the ovulation cycle. But be aware that this type of birth control can put your cat in an increased risk for side effects such as diabetes, uterine infection, and mammary tumors.

Some cats might also gain weight because of reduced physical activity and increased appetite.

Use Q-tip or similar device

Stimulation can be performed using this device. Q tip is inserted into the cat’s genitals up to the cervix. This gives the cat the impression that intercourse has taken place. It stimulates egg release which will end the heat cycle.

Teaser Tom

This is a trick breeders use. A male cat undergoes vasectomy to sterilize them. When a female is in heat, the sterile male mounts her to stimulate egg release and put a stop to the heat cycle. Since the male is vasectomized, no pregnancy happens.


Diapers can also be utilized to control the heat cycle and breeding. With a diaper on the female, she will not be receptive to male advances.

Food Additives

Progesterone is sometimes added in food to stop cats from breeding. It exerts some birth-control effects.

The Pill

These are prescription pills from vets. It makes the cat feel that they are already pregnant.

The Shot

Injections will contain Depo-Provera that will prevent ovulation in cats. The main chemical in the injection is medroxyprogesterone acetate that can prevent the release of eggs. However, it has side effects such as increasing the weight of your cat as well as leaving them more vulnerable to the risk of diabetes, mammary tumors, and uterine infection.

Triggering Cat Ovulation

Another strategy to have control over your cat’s ovulation is to trigger it purposely. This may sound counterintuitive, but it can actually work. When you trigger ovulation, it can prevent the heat cycle by tricking the body into thinking it has conceived.

This is used by cat breeders wherein they use a teaser Tom which is a male cat that already has had a vasectomy to mate with a female cat. No impregnation will occur because the male cat is sterilized but it tricks the female into believing pregnancy has happened.

Ovuban Prescriptions

These are hormones you can use to prevent the heat cycle of your cat. Breeders mostly use it in animal shows.

It is a safe and effective form of birth control for cats. But continued use can lead to an increased risk of liver disease, diabetes, uterine disease, and mammary gland cancer. You might consider using it on the mating season during the spring and fall to control impregnation.

NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL FOR CATS– birth control pills for cats


A majority of cat owners who don’t want their pets to reproduce take them to the vet to either be neutered or spayed. It is a routine procedure, but like any surgery, it has risks. Additionally, it can be costly. Because of this, some people might consider natural remedies.

Wild Carrot Seeds

These are natural and organic and have been used as a natural form of birth control by women as far back as the fourth and fifth century. A lot of women have had immense success using wild carrot seeds without the risk and side effects of chemical birth controls. Wild carrot seeds are available on the market in the form of oil and is a method of natural birth control for animals such as cats.


Dosage of wild carrot seeds will vary depending on the weight of your cat. The FDA does not permit sellers of these products to give a dosage. You may have to apply some trial and error to get the right dosage for your cat.


Wild carrot seed oil performs just like any form of birth control pill. However, it is slightly less effective than other forms. Having a surgical procedure for your cat is the 100% most effective route. Chemical birth controls have 99% efficiency. Wild carrot seeds are also extremely effective at 98%. These ratings are based on a small informal study. The tiny differences in effectiveness may not matter a lot to you if you are dead set on using a natural form of birth control for your cats.

Side Effects

The side effects of wild carrot seeds on cats is a mystery. Women who have taken this type of birth control have experienced gas and upset stomach, and your cat may experience these issues as well.

Wild carrot seeds cause women to have irregular periods so your cat may experience the same. Wild carrot seed in oil form will have fewer side effects compared to whole seeds. As an example, women taking whole seeds have experienced vaginal dryness, while those who took the oil did not.


You should consult with your vet before giving your pet any type of supplement chemical or herbal. Even though the product is natural, you wouldn’t know how it will react to your pet’s current medications and health condition. If your pet is suffering from kidney or liver issues, it is especially crucial to talk with your vet since wild carrot seeds have been shown to have a negative reaction with humans.

BIRTH CONTROL IN CATS- birth control pills for cats

Male cats

The male cat usually reaches puberty at the age of six months. But there is no male pill for cats, and so the only option is to neuter or castrate them. Once the male cat has undergone this procedure, they might develop antisocial habits such as being aggressive, vagrancy, and neglecting to groom. They might also develop an unpleasant odor. For this reason, many cat owners opt for neutering and usually have it performed at six months of age. However, this can also be done at any age.

Female cats

Cats that are female typically reach sexual maturity and become sexually active at six months of age. Female cats will hunt and look for a mate, and they are very successful at breeding. They will have a gestation period of 57 to 63 days, and they can get pregnant again within six weeks of giving birth. Some cat queens will have 2 to 3 litters per year with six kittens each. Before allowing your cat to breed, you should note the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as cat AIDS otherwise known as feline immunodeficiency virus. They might also get feline leukemia virus. It is recommended that you discuss these risks with your vet before allowing your cat to get pregnant.


There are two options of medical contraception for cats. These are tablets and injections. Both are prescription medicines, and their use should be discussed with your vet. Choose one of these options before your cat reaches six months of age. It is crucial to know that no cat contraceptive is 100% effective, and these should be regarded as a short-term intervention and not a permanent solution.


Spaying is otherwise known as ovariohysterectomy and should be performed at 5 to 6 months of age. An indication of when to have this operation is when the permanent canines of your cat have started to erupt. The operation removes both the ovaries and the womb itself. Most owners choose the spaying option for their female cats once they have decided that they do not want to have kittens.

Many vets advise that both male and female cats should have a health examination and a blood test before neutering and spaying to make sure that they are in good health before undergoing any surgical procedure.

Final thoughts

Cats are amazing creatures, and cat lovers adore their company. But their breeding can get out of hand. It is crucial to utilize birth control pills for cats to prevent pregnancy or to intervene in their heat cycle. It is especially crucial if you allow your cat outdoors. Decide on the number of cats you can care and maintain optimally and prevent accidental pregnancies.

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